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Broken Hope/Black Mass


  • Stickers

    [Note: I must admit the Broken Hope song 'Gobblin' the Guts' (Swamped in Gore, 1991) was quite the death metal opus.]

    Profane Grace/Raven's Bane/15 Delights of Dionysus/Mysterian


  • The many fine creations of Ixithra

    [Note: Over the years Ixithra, best known from the black metal band Demoncy, has been extremely cool and sent us copies of his published work and advance copies of new material, not to mention he did a very cool track for our second photo CD. Here is most of the trove of darkly superb material (on CDR and cassette) sent to us over the long years.]

    [Above: Here is a VHS of rare Demoncy, Profanatica and Profane Grace footage.]



  • Frost CD

    [Note: This is a strange and cool idea. The band logo and 'Frost' are painted on the plastic CD case itself. I don't know of any other CDs of any genre of music that has done this. Is this an option at this particular factory? Just don't scratch up or crack this case!]

    Return of the Living Dead


  • Beta

    [Note: These 'Return of the Living Dead' movies are rather stupid zombie comedy. The Beta format was superior to VHS in resolution, but due to its high price and other reasons it failed in the 1980s. Sony lost millions pushing the Beta format, but more recently luck would turn their way with the victory of the Blu-ray standard over HD-DVD.]

    Death... Is Just The Beginning


  • VHS/CDs

    [Note: These were pretty cool compilations because they sported lots of unreleased or alternative version tracks from tons of bands.
    The problems being that most of the bands were pretty mainstream.]



  • VHS

    [Note: This 1998 film boasted an unreleased Burzum track amongst its soundtrack.
    Why or how they managed to include a Burzum track in this film is beyond me!?]

    [Above: Cassette cover]

    Identifying A Dangerous Religious Group/The Occult World/Devil Worship


  • Cassette/VHS(2)

    [Note: These Christian mainstream media films are true comedy.
    They are the most bullshit, pseudo-documentary, scare propaganda films you'll ever see. The cassette is funny as well.
    But I think I've identified a 'dangerous religious group'... or two... Judaism and Christianity!]

    Night of the Zombies/Night of the Zombies


  • VHS(2)

    [Note: Here's two more films cashing in on mankind's eternal infatuation with zombies. Directed by Vincent Dawn and Pupi Avati...]

    Doomsday News/Coroner/Celtic Frost/Dark Angel


  • VHS(4)

    [Note: Here is an assortment of old speed metal. Of special note is Coroner in communist occupied East Berlin... 45 years after World War Two was over and they still occupied Germany! How insane and tragic. Anyway, Coroner had some cool songs like 'Masked Jackel' and 'Absorbed.' And who could forget Celtic Frost and Dark Angel?! Kreator are pretty idiotic in recent years. They go out of their way preaching against 'hate' yet they must have forgotten about their EP and song 'Flag of Hate.' "It's time to raise the flag of hate!" HA!]

    [This must bring back painful memories to those hypocrites!]

    Hell Banknotes of China/Cayman Islands postcard/Hell, Norway postcard


  • Notes/postcards

    [Note: These 'Hell' banknotes aren't actually banknotes. They are used by the Chinese to burn, honoring the dead. Strange huh? No clue why the word 'hell' is used... the postcard is from the British Cayman Islands, from another place called Hell, sent years back from a comrade past. Lastly, the postcard below is from a place called Hell in Norway. There are many kinds of hell on earth, here are three, but the majority go by names other than 'hell.'
    Like Nebraska.
    Or Iowa.
    Or wherever you live.
    What's the name of your hell?]

    [Above: More Hell banknotes. Note that this one is from 'Paradise Bank'.]

    [Above: 'Heaven' banknote? Why the change from Hell?!]

    [Above: Here's a fancy Hell banknote.]

    [Above: And another fancy Hell banknote.]

    [Above & below: front/back]

    [Above: Hell, Norway road sign.
    The name Hell is derived from the Old Norse word 'hellir', which means 'overhang' or 'cliff cave'.
    The Old Norse word for the place 'Hell' is 'Hel', but 'Hel' is also a person and the ruler of Hel.
    The Swedish and Norwegian word for hell is 'helvete'. You got all that?]

    [Above: Hell, Michigan road sign. Hell froze over!]

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