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  • Record stamps

    Note: The mighty kingdom of Bhutan issed these babies in 1972. They were issued in a set of seven and yes they actually play! They are 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records playable on a standard turntable. So what's on them? Bhutanese folk songs and histories of the country in English and Dzongkha, the local language.

    How cool would it be to get Hitler speeches on these little records and send them around the world?! I wonder if any company can still make these?

    By the way, you'll notice that someone placed an American CD postage stamp on the envelope above. This was done 27 years later, just for the hell of it I guess.

    [Below: The complete set]



  • The Saving Grace of Adolf Hitler

    Note: This is from an artist named JinjerZilla. They hit the nail right on the head. This world can seem hopeless and can make you feel like an alien in hell... but when you find Adolf Hitler and realize he and thousands of others went through the exact same thing as you, you know you are never alone. Read Mein Kampf, learn about his days as a homeless artist, rejected by the crooked establishment. His times feeding a hungry mouse in his barracks during WWI. The theft of his cherished dog Foxl. His hopeless stay in the hospital after being hit by a chemical weapon. The death of his beloved mother. Quitting smoking and throwing his last pack into the river. Selling hand painted postcards on street corners for pennies. Being imprisoned for participating in the Putsch and facing the death penalty. National Socialism being banned. And then learn about his attempt with all his might to avoid war, yet realizing there will never be peace as long as Germany is removed from the vampires of finance. The treachery of his cowardly generals. Hearing of the death and inhuman defilement of his friend Mussolini. Building the greatest country on earth and watching it all crumble under Allied bombs. And at the end committing suicide with his precious Eva.

    Alas, not even Adolf Hitler could kill Adolf Hitler. He is very much alive in the hearts of millions. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the darkness of this world, I recommend you read Savitri Devi's The Lightning and the Sun, or George Lincoln Rockwell's This Time the World. They are warm light for your soul.

    Letter from the trenches of the Great War


  • Morse code?

    Note: This is a German Feldpost letter from December 17, 1917. The soldier, Mr. Seiler, was in Komp 2, Minenwerfer ('mine launcher'). This is the German name for a class of short range mortars used extensively during the First World War by the Imperial German Army.

    [Above: Here are some examples of 'mine launchers'. This picture shows a Canadian soldier getting intimate with a Minenwerfer in October 1918.]

    [Above: But this is why I brought you here. Here is another letter from our soldier above, check out the Morse code! I wonder why he took the trouble to do this?]

    [Above: Some of it I couldn't translate, but here is the bulk of what it says:

    'Liebe Frieda habe heute deine liebe karte von 67 Dezember erhalten herzinnigsten danck... bei uns ist seit gestern der erste schnee gefallen... es ist doch lange nicht so kaltalls in Russland bin so geit noch gesung und munter hoffe das gleiche auch on dir herz lichen Gruss sendet dir...'

    Translates as:

    'Dear Frieda today I received your lovely card from [6-7] December heartiest thank you... since yesterday the first snow has fallen... it is not so cold in Russia so I am still singing and [with] cheer [and] hope... the same on you... I send heartfelt greeting [to] you...'

    Yeah, not exactly top secret stuff. I was hoping for the Minenwerfer launch codes! Goodbye world, the Minenwerfer now rules this pathetic earth.]

    Georgi Dimitrov


  • Hmm...

    Note: Wow, have you ever seen something like this? These children are guarding a statue of Georgi Dimitrov, the first Bulgarian communist leader. They are armed with Kalashnikovs (AK-47). Bulgaria, circa 1960. It is said that Dimitrov was poisoned by Stalin even though he was 'the most loyal "lap dog" of Stalin'.

    [Above: A Soviet sniper taken by the Wehrmacht as a prisoner-of-war. Notice his armor.]

    [Above: Wow, like something straight out of science fiction. This is a Soviet Naval Infantry exercise, 1965.]

    [Above: Haha?]

    Kali Yuga


  • Insanity celebration

    Note: Kali Fuckin' Yuga my friends.

    [Above: Hmm... I say drink it.]



  • Email spam

    Note: Oh wow... hehe, this is an interesting one. They are from Cyprus, and threaten a '100% Pure Cypriot Beating'. Hehe, wow. I don't think I've ever seen a band posing in front of cacti. I must admit it is pretty damn evil and brutal. They should have covered themselves in cactus needles, now that would be METAL! And I must say, the grey-haired guy doesn't look too into the picture. Now the other guys, especially the guy on the right, look like they are ready to beat your punk ass. I'm talking a terrible beating. A 100% Pure Cypriot Beating! And don't forget to look at the album cover! Is that a horse raping that guy?

    I found a better shot of the cover. I think it may be a mule or a llama raping an orthodox Christian priest. I also got to hear Zivanished on the net. What do they sound like? Well oddly it sounds like a couple of drunk Mexicans arguing, while listening to heavy metal in the background. I actually liked the music. It's pretty catchy and cool. But like I said the vocalist just kind of angrily talks through it all. It kinda reminds me of Brujeria. Remember that crazy shit?

    [Above: Here's the priest from above flipping us off. What an asshole. He deserved being ass raped by a llama.]

    [Above: Greetings mortals. I'm here for the priest.]

    Ancient Tomes of Truth


  • Book shelf

    Note: Okay, so they aren't 'Ancient', but the truth, wisdom and intelligence within them is. Contained within many of them are stories of battles between good and evil. The great battle of WWII has dimmed, its terrible battlefields silent, its embers still burning deep beneath the rebuilt apartments and condos. Where heroic men gave their very lives, spilling their holy blood on the earth, a Burger King or monotonous office building now sits. Luckily we have books like these to tell us the truth of the past.
    But back to the topic at hand, I took some pictures of a bookshelf of mine, to show a comrade whose looking for new books to read. I hope the pictures give him some ideas, and maybe even you will see something that interests you! There are some GREAT titles here!]

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