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Mystery shirts


  • Deciphering logos...

    [Note: Some years back we used to trade a lot of Mourning the Ancient shirts with various bands. But looking back at the shirts, here are two I neither remember who they are or what the logo even says for that matter. It's a skill reading metal logos these days, mine is slipping...]

    High Society


  • Magazine circa 1994

    [Note: An interview with the evil-dark-lord-high-priest-of-Satan himself.]



  • Advertisement

    [Note: Enough said, I suppose. Besides who the hell are you?
    I like what they've done to the flag of occupied Germany though.]

    A Nightmare of Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors


  • Book circa 1992

    [Note: A strange children's book. Or perhaps 'young adults.' Either way, this story about nightmares should be read to children before sleep.]


    [Below: Check out this cool poster from the original 1984 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.]

    [Below: And don't forget the frightening classic...!?]

    [Above & below: I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it is from 1988. Some sort of spoof I suppose. Yeah, pretty stupid. Regarding the picture below -- it looks like they forgot to take off the protective caps on the blades!]

    [Below: This is strange. It looks fairly old. She has Krueger's gloves. The origin of Freddy Krueger? Probably just a strange coincidence.]

    [Below: Poster for the 2nd iteration.]

    Electric Wizard


  • 'Demon Lung' LP cover

    [Note: I have no idea who this band is, but I know the picture. It is of Black Widow frontman during a controversial concert wherein he 'sacrificed' a naked girl.]


    [Below: Here is a Japanese LP of Black Widow's infamous 'Come to the Sabbat']

    [Below: The concert caused quite a stir in England.]

    The Ring


  • Book

    [Note: A strange illustrated book. The original Japanese film is surprisingly good.]


    [Below: 'Blood Sucker - Legend of Zipangu'. This is Japanese manga.]

    [Above & below: an example of the cool art within.]



  • Live Undead shirt

    [Note: Based upon the release 'Live Undead.' I've heard that they faked this live release in the studio, adding crowd noises, etc... how very fucking lame.]

    [Above: Japanese picture LP release. The price of 25,20 is equivalent to $23.61 as of the time of this writing (3/10/2018).]

    Destroyer 666


  • '...Of Wolves, Women and War'

    [Note: A great band from the only country that is also the name of the continent.]

    [a close second for the album cover...]



  • DVDs/comics

    [Note: Movies known more for their nudity than anything else. The first one wasn't half bad though.]

    [Below: Comics]

    [Below: Blu-ray]

    [Below: Art for Species]

    [Below: Art for Species II]

    [Below: Art for Species III]

    [Below: Crazy movie poster from Ghana!]

    [Below: Here are some other posters from Ghana that deserve mention... 'Wondeful Dog'!!! This is so crazy.]

    [Below: 'Delivenc of Powers'??? Oh, so that's how babies are made.]

    [Below: HAHA! That is the most horrible dog drawing I've ever seen, and it looks NOTHING like the real Cujo. The 'artist' obviously never saw the movie.]



  • Easy Prey LP

    [Note: Hahaha... I'm not sure who the 'easy prey' is? Did this guy get attacked by a shark?!]

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