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Broken Machines


  • Old Japanese Medical Book

    Note: This is a massive book, having 2,047 pages!]

    [Below: Spine (it's a very fat book).]

    [Below: Inside cover.]

    [Below: Quite beautiful...]

    [Below: Fold-out color diagram of male anatomy. This must have been costly back in the day.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Fold-out color diagram of female anatomy.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Never mind that cluster of cells!!! That's not a baby, after all.]

    [Below: Hmmm... this is looking too complicated, let's move on.]

    [Below: Here's your baby mam... those spots are normal.]

    [Below: Gangrene.]

    [Below: Is this showing a guy after he got punched in the eye by a bouncer after a night of heavy drinking, or is it something more insidious?]

    [Below: The smartest bouncer in the whole world - Christopher Langan.]

    [Below: Rather odd that all of us, stripped of everything, are nothing more than a pile of bones. The most beautiful girl. The strongest man. Your mother. You, me, animals, fish.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Did you know you can tell the skulls of different races apart? Check out the diagram below for examples (not from the book!).]

    [Below: Some of us seem to be lacking this muscle.]

    [Below: What the heck is that?]

    [Below: What's the matter with this guy? I think he may be faking it.]

    [Below: Scoliosis?]

    [Below: A pregnant man? If you would have said that back when this book was published they would laugh. Now... be careful you could be charged with a hate crime!]

    [Below: Some sort of evil hernia?]

    [Below: The average American. Just kidding, he's way too skinny. But we're not so rare anymore, I hear Britain is catching up with us fast. Ah, the laments of a First World country, we can't stop eating! Imagine fat Americans on television in Africa, on a telethon, begging for money to STOP eating! Americans spend more than $60 billion annually to try to lose weight!]

    [Below: She could be an emoji. Kind of like "Eh, it's okay, but I've seen better".]

    [Below: He's like 'Ssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt'.]

    [Below: It looks like someone just drew this guy's arm on!]

    [Below: Here's one for the ladies.]

    [Below: This one looks kinda ominous. The guy is just kind of hanging out with a bunch of floating Japanese moon runes around him.]

    [Below: Why did they put a leaf on one guy and not the other?]

    [Below: They are trying to figure out why this boy is wearing a dress.]

    [Below: Some sort of possession going on in the upper left! Wait, no, it is a new popular workout routine! You throw yourself into your surroundings, thrashing and tearing at yourself.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Damn, she's like 'fuck it'...]

    [Below: Nothing that a pair of sunglasses won't cure.]

    [Below: Wow, that's some pretty evil looking stuff.]

    [Below: Perhaps Proteus syndrome? The syndrome is named after the Greek sea-god Proteus, who could change his shape.]

    [Below: This guy looks like the saddest person in the whole world.]

    [Below: Today we would call this 'meth mouth'.]

    [Below: This guy could be the final boss of a video game. Second thoughts, have you ever played Bonk on TurboGrafx? If not, you're missing out.]

    [Below: This game was so fun...]

    [Below: This is from years and years of searching for porn on the internet. This is going to be you in a few years!]

    [Below: An odd paper error. As you can see, the page folds out where it wasn't cut correctly.]

    [Below: Here's a strange one.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Now this guy looks creepy...]

    [Below: Twerking? Butt implants? You've heard how girls get silicone and even cement injected into their butts? WTF?]

    [Below: This looks to be the same thing that Joseph Merrick, better known as 'the Elephant Man', had. The human body can be a marvel when everything goes right... but when it doesn't...]

    [Below: Joseph Merrick, 1889]

    [Below: Holy shit, the things people endure.]

    [Below: A kid in my neighborhood growing up had something like this. Other kids would make fun of him and call him 'Bubble Fingers'. Whatever it was it killed him in his teens, I've since heard. There was nothing else seemingly the matter with him, just 'bubbles' on his fingers. As a teen he had lots of friends, and would sometimes have surgeries to shave his fingers and make them smaller.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: This guy looks like one of those Borg from Star Trek.]

    [Below: Life can be so incredibly cruel, afflicting children with disease. Children should be off limits. I mean, save all of the horrors for adults, most of them deserve it anyway.]

    [Below: Damn, one day you wake up with a little bump on your head and the next day it's this... shit what else can go wrong?]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: Damn... is that the guys throat on the right? Man...]

    [Below: And we thought we had problems... but you know, I bet these people were nicer than the first 100 people you'd meet on the street today.]

    [Below: The quality of the printing makes this look like a zombie.]

    [Below: This guy needs that pimple popping Asian woman on YouTube... She'd be like 'Ooh, here's a fun one!']

    [Below: This is a cleft palate, a birth defect which is 'an opening or split in the roof of the mouth that occurs when the tissue doesn't fuse together during development in the womb.' Oddly a 'Cleft lip and cleft palate are thought to be caused by a combination of genes and other factors, such as things the mother comes in contact with in her environment, or what the mother eats or drinks...' Damn, what could a mother drink that causes this?!? You must be more specific dictionary! Are we talking drinking grape soda or pickle juice? Turpentine? Tell us!]

    [Below: This looks like that crazy bastard from YouTube named Ricky Berwick. He has something called Beals-Hecht syndrome. Berwick no doubt rakes in the cash making light of his disability. Oh but it is not politically correct to make fun of such people, I'm surprised rotten YouTube doesn't kick him off.]

    [Below: Poor children. It's strange to think that these people in this book have already lived their entire lives. They endured their ailments, usually in isolation, or eventually were killed by them.]

    [Below: It took medical science a while to learn that radiation was actually bad for you.]

    [Below: During those first years of radiation you could actually buy radioactive items that would supposedly help various health conditions.]

    [Below: Here's one of the aforementioned radioactive items you could buy for your health. Radioactive water! Mmmmmmm.]

    [Below: Hmm what do you suppose this thing is?]

    [Below: ...or this thing?]

    [Below: The woman is fed the fuck up.]

    [Below: What a grisly picture... some sort of thrush?]

    [Below: Not a very good picture. Some guy showing his cavities? Meth mouth? Can you believe that that is such a thing? Meth mouth is 'also known as the dentistís worst nightmare, is a result of prolonged meth abuse and addiction'. Here is a nice one too: 'Methamphetamine makes people high, but chronic meth use also heightens the risk for dental destruction.' Dental Destruction?! Sounds like a death metal band. Wow, that is two words combined that would horrify most people.]

    [Below: I scanned this one just to show how absolutely nuts the language of this books look to foreign eyes. I'm sure the medical terminology makes it look even crazier.]

    [Below: For all you Casanovas out there here is an illustration of the female species for study.]

    [Below: If you're confused, don't feel bad. Check out the below.]

    [Below: A cluster of cells, nothing more. During those times (pregnancy) that women grow two extra arms, two more legs, two eyes, an extra heart (if they had one to begin with killing their own baby) and even an extra brain. Too bad this worthless cluster of cells can't lend the mother, err... owner of the cluster of cells, its brain to make the decision not to murder. Err.. evacuate the cluster of cells. In all seriousness, I do not believe in abortion. But one of the many things I have a problem with about abortion is people trying to say it isn't murder. It is. Just admit that. It has to be the highest form of murder there is. The highest crime. Murdering the unborn. Everyone deserves a chance in this rat hole we call modern society.]

    [Below: Ouch, quintuplets?.]

    [Below: C-sections?]

    [Below: Ah a better look at that worthless collection of cells. If the mother kills it, it is abortion, perfectly legal. But somehow if you kill it then it is murder. Want or don't want is the very twisted definition of life.]

    [Below: Not sure about this one, what do you think this is all about? "George you must let me massage your chest!" ]

    [Below: The final page. I hope you enjoyed your tour. This took me way too long to scan all of this and write it up. I guess I could be spending my time more wisely. But oh well, sometimes you need a change with strange stuff like this.]

    Dusty memories


  • The crushing weight of time

    Note: Here is an old, nearly forgotten shelf where I've thrown odds and ends of photo shoots for years. You probably recognize a few of them. Each one is a memory for me. Another photo shoot done. I like to imagine it like arrows shot into the darkness. Maybe one of my photos will inspire some lonely soul out there in the world. Perhaps even long after I am gone. Maybe someone will see a photo and it will lead them to Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind. Mourning the Ancient photos have always been like weapons to me. Lonely arrows flying through the empty night.]

    Digital Gold


  • Bullets of truth out into the darkness

    Note: I'm not sure who made these, but I really like them. I've seen them floating around the internet for years. Their message is incredibly poignant and right on target. Whoever you are, keep up the fantastic work!]

    [Above: This reminds me of the Celtic word 'Hiraeth'. It is a longing for home, or homesickness. Many Welsh people claim 'hiraeth' is a word which cannot be translated. It also means the longing for a time, an era, or a person, not necessarily somewhere that actually exists or that you have ever been to.]

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