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The Turner Diaries/Hunter/Serpent's Walk


  • Books

    [Note: The Turner Diaries and Hunter are two of the most controversial books ever written. These two books were written by William Pierce of the National Alliance using the pen name Andrew Mcdonald.
    As is said, if the government were to start banning books, these books would be at the top of the list. Pierce's books are overflowing with truth.]

    [Below: The backs of the books above, in order of the above pictures]

    [Below: Original photocopied 1978 cover.]

    [Below: Second edition, first printing September 1980. Front/back]

    [Below: Second edition, second printing February 1985]

    [Below: Inner page, sticker]

    [Below: Barricade Books 1996 edition, complete with system propaganda on the cover.]

    [Below: Spanish edition]

    A to the D


  • 'The Renegade Jew' cassette

    [Note: This was pretty funny so I thought I'd share it with you. Someone gave this to me as a joke. It is some form of vile rap music.
    The lyrics are especially funny. His rhymes are very... inventive... such as:
    'Straight out of hymie town you hate me you do guess I'm a true blue Jew (achew)...
    Quick to dis a Nazi and I can dis you too...
    got an automatic for the anti-Semetics...
    I'm the man to make an Arab eat ham, step to the Klan I'm crazy like the Son of Sam...
    Word to the Rabbis you hate my power, just like the Holocaust gas me in the shower...'

    HA HA!]

    Thor's Hammer Vodka/Thor coin


  • Retail and trial size bottles/aluminum coin

    [Note: Vodka from Sweden... I wonder what Thor would think about this shameless use of his hammer? Nonetheless, it was kinda cool... The coin, from 1974, well, I have no idea what shady marketing purposes it was used for.]



  • Boxset

    [Note: Tony Montana got the deluxe treatment for this release.
    It includes the special edition DVD, various lobby cards from the movie, the original b/w Scarface, and a monogrammed money clip.]


    [Below: Playstation 2 Scarface, circa 2006. This game explores the premise of 'What if Tony Montana didn't die at the end of the film?' This could've, should've been cool, but alas, wasn't.]

    [Below: Special edition with extras disc and slipcase.]

    [Above: Hypocrisy's 'Carved Up' 7"]

    [Above and below: Banished 7"]



  • 7" E.P.s Carved Up/Cast Out the Flesh/Lucifer Incestus/Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood

    [Note: Above: Two cool covers from years past.]

    [Above: Maybe not controversial by black metal standards, but cool nonetheless. This is the front of the 2003 release 'Lucifer Incestus.']

    [Above: Here is the back of the 'Lucifer Incestus' CD.]

    [Above: Inside booklet.]

    [Above: Inside booklet.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Rebirth: Metamorphosing into Godhood - Acheron are always spitting in the face of censorship with their over the top antics and artwork.]

    [Above: Lex Talionis - Re-issue. ]

    [Above: Decade Infernus 1988-1998.]

    [Above: Rites of the Black Mass - Re-issue.]

    [Above: Acheron's new album 'Unto'.]

    [Above: Acheron's new line-up.]

    [Above: Okay, just kidding! Acheron's Vincent Crowley, above.]

    Midnight Syndicate


  • Product catalogue/The 13th Hour promotional sticker


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