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  • Old Books

    Note: A German comrade sent me these pictures of books. Yeah, his camera isn't the greatest, but nonetheless I think they are worth showing you. Some awesome imagery! He found these dusty and forgotten tomes at a flea market somewhere in Bavaria.

    Tampon tea


  • Anything to escape their hell

    Note: Wow. This tops just about everything. The pinnacle of degeneracy and hopelessness. These people are the kings of 'I don't give a fuck!' People will do anything to get high. They'd do anything to leave their personal hell, if even for a moment. Their entire lives become chasing highs. Reality is a dreary hell, and their surroundings are a prison. With not even the slightest hopes or dreams, escape, whether it be from sniffing glue, paint or this hideous brew, people will do anything to escape.

    People need to talk about how a few people have utterly ruined this world. Long before all of us were born these tyrants plotted and schemed against us. And we must understand, they found eager helpers wherever they went in the world. All of the races had groups who betrayed their people and worked with these monsters. For scraps and slivers of power, these traitors to humankind gave away our inheritance. They helped these destroyers take over our governments, our religions, our history, our future. These traitors are still helping our enemy bleed us dry. Now the white race lies on the brink of extinction largely due to their efforts. Yet most white people are so brainwashed they don't even care.

    Not all of us will take this sitting down, however. We will not go silent into the night. In the chaos to come we will rise and when the street lights go out forever, there will be a terrible reckoning.

    [Below: I'll let you off light with a nice story of a Chinese family]

    [Below: Chiang Kai-Shek is turning in his grave]

    [Below: The son of Chiang Kai-Shek, Chiang Wei-kuo, during the 1930s while serving as an officer in the horribly racist German army.]

  • Whew, after reading about those tampon drink concoctions you must be thirsty. Here are some drinks for you:

    What a world. Kali fucking Yuga, my comrades!

    WWII German Propaganda


  • Leaflet

    Note: I had to show you this since it is so damn funny. The Germans had English and American people helping them do propaganda in WWII, and you can tell. They were clever and clearly aware of British/American culture and humor (probably due to the fact they had multiple Brits and Americans working in these groups). I especially love the "SEE GERMANY AND DIE part! HAHA! A lot of war propaganda was done by units such as the German Skorpion propaganda group. This particular leaflet was produced by the SS propaganda unit Skorpion West under SS Standarte Kurt Eggers.

    [Above: Inside booklet leaflet]

    Kali Yuga


  • Shirt

    Note: How can you expect to find justice in Kali Yuga? A cool shirt with a very true message. This was released by Occidental Congress.

    Ben Klassen


  • Gravestone

    Note: If you are unfamiliar with Ben Klassen, you are certainly missing out on a very interesting man. During his incredibly active life he founded a religion he called the Creativity Movement and dedicated himself to the survival of his race. He wrote many books, each one full of wit, logic and wisdom. But now, like so much of our dying race, his grave has fallen in disrepair. With no caretaker, and on private land, there is no one to care for the grave and give it the respect it deserves. A people who does not respect its heroes will soon perish. The grave is in Otto, North Carolina, if you are near there, perhaps you can change this?

    [Below: A rare alchemy was found in Klassen: he was handsome, with a sharp wit, creative, wise beyond his years, and had an exceptional mind.]

    [Below: Ben Klassen with his lifelong spouse Henri]

    [Below: Ben Klassen, long in his years]

    [Below: A Creativity Movement leaflet]

    The Silent Brotherhood


  • Book

    Note: The heroes of the white race, the mighty Bruders Schweigen. Finally a book has been written by someone who was there, an acutal member, Frank DeSilva. The book was written in 2012, and there was supposed to be a part two, but much to my disappointment DeSilva doesn't seem to have written it. Anyway, if you ever wanted to know about Robert Mathews and the rest of the Bruders this is the book to get (not to mention the only one). Invaluable!

  • Here is another great book called 'Unbroken Warrior' by Richard Scutari (published by 'The 55 Club' in 2017). Scutari was/is a very prominent and loved member of the Bruders Schweigen. He is in the dungeons of our enemies, after being sentenced to a 60-year prison term in 1986. There is a lot of cool history in this book. I found it to be a very interesting read.

    [Below: Cover]

    [Below: Back]

    [Below: A page within showing pictures, including one of the lovely W.A.U. girls.]

    [Below: A page within talking about the Bruders medallions. Finally we have the history and know the truth! We also get a picture of how the original medallions looked. An incorrect picture of the medallion has been spread on the internet for years.]

    [Below: Another page on the medallions.]

    Anyway, this book is very recommended!



  • Emergency note

    Note: This is a 'notgeld' from Nordhausen, Germany from 1921. They were emergency money issued by local authorities during the terrible inflation period in Germany and elsewhere. There are literally thousands and thousands of these notes from Germany/Austria. Each one has a different look and often, like this one, explores a different topic. Various different materials were often used as well, from different paper varieties, wood, leather, ceramic, and even coins with various different metals. Many people over the years have collected them, since many of them can be obtained for little money (a dollar or less). This one in particular advertises a brand of wine!

    'De allerbeste medezin, das ńss nordhieser branntewien' = 'The very best medicine, which is our Nordhieser brand wine'

    The best part of this note is of course its illustration, which shows a man in a wine barrel and death running away!

    [Below: Reverse of note]

    [Below: Check this one out... the burning of a 'witch' on your money? Now this is strange indeed. 'Hexenprozesse 1663-1665' means 'Witch trials 1663-1665'.]

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