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Mystery shirts


  • Deciphering logos...

    [Note: Some years back we used to trade a lot of Mourning the Ancient shirts with various bands. But looking back at the shirts, here are two I neither remember who they are or what the logo even says for that matter. It's a skill reading metal logos these days, mine is slipping...]

    High Society


  • Magazine circa 1994

    [Note: An interview with the evil-dark-lord-high-priest-of-Satan himself.]



  • Advertisement

    [Note: Enough said, I suppose. Besides who the hell are you?
    I like what they've done to the flag of occupied Germany though.]

    A Nightmare of Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors


  • Book circa 1992

    [Note: A strange children's book. Or perhaps 'young adults.' Either way, this story about nightmares should be read to children before sleep.]


    [Below: Check out this cool poster from the original 1984 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.]

    [Below: And don't forget the frightening classic...!?]

    [Above & below: I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it is from 1988. Some sort of spoof I suppose. Yeah, pretty stupid. Regarding the picture below -- it looks like they forgot to take off the protective caps on the blades!]

    [Below: This is strange. It looks fairly old. She has Krueger's gloves. The origin of Freddy Krueger? Probably just a strange coincidence.]

    [Below: Poster for the 2nd iteration.]

    Electric Wizard


  • 'Demon Lung' LP cover

    [Note: I have no idea who this band is, but I know the picture. It is of Black Widow frontman during a controversial concert wherein he 'sacrificed' a naked girl.]


    [Below: Here is a Japanese LP of Black Widow's infamous 'Come to the Sabbat'. You'll notice that her pubic hair has been edited out. This version is found on many instances of this photos release.]

    [Below: The concert caused quite a stir in England. Here is a picture of those missing pubes.]

    The Ring


  • Book

    [Note: A strange illustrated book. The original Japanese film is surprisingly good.]


    [Below: 'Blood Sucker - Legend of Zipangu'. This is Japanese manga.]

    [Above & below: an example of the cool art within.]



  • Live Undead shirt

    [Note: Based upon the release 'Live Undead.' I've heard that they faked this live release in the studio, adding crowd noises, etc... how very fucking lame.]

    [Above: Japanese picture LP release. The price of 25,20 is equivalent to $23.61 as of the time of this writing (3/10/2018).]

    [Above: Slayer and Metallica (From left to right: Tom Araya, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield and Jeff Hanneman).]

    Destroyer 666


  • '...Of Wolves, Women and War'

    [Note: A great band from the only country that is also the name of the continent.]

    [Above: A close second for the album cover...]

    [Above: The boys of Destroyer 666 in all their glory.]



  • DVDs/comics

    [Note: Movies known more for their nudity than anything else. The first one wasn't half bad though.]

    [Below: Comics]

    [Below: Blu-ray]

    [Below: Art for Species]

    [Below: Art for Species II]

    [Below: Art for Species III]

    [Below: Crazy movie poster from Ghana!]

    [Below: Here are some other posters from Ghana that deserve mention... 'Wondeful Dog'!!! This is so crazy.]

    [Below: 'Delivenc of Powers'??? Oh, so that's how babies are made.]

    [Below: HAHA! That is the most horrible dog drawing I've ever seen, and it looks NOTHING like the real Cujo. The 'artist' obviously never saw the movie.]



  • Easy Prey LP

    [Note: Hahaha... I'm not sure who the 'easy prey' is? Did this guy get attacked by a shark?!]

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