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Carl Alessi


  • Envelope and drawings

    Note: Wow! This is so cool! I always love all of Alessi's stuff but this one is one of my favorites!]

    [Above: 'ZOG' standing for 'Zionist Occupied Government']

    [Above: Alas, it is an empty grave, for clearly we are not dead. We are in fact more alive than ever before! With National Socialists in almost every country in this world!]

    [Above: You might not recognize the name Joe Rowan, he was the lead singer of the band 'Nordic Thunder'. He was murdered October 1, 1994. ]

    [Above: Joe Rowan was an especially beloved person. See you at the final battle brother. ]

    [Above: 'RaHoWa' is an acronym for 'RACIAL HOLY WAR']

    If you would like to write Alessi and obtain some of his art, just write to:

    Carl Alessi
    547 Laurel Terrace Apts
    Pottsville, PA 17901

    [Above: Here's a recent 'zine Alessi did the cover for. Ear of Corn? What a bizarre name.]

    An aging hero


  • Photographs 2020

    Note: Wow. It makes me sad seeing Matt getting old in their prison. He was a starry-eyed young man when they threw him in their dungeons on bullshit charges. It bothers me every single day that he is rotting there. I implore you, read about his case --you can read the entire trial transcripts on his website-- and it will enrage you! He is an innocent man sentenced to forty years in solitary confinement! If you haven't already, get involved! Write him letters of support, contribute to his legal defense fund, make shirts, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. Everything is welcome and everything helps! Special thanks to Matt's mom, Evelyn, for the photos! Click the pictures to enlarge!]

  • Free Matt Hale Website

  • Write Matt Hale:

    Matt Hale #15177-424
    U.S. Penitentiary MAX
    PO Box 8500
    Florence, Colorado 81226

    [Above: Matt as we remember him. Before the system virtually murdered him with a FORTY year sentence in solitary confinement! The reason: his passion and dedication to wake up his people to their coming extinction. Powerful forces are guiding our people, like lemmings, off a cliff. Matt, stern, young and brave, took on the killers of his race head on. Matt's crime? He was good at getting people to listen to him. His passion reached out to many people and his popularity was his downfall.

    We will never forget you, brother!!!]



  • Business Cards

    Note: If there is anyone within Atomwaffen who isn't an FBI agent they should stay legal. Don't give them a reason to arrest you and throw you in a dungeon forever. We desperately need good men on the outside. Right now it is a battle for minds, don't throw your life away!]



  • Love from the Fatherland

    Note: Here is a 2019 Christmas/Yule card I thought I'd share with you. ]

    [Page two - this is a Julleuchter, or Yule lantern, used in the Third Reich]

    [Page three - the old German writing like that above was crazy unreadable to outsiders. Adolf Hitler pushed to modernize German script.]

    [Page four - This song translates to 'Clear Night of High Stars']

    [Page five - The Sunwheel]

    Third Reich era book


  • 1936 woodcuts

    Note: I love these old woodcut style drawings. This book is called 'Our Heroic Tales'. These are pictures that accompany text.]

    They Live


  • Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Note: The star of They Live commented that it was a documentary, as many others believe. The premise is just replace the aliens with Jews, who hide as white people amongst the population, secretly and overtly controlling the world.

    [Above: Oh my god this is just so funny...hahaha]

    [Above: These They Live figures came out sometime around 2022/2023. This first version doesn't have a female counterpart for whatever reason. Front.]

    [Above: Reverse.]

    [Above: Ghoul male version. Front.]

    [Above: Ghoul female version. Front.]

    [Above: Reverse.]

    [Above: Ghoul male version - glow in the dark. Front.]

    [Above: Ghoul female version - glow in the dark. Front.]

    [Above: Reverse.]

    [Above: Ghoul male version. Front.]

    [Above: Ghoul female version. Front.]

    [Above: Reverse.]

    Todesstrafe -Under the Sign of the Storm


  • Digital flyer

    Note: Todesstrafe translates as death penalty. I've never heard of this Italian band, released by 'We are at War Records' & distributed by 'Vinlandic Werewolf Distribution', both of which I've never heard of either. But something tells me I like this band and label and will check both out when I have more time. I've seen a lot of cassette releases in recent years, which is strange, as I didn't think people would look back fondly on the technology. Something worth mentioning also is that back in the day, with the release of CDs, it was widely said that tapes wouldn't last very long, that the physical tape would decay. However, I've had the same cassettes since the 1980s and they still play just fine (additionally, I've played 8-Tracks from the 1970s that play just fine). Now we hear about CDs decaying... hmmm...

    Books and booklets


  • Original Creator books

    Note: Klassen's books are all very interesting, most of what he says is common sense and very true. I especially liked his autobiography. His books are unfortunately hard to find these days, with most of them out of print. You can however (as of February 14, 2021) get most of the copies shown here from Matt Hale's mom in exchange for a donation - Free Matt Hale Website I think I'm only missing one single book, called 'Portfolio One'... but you can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where to get a copy?]

    [Above & below: The Little White Book - front/back. 1991]

    [Above & below: Building a Whiter and Brighter World - front/back. 1986]

    [Above & below: Expanding Creativity - front/back. 1985]

    [Above & below: The White Man's Bible - front/back. Second printing 1992]

    [Above & below: On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War - front/back. 1993]

    [Above & below: Against the Evil Tide - front/back. 1991]

    [Above & below: Nature's Eternal Religion - front/back. Second printing 1992.]

    [Above & below: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs- front/back. 1993.]

    [Above & below: The Klassen Letters Volume One - 1969-1976 - front/back. 1988.]

    [Above & below: The Klassen Letters Volume Two - 1976-1981 - front/back. 1989.]

    [Above & below: RAHOWA The Planet is All Ours - front/back. 1987.]

    [Above & below: A Revolution of Values Through Religion - front/back. 1991.]

    [Above & below: Salubrious Living front/back. 1982.]

    [Above: Portfolio One - This is the rarest of Klassen's books. I took these images from Ebay, which had the only copy for sale for $100.00 (and it is water damaged!). If anyone knows where to get copies of this please tell me!]

    [Above: Portfolio One - inside view]

    [Above: Portfolio One - side view showing depth]

    [Above: Portfolio One - reverse]


    [Above & below: Nature's Eternal Religion - front/back. savewhitepeople.com version 2014.]

    [Above & below: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs - front/back. 2013]

    [Above: Photo from within Against the Evil Tide - Ben Klassen]

    [Above: Photo from within Against the Evil Tide - Klassen and his wife]

    [Above: Photo from within Against the Evil Tide - Klassen and his wife]

    [Above: Photo from within Against the Evil Tide. Klassen was a certifiable genius, among other things he invented a type of electric wall can opener, which was very successful.]

    [Above & below: The Poisonous Mushroom - front/back. This booklet is translated and published by Gerhard Lauck from the NSDAP/AO. Check it out at: https://www.nsdap.info/ and purchase hundreds of other Third Reich era publications for next to nothing!]

    [Above & below: What the World Rejected - Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1940]

    [Above & below: Race and Population - Pictures Speak]

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