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A Clump of Cells


  • Murder of the Unborn

    Note: A woman's choice. Legal murder. This child was 12 weeks old, now they are saying abortion should be allowed up until delivery! Okay, I normally don't give a shit about most of these lemmings. The world's gone insane, so I try to stay away from them the most I can. Let them commit slow suicide. However...
    Abortion is murder. I just want them to admit it. You are committing state sanctioned murder. There is no other definition. In the good old U S A:

    'For 2018, the CDC reported 614,820 abortions from 48 reporting areas... the abortion ratio was 189 abortions per 1,000 live births. These were slight increases over the numbers the CDC reported for 2017: 609,095 abortions, 11.2 abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age, and 185 abortions per 1,000 live births.'

    Wow, so almost 20% of live births were abortions.

    Here are the numbers of abortions reported to the CDC (Center for Disease Control):

    YEAR - number of abortions:

    1970 - 193,491
    1971 - 485,816
    1972 - 586,760
    1973 - 615,831
    1974 - 763,476
    1975 - 854,853
    1976 - 988,267
    1977 - 950,675
    1978 - 1,157,776
    1979 - 1,251,921
    1980 - 1,297,606
    1981 - 1,300,760
    1982 - 1,303,980
    1983 - 1,268,987
    1984 - 1,333,521
    1985 - 1,328,570
    1986 - 1,328,112
    1987 - 1,353,671
    1988 - 1,371,285
    1989 - 1,396,658
    1990 - 1,429,247
    1991 - 1,388,937
    1992 - 1,359,145
    1993 - 1,330,414
    1994 - 1,267,415
    1995 - 1,210,883
    1996 - 1,221,585
    1997 - 1,186,039
    1998 - 884,273
    1999 - 861,789
    2000 - 857,475
    2001 - 853,485
    2002 - 854,122
    2003 - 848,163
    2004 - 839,226
    2005 - 820,151
    2006 - 846,181
    2007 - 827,609
    2008 - 825,564
    2009 - 789,507
    2010 - 765,651
    2011 - 730,322
    2012 - 699,202
    2013 - 664,435
    2014 - 652,639
    2015 - 638,169
    2016 - 623,471


    Forty five million nine hundred and twenty one thousand two hundred and ninety nine.

    To put that in perspective that is about the size of the population of SPAIN. Of all of Spain! More than Ireland, Costa Rica, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Palestine COMBINED!

    The human race... bow your head in shame. My god we've painted the world with the blood of the unborn. In fifty years you've murdered entire countries of the unborn. The city I live in has about one million people... so forty five of my city's population has been murdered.

    Not just murdered. But obscenely killed. Ripped limb from limb.

    And that is just the United States. At this moment over forty million abortions have been performed this year in the world. There is a website which has live meters, including one for abortion. You can watch the death just tick away. The page is: https://www.worldometers.info/

    The human race. You are a strange one. You murder the unborn because it is 'inconvenient'. You have sex with strangers and get pregnant. Your disgusting body now has a parasite living within you. KILL KILL KILL!!! You didn't give this fucking free loader permission to live! You are its RULER. Its GOD. Its... Its... Its... MOTHER! So take your filthy womb to the Jewish abortion clinic. He can take tongs, much like the one you used on Thanksgiving for turkey, except he will grab your unborn son or daughter's legs, arms, chest and head, tear them apart, and then reassemble them afterwards to make sure none of the filth is still inside your body.

    Maybe while you're there the good doctor can take care of the pesky chlamydia you picked up last week, along with that damn herpes, but that one is gonna stay with you for life, dear.

    45 million abortions. I mean, granted, most of them would probably be useless lemmings anyway, but what about the ones that weren't. Out of 45 million there had to be a few good ones in there. There simply had to have been. Maybe even some geniuses. Or a few awesome artists. Maybe some scientists that would find the cure to the next plague. Or inventors of some life changing device.

    Just imagine them all standing there, looking at you. At us. They talk amongst themselves for a moment... and send a small group of representatives. They have some super good, charismatic, smooth talkers amongst them. Some real handsome devils. So they come over to you -- to us. And state their case.

    They want to live.

    They plead with us.

    We won't be much trouble. Please just give us a chance.

    We tell them, 'Well, this world is fucked anyway, so you aren't missing much...'

    The representative of the doomed group rubs his hand over his whiskers on his face, in deep thought.

    We tell them they are just a clump of cells. Unwanted. UNINVITED. A major fucking inconvenience.

    The representative of the doomed, unwanted ones, takes a breath, slowly letting out the air as he bites his bottom lip, in deep thought, and finally speaks:

    'I understand that we came at maybe the worst time, I know it takes money to raise a child, it takes dedication, time that you feel would be better spent at the club, swallowing pills, drinking alcohol and enjoying everything life has to offer.'

    'But we want that chance too. To laugh. To love. To even feel despair. To pick yourself up and start again.'

    'But before all of that, we want names. What's our name? At least grant us that. Don't send us into oblivion as nameless souls.'

    But we, the pompous BORN ONES, think only of ourselves, and reply with the slogan the television taught us: you're just a clump of cells. You don't even deserve a burial, let alone a name. You are just an inconvenience. Just a clump of cells...

    But is this the end? No. Unfortunately it gets worse. Much fucking worse. Read this article and prepare to be digusted, angry and appalled. This was written by Bre Payton, a staff writer at The Federalist. Here are some quotes from the article:

    'Report: Aborted Baby Body Parts Traffickers May Be Raking In U.S. Tax Dollars
    JUNE 8, 2019 By Bre Payton

    A new report shows that an organization that harvests aborted baby organs for research has been charging more than what is legally reimbursable.

    The 11-page report details how Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR), which is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ), charged universities a significantly marked-up price for the organs it harvested from aborted babies...

    In one instance, ABR billed a University of Utah customer $12,000 for two unsuccessful attempts to harvest organs from babies that were aborted in January 2015. When the researcher objected to these huge charges, ABR replied that they were merely asking for reimbursement for their costs...

    On July 25, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration signed a new contract with ABR to acquire “fresh” organs, primarily from elective abortions, to implant them into mice. The project part of an attempt by the FDA to create “humanized mice” — that is, mice with a human immune system for experimentation, CNS News reports.

    The taxpayer-funded project includes paying nearly $16,000 for ABR-harvested organs, even though the organization remains under investigation by the DOJ...'

    The representative of the doomed shakes his head.



    The New Europeans


  • Truth

    Note: I'm unsure who did this, but wow... it's very powerful. Is this what you want, white man? Why do you defend this? Why do you stand by while they murder your race? What will it take for people to wake up?



  • Patch

    Note: This is without a doubt the gayest looking patch I've ever seen. Wow, this is bad. What's worse, this abomination was actually chosen for an album cover!!! I mean imagine the band being presented this 'art' and agreeing 'Yep, this is fuckin' cool, we should use this for our album cover... and maybe a patch!'

    Hmm... maybe we should get some other opinions about this. Let's search the internet real quick and get some other opinions...

    Okay here are some expert comments from Youtube about the magnificent artwork: 'Dude, we need an album cover. Can you draw something for us? Just give it to me in study hall later.'

    'cool lookin fella on the album'

    'and now...the cheetahmen'

    'That album cover looks like a masters of the universe character I would have wanted when I was 7 years old!'

    'I think this album cover was painted on the wall of my middle school gym except it said “South Paulding Panthers”'

    'Did Napoleon dynamite draw this cover?'

    'Looks like mega man box cover art. LOL'

    'I want this on a shirt so I can confuse everyone.'

    [Above: Circa 1983]

    But Pantera is pretty cool. Pantera had a handful of pretty cool songs. It was cool when the frontman, Anselmo, said some 'controversial' things to the crowd, even giving the stiff arm salute. He was put in the bad boy box and all of the Jewish civil rights groups screamed 'RACIST'. So he did a rather pathetic apology... white people aren't allowed to be proud of being white, after all.

    Ever heard of Exhorder? If not, look up Exhorder - Desecrator on Youtube. It is the angriest, coolest fucking song ever. An anthem to Kali Yuga. I think Desecrator should be the new American anthem. What a better song to represent everyday man. Anyway, there is a lot of controversy that Pantera stole its style from Exhorder.

    [Above: Anselmo with Exhorder shirt.]

    Here are the covers of Exhorder's two albums back in the early days.

    Someone commented rather succinctly on Exhorder:

    'The man's vocals had the swagger of a large jungle cat and... it sinking its teeth into the throat of its prey while the music was the unsettled jungle itself, untamed savagery and the back drop for the kill!'


    My religion is myself
    Desecration's my belief
    Your misfortune's my enjoyment
    And I thrive on your disease
    I don't care about your feelings
    Pain and torment's what you'll get
    I'll rape your heart of love
    And I'll make you eat my shit

    I'll piss on your grave
    Total desecration
    I spit in your face
    For no apparent reason
    I'm sick and depraved
    Society's garbage is what I'm made
    Devoted to hatred
    Unholy war and violent ways

    Virgin Mary's cursed to hell
    Who needs her anyway?
    The Pope is slaughtered in the street
    Catholics grieving at his feet
    Painting of satanic stars
    Desecrating church's walls
    I have no rules, I have no mercy
    No remorse, I feel no pity, life is death to me
    The desecrator

    Agnostic beliefs
    Defecate before the holy world's maternity
    Origin of the species, strongest shall survive
    Blitzkrieg tactics upon your family life
    I need no reason, there's no cause
    All I need is victims to exercise my hateful laws

    My pleasure is your pain, your grievance is my gain
    Desecration's my greatest pleasure in life
    Your children will be my sacrifice
    Offspring slaughtered, lacerate your spouse
    My itch is scratched, I feel relieved
    That I brought your fucking world down to its knees

    Fuck your God
    No regard for your religion
    No need to pray for my forgiveness
    Exhorted coitus
    Beg me to release your life
    Slaughtered child
    How could your lord allow him to die?

    Placid world once alive
    Dig your grave and jump inside
    Never trust, never love
    Dig your grave it's just as such
    Your weakened hearts are torn to shreds
    A lying beast now has your head
    Kill, rape, hurt, steal
    No living time to heal
    Desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, desecrated, die!!

    [Above: An old poster with Exhorder playing.]

    [Above: An new poster with Exhorder playing.]

    [Above: The boys of Exhorder back in the day.]

    [Above: Here is an autographed picture of Kyle Thomas, the singer from Exhorder, from 2020/2021.]

    [Above: Here is a coozy - front.]

    [Above: Coozy - back.]

    [Above: Coozy - bottom.]

    [Above: Plague mask.]

    [Above: Decibel magazine releases a magazine with different Flexi Discs with each issue. In 2019 they issued one with EXHORDER! Cool huh?]

    [Above: Paper thin Flexi Disc.]

    [Above: Flexi Disc bent in half.]

    [Above: Here is the issue that has the Exhorder Flexi Disc.]

    [Above: Here is their newest release, the first in 27 years.]

    [Above: Back of LP.]

    [Above: Inside.]

    [Above: Inside.]

    [Above: Colored vinyl.]

    [Above: Sticker.]

    [Above: Autograph up close.]

    [Above: Fucking Exhorder wrote our name wrong! They have 'Desecrated' my good name...]

    [Above: I leave you with an Exhorder pin.]

    Christmas card from a Hero


  • Card

    Note: This is from one of my favorite people, the great Matt Hale. I LOVE how the card spelled HOLIDAY wrong!!! HAHAHA! 'HOILDAY'. Imagine printing thousands of these cards for sale and then realizing you spelled something wrong. They didn't give a shit it would seem. Oh well, it is funny, and brought a smile to my face, isn't that part of what Christmas is about? Wait no, it is about freaking out inside a Walmart and fighting someone for a shit Chinese made television!

    Anyway, I hope you guys had a great hoilday! Below are some other holiday 2021 cards I got.

    [Above: Card from Matt Hale - front]

    [Above: Card from Matt Hale - inside]

    [Above: Card from James Mason - envelope]

    [Above: Card from James Mason - card]

    [Above: Card from James Mason - inside]

    [Above: Card from Vera Oredsson - envelope]

    [Above: Card from Vera Oredsson - card]

    [Above: Card from Vera Oredsson - printed greeting - in Swedish (she doesn't speak much English, so I told her to just send me stuff in Swedish and I'll worry about translating it)]

    [Above: Card from Vera Oredsson - printed greeting (reverse)- in Swedish]

    Here is the text if you care to translate it and read her wonderful message!

    Önskar Er en trevlig och GOD JUL
    Nu har min vistelseort Grängesberg förrunnit i 2 år. Som Ni vet har jag tvekat att byta en kulturstad Vadstena mot en nedlagd industriort. JAG ÅNGRAR INTE BYTET. Vadtena har blivit som de moralen. Efter det blev mitt beslut att flytta dit där kamrater finns och kan i sällskap av dem "vara mig själv" utan förbehåll av mina åsikter. Ännu är tankebrotts lagen inte införds som i Mellaneuropa på sina håll.
    Kan längta efter det tyska språket, längta efter de tyska julsångerna som i amerikanska julfilmer har översatts - och jag undrar ofta om de vet ursprungslandet, men kopplar av under visningarna. Det går ju knappast att se på SVT längre med sina påträngande "värdesättningar" i alla möjliga obehagliga indoktrineringsförsök.
    Men vi möts - lite mer sällan just nu - och trivsamheten i nationalsocialistisk anda gör tillvaron lite ljusare med förhoppningar att få fortsätta med det. Som jag brukar säga: Ponera att DAGENS inskränkningarna i yttrandefriheten i Sverige funnits då III Riket existerade hade vi tyckt oändligt synd om Svenskarna - allvarligt uttryckt mina meningsfränder och det står jag för som växt upp under den tiden i mitt kära Tyskland som nu har blivit en hårdför Bundesrepublik där 90 åringar straffas till fängelse för "Tankebrott".
    Har även genom min Svenska Mor lärt känna ett ljuvligt, ljust Sverige - och har genom krigsomständigheterna hamnat här för att hjälpa de patriotiska kämparna att få DETTA SVERIGE tillbaka. Detta går enbart genom den nationalsocialistiska grundprincipen som är dynamisk att utvecklas till dagens problemlösningar.

    Carl Alessi


  • Drawings

    Note: Here are some new Carl Alessi drawings, and they are as good as ever.

    Bo Bartlett


  • Painting

    Note: This superb piece is done by a guy named Bo Bartlett, an American Realist painter. I'm not sure what he meant by this painting, but we all know what it means to us.

    [Below: Here's one of ours! This is powerful stuff here. Damn I love this.]

    The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens
    A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda and Subversion


  • Banned children's book

    Note: I didn't know about this until recently, I guess they did a good job burying it. It is a children's book made by the great George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party. I read it online, but it is not available to purchase ANYWHERE. He originally published it in 1959.

    [Above: Here is a leaflet advertising the book.]

    Here is a .pdf of the book! Check it out, it is a great teaching tool for children.

    -The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens-

    *I recieved an email from the artist of a new The Fable of the Ducks & the Hens, with all-new artwork. You should be able to find this on the internet, so get it while you still can. It's really cool that someone did this.

    [Below: An example of the new artwork.]

    The White Castle


  • Magazine

    Note: This was originally published in 1992 by the Welsh Distributist Movement (WDM), a movement for Welsh independence from Britain. It's an interesting read, so I thought I'd share it with you.

    [Above: Contra el Sistema = Fight the System]

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