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Aleister Crowley


  • Trove of books

    [Note: Crowley books ranging from magick tomes to autobiographies, to biographies to novels, etc! etc!]

    [Above: Here is a deluxe centennial edition published in 2004. Yep, Crowley wrote this in 1904, a hundred stinking years ago.]

    [Above: Even for Crowley this book is pretty vile. First published in 1898.]

    [Above: The Beast in Berlin - Art, Sex, and Magick in the Weimar Republic. 2014]

    [Above: Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley. (c)2018]

    [Above: Classics of Thelema.]

    [Above: The Magic of Aleister Crowley.]

    [Above: Eight Lectures on Yoga.]

    [Above: This is an envelope from 1912. I'm not sure the story behind this.]

    Pablo Escobar


  • 'Original Drug Lord' T-shirt

    [Note: This is bizarre. I got this in the mail one day and was stumped... I can't believe people are honoring drug lords. It is 'cool' in our twisted society to deal drugs. Reminds me of the quote 'Society only loves those who destroy it.' Not that Escobar and those like him are solely responsible, they certainly are not. There are legions of people these days who need to find an outlet from this empty civilization. Escapism comes in many forms, drugs are just one. And if there was not legions of people looking to fill that empty void within themselves with more and more drugs then there wouldn't be drug dealers.]

    Wehrwolf Zine


  • Issues one and two

    [Note: A cool 'zine from Germany, hand-numbered and limited to 188 copies. Below is the CD issue two came with.]

    Middle Earth Role Playing circa 1984 and War of the Ring circa 1977


  • Grid based role playing games

    [Note: Here's another artifact from a forefather of metal music. I wonder if Tolkien would like any of the music that he influenced so deeply? Probably not, but you never know! I'm sure he could appreciate the heavy Tolkien inspired Greek band Dol Amroth. Anyway, here are some complex grid based games from yesteryear. Pretty cool artwork eh? My favorite is 'Balrog!' He is so bad-ass his name gets an exclamation mark after it!]

    [Below: A module for the Middle Earth role-playing system called 'Mouths of the Entwash'. It is from 1988.]

    [Below: Another module for the Middle Earth role-playing system called 'Dark Mage of Rhudaur'. (c)1989]

    [Below: Another module for the Middle Earth role-playing system called 'Woses of the Black Wood'. (c)1987]

    Lord of the Rings PC


  • For 386 computers and DOS 3.1

    [Note: Even the PC had a crack at Tolkien's world. Great artwork, bad gameplay... check out the book below, 'Bored of the Rings.' I can understand that, with all the hype of Peter Jackson's trilogy, except it is written in 1969! Wow, if they were bored of it then...]

    [Below: Back of game box]

    [Below: Booklet.]

    [Below: Orcs!? These guys look pretty mean...]

    [Below: Gollum?]

    [Below: Here is a different release, a single CD]

    Escape from Hell


  • 3.5 floppy

    [Above: Ah, here is a game that some of you should begin practicing... Ha!]

    Death Clock


  • Windows 95 CD-ROM

    [Note: The Death Clock program figures out when you are going to die based upon information you input (i.e. do you smoke? exercise? etc.), then it continually reminds you of the projected date by counting down to the exact second. Little does it know I have a gun in my hand and after I finish writing this I'm going to blow my brains out! HAHA! Beat you Death Clock! I win!!!]

    [Below: The Tarot on PC... wow, what next? Let's just take any sort of mysticism out of everything while we're at it. Maybe there should be PC church, so Christians can go to church on their computers instead of dragging their tired, hungover bodies to that pesky, stinky building every Sunday? Not a bad idea, since mainstream religion has about as much spirituality as this tarot CD!
    Regardless, maybe this tarot CD could help you with questions about your PC?
    Stuff like:
    "Tarot, why is my computer running so slow? Ever since I downloaded that gay porn last night my computer is asking for my credit card number, should I give it?"
    "Tarot, I got an email today saying that a Nigerian trillionaire has left me his fortune and all I have to do is send my banking information and $1000.00.
    But my question is, should I use a postal money order, or a money order from my bank?"

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