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[Below: Original painting]

Wind of the Black Mountains


  • CD cover and...?

    [Note: Wind of the Black Mountains was/is a great black metal band that had various releases on Moribund Records. Why this picture was circulated advertising the band is a funny mystery. 40 oz. malt liquor and all. The founder and main member of WotBM unfortunately died due to drugs. His real name was Jeff Elrod and he was from Michigan. He overdosed on March 23th, 2006.]

    [Below: He liked this picture so much he even made a poster out of it!]

    [Below: I first heard WotBM on this seven inch record called 'Force Fed into Blasphemy'.]

    [Below: Back of seven inch. It includes another romantic picture! 'Tchort sucking blood from Mistress' little cunt'. And who said there isn't love in black metal! Ha!]

  • But Wind of the Black Mountains (USA) is not the only band guilty of putting romantic images of love and... well, whatever. Demoniac (New Zealand) also released these images:

  • And then there is always this black metal stud...

  • And Sacramentum (Sweden)... A 'sacramentum' is an oath between the person swearing and the gods. Every Roman soldier pledged allegiance and swore a 'sacramentum', upon enlistment.

  • Thy Serpent (Finland)... Finland has some of the best bands ever - like Beherit and Barathrum and many others. Thy Serpent I've never heard, but based on the picture he looks like a respectable, down-to-earth guy.

  • Silva Nigra (Czech Republic) & Cryfemal (Spain), 2011 split... Unholy Hangover, well we've all had those. Well, most of us at least. But most of us haven't been end tables that give blowjobs. This table definitely wasn't bought at Walmart... must have been IKEA or some Amish built furniture?

  • Ihsahn of Emperor (Norway)... this powerful old wizard has cast a spell to remove this young damsel's clothes.

  • Here's some other wizards and witches casting spells and performing secret and powerful rituals. You really shouldn't even be looking at this. Please stop.

    [Below: A wise wizard casts a series of spells to remove this girl's clothes. Seen here the ritual is only half complete.]

    [Below: Concentrating on tomorrow's lottery numbers!]

    [Below: Uh oh busting out the pinstriped suit, things are about to get personal.]

    [Below: Is he wearing tights?!]

    [Below: Hehe, check out the guy with the mask!? WTF? I mean they finally all get together for a family picture and Bobby shows up wearing a fucking mask!]

    [Below: Check out the picture of Anton Lavey on the shelf... pretty fucking evil, no?]

    [Below: SO FUCKING GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  • Hmmm, no idea about this one... we'll just say this is their honeymoon and this young couple is having some romantic alone time.

  • Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt (USA)... Damn that's disgusting. I'm guessing that's apple juice he's injecting and that's not really a crackhead prostitute.

    Wow, this guy is dead too. I guess they were 'burning the candle on both ends' or 'the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long' (Lao Tzu)...

    This Putnam guy seemed like a fun guy. Apparently he had some battle with Chris Barnes from Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under. I'll quote Wikipedia for you:

    "Drug overdose and coma

    On October 12, 2004, Putnam was hospitalized after ingesting a cocktail of crack cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and two months' worth of Ambien sleeping pills. It has been reported that he spent the previous day contemplating suicide, though exact circumstances surrounding the drug overdose are vague.

    Anal Cunt's 1997 album I Like It When You Die contained the track "You're in a Coma". Putnam's reaction to the resulting irony of being in a coma was published in the Boston Phoenix: "Actually, it turned out it was just as gay as the song I wrote nine years ago being in a coma was just as fuckin' stupid as I wrote it was." Anal Cunt kept performing the song during live shows after the coma, with Putnam sharing anecdotes with the audience before the song.

    Feud with Chris Barnes

    There was friction between Putnam and Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes. According to Putnam's defunct website, Putnam heckled Barnes during a Six Feet Under set, leading to an altercation between the two, ending with Six Feet Under's roadies ganging up on Putnam while Barnes fled to his tour bus and hid there. Putnam released the song "Chris Barnes Is a Pussy" as retaliation to the incident. According to Putnam in an interview with Capital Chaos TV several years later, Six Feet Under went out of their way to avoid playing in the same city as Anal Cunt several years after the incident. Putnam stated "I guess he (Chris Barnes) is still afraid of me". Despite the feud, Putnam stated that "Murdered in the Basement" was his favorite song by Six Feet Under.


    On June 12, 2011, Putnam died of a suspected heart attack at the age of 43."

    Well it's been a trip around the world... Kali fuckin' Yuga!

    Mother Teresa of Calcutta


  • Comic

    [Note: This comic should not be sold to minors or anyone under the age of 21 years of age without proper ID. Warning: This literature contains violent depictions of Christian propaganda and dogma.
    With that said, could you imagine catching your child, say, underneath the bed, reading this? HA!]



  • Hellstorm shirt

    [Note: Besatt was formed in 2002 in Poland. Hellstorm was their debut. Besatt means 'possessed in Swedish/Norwegian.]

    [Above: A very strange choice of an album cover... Impia Symphonia was released by Red Stream in 2015.]

    [Above: Laser Discs of the 1951 'The Thing from Another World']

    The Thing


  • Laser Discs/Blu-Ray/Book/soundtrack

    [Note: John Carpenter's 1982 remake of The Thing. One of the greatest horror films of all time. The special effects were mind-boggling, better than a lot of stuff today even. The atmosphere, plot and acting was superb. The original black and white (above) is very different than the remake, staying closer to the short story it was based on, by John Campbell, ominously called 'Who Goes There?']

    [Above: 'Who Goes There?' short story. Circa 1938. First published in pulp fiction magazine 'Astounding Science Fiction'.]

    [Above: Laser Disc]

    [Above: Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc from 1999. Special thanks to R.!]

    [Above: Back. Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: Close-up of back. Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: Most Japanese media have these paper bands on the covers for advertising purposes. A disc is not considered complete without them.]

    [Above: Inner paper sheet. Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: Back of inner paper sheet. John Carpenter looks like a 1970s porn star here! Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: This is a large booklet, no pictures, just text. I'm guessing it is an interview with Carpenter. Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: Inner laser disc ring. Japanese Special Edition Laser Disc.]

    [Above: VHD format The Thing. The VHD format was only released in Japan. It uses a stylus similiar to a record player. The VHD format is similiar to the CED format.]

    [Above: Back.]

    [Above: VHD movie and booklet.]

    [Above & below: The soundtrack to this movie masterpiece has a musical masterpiece to match.
    Ennio Morricone did some of the most ominous and memorable music of his long career.]

    [Below: The DVD version of the film, superior over the blu-ray version, in terms of special features. The blu-ray has commentary as its only feature, while the DVD version has deleted scenes and a ton of other features. A story all too common with blu-ray, these releases are often lacking the special features of the DVD versions, and many times the quality of the transfer is low. Go figure.]

    [Below: The blu-ray edition of The Thing.]

    [Below: Blu-ray disc]

    [Below: The HD-DVD version. Tons of special features unlike the blue-ray.]

    [Below: HD-DVD disc]

    [Below: The Thing, circa 2011. A prequel of the 1982 classic of the same name. Here the story of the Norwegian camp is told, where 'The Thing' first surfaces. The first half of this film is surprisingly good, then it quickly gets all too typical. Too bad, all of us fans were excited for this one, but it is predictable. There was however mention of a Russian camp at the end of the film. Perhaps a 'Things' sequel?!]

    [Below: The movie comes with an insert for a game of some sort, but I haven't tried it...]

    [Below: The Thing the video game, circa 2002. This could have been very cool. Instead, it was dismally bad.]

    [Below: Back of game case.]

    [Below: Things...]

    [Below: PC The Thing. Front cover.]

    [Below: PC The Thing. Back.]

    [Below: PC The Thing. CD.]

    [Below: The Thing prequel from 2010.]

    [Below: The Thing board game advertising card - front.]

    [Below: The Thing board game advertising card - reverse.]

    [Below: Promotional patch for The Thing board game

    'Zines: Eclipse (Czech)/Kogaionon (Romania)/Eternal Fire (France)


  • 'Zine selection

    [Note: ...There's nothing like the old, warm feel of primitive paper 'zines...]



  • Comic

    [Note: Ahh, I can hear the sad violins playing... Can you believe this crap? They gotta beat it into our heads while we're young so we'll be good slaves to them as adults.]

    Latex/Funeral Rape


  • Hammerfuck/A Chainsaw in the Cunt CD covers

    [Note: Wow, what a romantic cover!]

    [Above: Geez, what a whore! She's probably just fucking that chainsaw to rebel against her parents though.]

    Vault of Horror/Tales from the Crypt


  • Comics/DVDs

    [Note: Horror reprints from the 1950s that eventually spawned the series.]

    [Another Vault of Horror, unrelated, this time inspired by Edgar Allen Poe]

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