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Matt Hale


  • Button

    Note: Here is a button given to me by the Free Matt Hale movement. I love Matt Hale!

    Relics of the beautiful old world


  • Tray and drink coaster

    Note: These are so immensely beautiful I had to show you. They are both made of metal... gorgeous. It reminds you of how utterly ugly this modern world is. Well, here are some shreds of light from the old world.

    [Below: Drink coaster]

    Small comic by Black Leather Jacket Comix


  • Carl Alessi

    Note: Here is an odd little comic that was printed in only 30 copies. Alessi sent me this and it sat in the hot sun all day and the pages kinda stuck together when I opened it, so you can see where it stuck on this. Alessi is an old guy, how old I've never asked him, but he writes a lot about the genre shown here in this comic. The 1950s/1960s rebels. Anyway, I love Alessi's work and style.

    Hard to be a God


  • Blu-Ray

    Note: Wow. This movie is immensely strange and completely captivating. A Russian masterpiece. Mein Gott. The time and detail spent on this is simply mind-blowing. The visuals and scenery are unbelievably cool. WOW.

    [Below: Hagazussa - another odd movie, but I liked it.]

    [Below: Hagazussa - inside cover.]

    [Below: Hagazussa - disc.]

    [Below: Häxan, ("The Witch"), a 1922 Danish film. This is super interesting, sort of a documentary tale on witchcraft. There is nothing else like it. The Blu-ray edition is superbly clear.]

    [Below: Häxan - flip side of cover.]

    [Below: Häxan - Cover of huge booklet.]

    [Below: Häxan - Example of inside booklet.]

    [Below: Häxan - Example of inside booklet.]

    [Below: Häxan - Example of inside booklet.]

    The Leuchter Report


  • Booklet

    Note: The legend Fred Leuchter signed this piece of history for me. Fred is the equivalent of a rock star in the holocaust truth movement. The foremost expert in execution equipment, he made the electric chairs, the gas chambers, even the gallows, for various states in the USA. When he was called to investigate the so-called 'death camps' of WWII what do you think he found? He was actually a believer in the 'Holocaust' before he went to Poland to investigate them. What he found changed his entire life. He testified as an expert in the Zundel trial in Canada. For speaking the truth, that there were no death camps, they blacklisted him. If you don't know this story then you need to learn it --FAST. It is one of the most important things you'll ever learn. Fred's story is incredibly revealing.

    Anyway, he might still have a few copies of The Leuchter Report if you are interested in owning a piece of history. He still even does videos on the internet. They aren't hard to find.

    The New Order


  • Newsletter

    Note: The New Order is released (free of charge) by Gerhard Lauck, one of the oldest living American National Socialists still in the Struggle.

    Here is one of Lauck's websites: Third Reich Books

    This site sells TONS of translations of original Third Reich writings. A superb resource. Order with confidence, Gerhard Lauck is one of the coolest people you could ever meet.

    A flower in the darkness


  • Card

    Note: A distant comrade sent this... it is little things like this that make everything worthwhile. 'Thank you...'



  • Spanish stamps

    Note: This says 'A collection of stamps to fight racism showing a reality that should not exist'... More madness at the edge of the world. Here take these beautiful stamps and mail a letter to hell.

    Surely the great José Antonio Primo de Rivera laughs from Valhalla at the madness that has swallowed this world.



  • The last days of American power

    Note: America is dissolving right before our eyes. I know a lot of people cheer this, but make no mistake, something even worse will come in its place. White people around the world just sit back and let it happen. They are largely a sheepish, greedy and selfish race. This is their end. The end of not only their future, but their past. The end of their ancestors. The end of all of their accomplishments. The bitter end of all of the white race's dreams. Why does the white race not stand up for itself? The answers are simple. There is nothing complicated about it at all.

    F E A R.

    "But I might be put on some list if I speak out..."

    G R E E D.

    "I have a job to think of..."

    Meanwhile, while you worry about your petty, selfish fears, our world turns upside down. White man, how far you've come, and how far you shall fall.

    Your enemies now surround you, and you continue to do nothing about it.

    It's all so tiresome for us trying to awaken them, for us fighting in every way we can.

    Okay, consider this: I put my face all over the internet. I do 'forbidden' themed photo shoots on a regular basis. I order 'scary' books from anywhere I wish and I talk to whoever I want to. I've been doing Mourning the Ancient for 26 years, 23 of those years online. I've never been approached by the bogey man federal government in all that time. I keep everything I do perfectly legal and I don't associate with anyone who doesn't. Maybe one day they'll round me up and put me in a camp of dissidents? Then so be it! All the little scaredy cats will be there too with one difference -- you did nothing but hide under the bed and you still ended up in the New World Order death camp. Life isn't forever. What we do now counts. Don't be a fucking coward while they do this to you! Stand up and speak for god sakes. Make your ancestors proud! Make your god smile.

    Our candle is burning fast, white people. The sands of time are falling through our fingers. Of course, it's not just white people who have to worry about what's happening. They have a place in that death camp for all peoples. To them we are all cattle.

    But right now they are concentrating on destroying white people. They rightfully see whites as the biggest threat against them. Look at how close Adolf Hitler came to beating them. Through him many peoples joined as one and, frankly, almost won the war. Patton himself said that the Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) almost was successful. He said if it had been, the Allied armies and their supply columns would have been split in two. That the war would have definitely been prolonged into 1946. And therefore he believed that the American people wouldn't have allowed it to continue. And that's not even considering the fact that Germany would have been given time to produce their Wunderwaffen (Wonder Weapons). Goering himself said that if Germany would have lasted until 1946 all of their factories would have been underground and therefore immune to Allied attacks. What could have been...? What could have been?

    But dreaming about the glorious past, while bitter sweet and fun to do, isn't going to solve this deadly problem we face. There is absolutely no question that a great replacement is happening around the world. Anyone can look at racial demographics around the world and see the white race is on its way out. We can be sad about it. We can be mad about it. But neither amounts to anything unless we act on it.

    Our job is to awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters around us. Not just white people, but all people. This monster is enslaving and murdering us all. We could use the analogy of the enemy here:

    "First they came for the white people, but I wasn't white, so I did not speak out.

    Then they came for the Japanese people, but I wasn't Japanese, so I did not speak out.

    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."

    If you do not speak out now, it won't matter tomorrow. The challenge is before you. Your whole existence and that of everything you know is at stake.

    It is the war between good and evil that you thought was only in story books. There is no question that we are the forces of good in this battle. We are the knights of King Arthur, in their shining armor, riding out to face evil or the glorious Waffen-SS, knowing they were fatally outnumbered, smiled and faced the enemy, come what may.

    Maybe there is nothing after this great, dark comedy we call life. Maybe when we die everything we ever were dies with us. Maybe it is as simple as that. Or maybe the world's religions are correct. Maybe our souls are weighed, maybe we are judged on how we lived our lives. I don't think anyone can truly say for sure either way. They say there are no atheists in war. I wonder what is thought of cowards who don't act because of fear or selfishness? Or the vast disease of indifference?

    All of those who fight our enemy are soldiers. We're all in the 'trenches' facing the enemy. They say there are a million ways to die and only one way to be born. They also say that immortality is not a gift, but an achievement, and only those who strive mightily will achieve it.

    Strive mightily, people of earth.

    I leave you with the army of the future. One more symptom of the disease that is killing this world. A terminal rot which eats away everything we once knew. But not by accident, but carefully planned. Get angry. But stay legal. Whatever you do to fight this madness stay legal. Violence is worthless and scorned by us. Get angry, let your keyboard be your weapon. Sharpen your mind. Learn, learn, learn. Keep your body in top shape. Exercise. Be a person that others could admire. Be that person by being steadfast. Relentless. Sacrifice your free time to our fight. Be fearless. Everything is on the line. Tomorrow may be too late. By reading these lines consider the fact that fate has led you to these words for a purpose. We need you! Everyone is important and everyone has something to offer. Our battle weary hand is outstretched, please take it!

    Here is some Kali Yuga, end of the world, insanity. Enjoy:

  • Most images are clickable:

    [Below: Here's a collage of some of the recent madness in the American military. You just can't make this shit up.]

    [Below: Imagine hiring thousands of people and paying them to act a certain way to try to influence people online. Imagine using tax dollars to try to get people to act against their own interests. This is pathetic. An army of pathetic idiots.]

    [Below: This 'purge' continues to this very day. Nevermind the typos in the picture below, the information is true.]

    [Below: Imagine being scared of a joke frog named Pepe. At least the Black Panthers and Antifa are included in this one. I like the star made of bacon too... haha... I wonder what this represents? Cholesterol. Why is the Romanian Iron Guard symbol here? Maybe I'm behind the times but I don't see that being used by people. It's funny they included the whole '((()))' thing. This was created to identify Jews, in case you don't know. For instance when mentioning a Jew, say Saul Goldberg, you would put his name like this (((Saul Goldberg))). A British women named Alison Chabloz wrote a hilarious song about it and was charged with a crime! It is called ((( Survivors ))). You could probably find it somewhere on the internet. It is very funny. Anyway, I leave you here. Good day and goodnight, my friends.]

    [Below: Brits, don't think you are getting out of this either. The 'Globohomo' army has come for you too. Don't you dare be a patriot!]

    [Below: Hahaha... did they really put up a khaki pants and shirt as a uniform? Hahaha!]

    [Below: Semper Fi...]

    [Below: Here's an American embassy...]

    [Below: And another...]

    [Below: Guess where this is? Afganistan! That they would do this in a strict Muslim country...]

    [Below: Ahh isn't that sweet. Men wearing high heels on parade.]

    [Below: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I guess they didn't have any: patriot rallies to try to break up; Americans to send to concentration camps; innocent men to send to prison for drawing a picture; children and pregnant women to snipe; laptops to lose; countless thousands of their countrymen to entrap; nations to destroy or even 76 innocent Americans to burn alive... oh I could go on and on, but who couldn't?]

    [Below: Hmm... here we have American soldiers testing different new ways to salute the flag. I like this version. It is very non-threatening and makes me feel fuzzy inside.]

    [Below: Hahahahahaha! At least we're not speaking German, right guys?]

    [Below: Oh my... isn't this 'cultural appropriation'? Oh wait, white people have no culture, yeah that's right.]

    [Below: The irony here is just stark... like something from a novel warning the reader of a some dystopian future.]

    [Below: I'll just leave this here. No clue what is going on in this picture or who these two guys are, but I just liked the zombie theme. Uh huh.]

  • Alright you Europeans, you've had your laughs and sneers of disgust at the expense of the USA. It's time to look a little closer at our cousins across the pond.

    [Below: Britain I am appalled! You have gay soldiers too?! Oh wait, that is Sweden. Okay, this makes sense then.]

    [Below: Oh look it's NATO, that corrupt, homosexual, arms trafficking, joke of an organization that should have been disbanded years ago.]

    [Below: Well this doesn't surprise me. Australia had become the most tyrannical country in the world. During the Covid19 farce they had truly draconian restrictions.]

    [Below: Oh how nice. Well Churchill, the disgusting mass murderer, drunk and lunatic that he was, said that the British navy was founded on 'buggery' (gay sex).]

    [Below: Germany I am disappointed in you. Wait, Germany is actually the only country that I can say I don't blame. Since the end of WWII more money and effort has been spent on subverting Germans than all other nations on earth combined. I am surprised the whole damn country isn't black/commie/tranny/gay/fill in the blank. Germans helped show the world that the enemy could be beaten, but too many countries were tricked or forced to help destroy her. Germany taught us secrets about our enemy that we're still uncovering today, in dusty, old, hidden tomes from the 30s and 40s. Old Germany also, perhaps more important than anything else, serves as a well of inspiration for people all over the world. I think it is time the world saves Germany this time around. But... we still would appreciate some help, you Germans who are awake out there.]

    [Below: We're not ruled by the same group of people. No, why would you even think that? We elect our totally natural and spontaneous rulers in a democratic, free process. We aren't pushing the destruction of the white race. No, no, now carry on before we arrest you for questioning us.]

    [Below: Mein Gott... thanking those responsible for the destruction of almost ten million of your people, your cities turned to ash, the rape of millions of your women and children... this is fucking obscene.]

    [Below: Another projection on the Brandenburg gate again. No coincidence here, goyim, move on.]

    [Below: If you listen carefully you can here me laughing through the computer screen! This has to be a joke, right? Nope!]

    [Below: French volunteers who fought beside Germany in WWII showed some of the most outstanding bravery ever seen in war. While many thousands volunteered to fight on the hellish Eastern Front, many, many more would have if Germany had not placed limits on how many Frenchmen could join (Germany was hesitant to arm a bunch of men that were just a year before their arch enemy, and rightfully so). The history of German-French cooperation and comradery during WWII is a truly beautiful story. These two countries have a long history of war with one another. Yet, a few thousand men, all that was left of the once formidable force of volunteers, volunteered to go to Berlin, where they knew death probably awaited them, rather than be honorably discharged and go home. Most of them died defending the Reichs Chancellery in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler himself watched over them. In the central sector of fighting in Berlin they destroyed at least sixty Russian tanks alone! I think of those Frenchmen and am sad when I see this photo...]

    [Below: Oh Ireland... so sad.]

    *Here are some memes for you to perhaps lighten your mood after treading through the virtual sewers of humanity. Okay, nevermind, these memes are depressing/sickening too.

    [Below: So true...]

    [Below: Speaking of the legions of 'sex workers' and 'Only Fans' prostitutes...]

    [Below: Trump, the savior of humanity. Oh great rebel who will save the USA. Puh, I hope by now most people have woken up to the whole lie of Trump. If you still support Democrats or Republicans you are lost. If you are a Republican, check out the below. Read it carefully and what do you see? Sickening. They won't even acknowledge the white race exists. The white race is deduced to a 'Let's Go Brandon Dad Hat'...]

    [Below: I'm not sure what the point system here was for, but the definitions are very telling.]

    [Below: The truth does not fear investigation... oh hell, don't even get me started.]

    [Below: Ha! I love it!]

    [Below: This is very sad...]

    *Special thanks to the authors of the memes & graphics above, which were found throughout the internet.

    A Soldier's Love is True


  • Postcards from WWI

    Note: From the barbed wire, poison gas, flooded trenches and bombs of the 'War to End All Wars'... World War One. It's interesting that the soldier is wearing white poppies. White poppies represent peace. More specifically, ...'remembrance for all victims of war, commitment to peace and a challenge to the glamorisation of conflict.' Also of interest, it is hand dated Novemeber 10, the day before the end of WWI. Anyway, the first postcard says:

    'Treu ist die Soldatenliebe
    Und sie Weicht und wanket nicht;
    Treu dem Liebchen und dem Lande,
    Das ist des Soldaten Pflicht.'


    'The soldier's love is loyal
    And it gives way and does not waver;
    Faithful to love and to the country,
    That is the soldier's duty.'

    This says:

    'Treu ist die Soldaten Liebe,
    Jeder Prüfung hält sie stand,
    Fest hält er, was er geschenworen
    Herzlieb und dem Vaterland.'


    'Loyal is the soldier's love,
    She stands up to every test
    He firmly holds what he swore
    Dearest to the Fatherland.'

    Covid Cancel


  • Package from Covid India

    Note: This was received on June 14, 2021, during India's supposed Covid variant epidemic. I licked the package and didn't get sick... but I did get a strange craving for curry. (just kidding, about the licking, not about the craving for some curry). What did I order, might you ask? Some 2021 Chandra Bose stamp sheets, envelopes and stamps just released to commemorate Bose's 125th birthday! Pretty awesome they released these, since the powers-that-be are trying to get rid of Bose's legacy in India. That Nazi bastard is a bad influence after all. I mean he only freed India from British rule. Yes, a single man caused a massive chain of events that would free his entire country. I shit you not, he was amazing. And guess who he got advice from? ADOLF HITLER! Awesome, huh? Don't forget to read the cancel below -- 'Wear a MUSK' Hahahahahaha... OMG India! And how about 'Wash your hand'... not 'hands' but 'hand'. What about your other hand? Is that the hand you use to wipe your... well you know. Just don't forget to wear your damn musk!!!

    A Greater Danger than Covid?


  • Jehova's Witnesses booklet

    Note: I ordered a Father Coughlin postcard recently and got this strange booklet with it. You know who Father Coughlin is don't you? He is the most awesome American priest in all of history. On Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind you can listen to over 48 hours of his speeches and learn more about him. But back to the booklet... I'll just tell you my concerns. So just because Eve ate some apple and Adam got drunk and like had sex with a snake all of humanity must die? Okay, sounds fair. This is really lame trying to use Covid as a vehicle to brainwash people. Besides I believe the Johnson & Johnson vaccine protects against God's wrath, so screw it.

    [Above & below: I guess it would be too controversial to put white people on their flyer.]

    Screams from the internet Wild West


  • Forum wisdom

    Note: Trash and Treasure posting #1000. ONE THOUSAND! Wow. Here are some wise internet forum comments I thought I'd share with you...


  • And, as a bonus, I asked one of the artificial intelligence entities the eternal question and got a Clown World response... what a world we live in.

    Paddy Tarleton


  • Diversity is Our Strength CD

    Note: Have you ever heard of this guy? I hadn't until a few months ago. His CDs are incredibly hard to find. I'm not even sure there are any other CDs other than this one. Luckily you can find his best songs on the internet with a simple search. Even Youtube still has a number of his songs. His music style is Folk Music. Give it a listen, it is very infectious stuff. The more you listen to it the more you'll appreciate it. His lyrics are top notch as well. I haven't heard too terribly much of his songs, but my favorites are 'Never Forget What They've Taken From You', 'The Rats Ain't Hiding In The Wall No More' and 'Which Side Are You On?'. I'd highly recommend you listen to those ones first. Don't worry, I have impeccable taste. :)

    [Above: CD inside]

    [Above: CD]

    Paddy Tarleton - Diversity is Our Strength

    Country: USA
    Genre: Acoustic\Ballads
    Year: 2016
    Label: self-released (digital)/Compact Disc


    01. The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise (02:31)
    02. Which Side Are You On? (03:01)
    03. The Rats Ain't Hiding in the Wall No More (03:14)
    04. Green Grow the Lilacs (02:29)
    05. Sovereignty and Blood Forever (04:48)
    06. Butchered to Make a Dutchman's Holiday (03:53)
    07. Join the BLM (03:01)
    08. Battle of Sacramento (02:53)

  • Below is a release history, I think all of these releases were digital:

    Paddy Tarleton - Privilege

    Genre: Acoustic\Ballads
    Year: 2016
    Label: Self-released (digital)


    01. On That Day of the Noose (02:58)
    02. Battle of Sacramento (Studio Version) (02:54)
    03. It's a Shame to Slay a Red on a Sunday (03:22)
    04. On Springfield Mountain (Traditional) (02:47)
    05. The Baltimore Fire (Traditional) (03:01)
    06. Globalist Bastards (Will the Wetbacks be Deported) (03:10)
    07. The Ballad of War-Whore Hillary (03:38)
    08. On the Night Hank Williams Came to Town (03:21)
    09. The Ballad of Billy The Kid (Traditional) (02:24)
    10. Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild, Wild Women (03:05)
    11. Shut Your Lyin' Jew Mouth (03:37)
    12. Antifa is Finished (03:43)

    Paddy Tarleton - Singles and Other Ballads

    Genre: Acoustic\Ballads
    Year: 2017
    Label: Self-released (digital)


    01. Faces in the Water (04:50)
    02. Dear Evalina (02:21)
    03. New Day of the Vow (03:38)
    04. No Russian Ever Called Me White Trash (04:22)
    05. Hey Rabbi, Whatcha Doin'? (03:09)
    06. Who's Gonna Fight In WWIII? (04:03)
    07. The Ballad of Raunch-Vag Rosie (04:31)

    Paddy Tarleton - Live 2017

    Genre: Acoustic\Ballads
    Year: 2017
    Label: - ?


    01. The Battle of Sacramento (02:23)
    02. No Russian Ever Called Me White Trash (03:03)
    03. The Ballad of Raunch-Vag Rosie (04:22)
    04. The Rising of the Moon (02:26)
    05. The Wild Rover (03:05)
    06. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (04:04)

    Paddy Tarleton - Our Future is in Our Hands

    Genre: Acoustic\Ballads
    Year: 2018
    Label: - ?


    01. The Ballad of Charlottesville (War is coming) (03:14)
    02. Shut Your Lyin' Jew mouths (03:29)
    03. Deport Them All (03:52)
    04. Too Late Now (03:18)
    05. Come Out You Anti-Fash (02:55)
    06. William Reilly (03:46)
    07. The Naming of the Jew (03:00)
    08. We are Coming Down the Road (03:21)
    09. Hallelujah I'm a Boomer (02:14)
    10. Wilmington Riots (03:14)
    11. Hellfire on Los Angeles County (04:10)
    12. In Defense of the Bush (03:44)
    13. Chicago Ballad (04:00)
    14. You Will Not Replace Us (02:47)
    15. Rise You Sons of the Southland (04:50)
    16. The Christmas Song (Santa's Upgraded to a Challenger) (05:30)
    17. New Day of the Vow (03:28)
    18. Come away, Jenny Donnelly (Traditional) (02:26)
    19. Black Velvet Band (Rehearsal) (03:19)

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