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  • Necropolis ad

    [Note: Man, how could you get something so wrong? Read the Incantation ad below: 'Incnatation emobdies... Mistakes happen, but this was just sloppy. Nercoplis get a new tpyist!]

    The New Order


  • December 2018

    [Note: Gerhard Lauck does a monthly newsletter, printed (as seen here) and digital. I highly recommend checking it out. Lauck is quite the Old Fighter, he's been fighting our fight for literally decades. Go to his website here: http://nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com/ Oh, and there is something special about receiving a New Order issue with a Black Sun stamp on the envelope! Okay it's just an eclipse, but still pretty cool.]

    Stickers and more


  • Things in the mail

    [Note: Here are some stickers that I have no idea who or really what they are. What the hell does the sticker below say? Borkorak?]

    [Below: A strange 'flyer'. This appears to be a cassette cover from Weltmacht, a side project of Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot). It is very pixilated and crude.]

    Elegy Records


  • Papers from the glory days of metal

    [Note: Here are some more old trading/commerce documents from Elegy Records. Elegy predates Mourning the Ancient by a couple of years and is definitely one of the oldest underground labels/distros. Rob, the owner, was recently forced to end his distro after being blacklisted by PayPal and other credit card processors. The enemies of truth were deathly frightened of the CDs he sells. Not the over-the-top gore, but the National Socialist CDs. Sound crazy? It is. Elegy is only the first, many will follow. Our enemies, who control this world's banks, can and will strip away our ability to make commerce. They have already done it to hundreds of websites they don't like, cutting off their ability to take donations and sell merchandise. They've even gone so far as denying service to political commentary websites, not only kicking them off their host but going so far as denying them domain registrars! It's going to get worse before it gets better. We must stand together against these tyrants and support those who have been blacklisted. What happened to Elegy Records is truly insane, it is not political and sells thousands of CDs of all types of bands throughout the world. But because our enemies don't like a few of them, they bring down the whole operation. We are supposed to have freedom of political association here in the USA. We obviously don't. Right now Elegy Records is selling off the entire stock of its distro. Rare, imported, underground stuff is being sold at unheard of prices. An average of $4.00 and under! Support our comrade here: https://www.elegyrecords.org/]

    [Above: Osmose Productions is a French record label founded in 1991 by Hervé Herbaut. This is from January 1995. Mourning the Ancient wasn't around until later that year in October.]

    [Above: Entropy Productions is from Italy. They changed their name into Iron Tyrant in 1999.]

    [Above: Visceral Productions, from Ohio (USA) was founded in 1995 and is no longer in business.]


    [Below: Showing my support for Elegy Records during a New Year's Eve photo shoot!]

  • Here is an explanation of what happened to Elegy Records that the owner wrote up for the press:

    'Over a year ago I lost my ability to accept PayPal as a means of payment. There was no reason given to me from PayPal other than an email stating that I could not use their service anymore. I did try to contact them, phone calls and emails and in the end to no avail. The only response I received was that I violated their terms of service but nothing more concise, if you are aware of TOS it covers everything and anything.

    This was a setback as most of my sales came through PayPal, they have a monopoly of payment convenience which people have grown addicted to.

    There was a search to find an alternative but after searching and searching I had a cathartic experience that the alternative was always there and that is Credit Cards, not as convenient but still a sold choice of payment.

    Unfortunately, a month after I was dropped from PayPal, I was also dropped by my credit card processor that I was with since 1996.

    They didn’t even have the business courtesy to inform me they were going to cut ties. I came to the realization of this when I went to process an order and the response message was “Invalid Merchant account” When I spoke to a representative, they informed me they did not wish to work with me because I promoted hate. I did receive a letter from them stating they were going to end the business relationship the date of termination was a day before the letter was written and a day before it was mailed. What a great banking service.

    This was a death blow, at this point I had no means to accept any form of payments aside from cash or money order but there is no way to survive in that business model.

    I did bounce from other services such as Square, stripe and a few others but over and over I was suspended from using their services.

    I attempted to circumvent all of this by trying to get a high-risk processor, the same ones that work with online porn, gambling and things of that nature and one after the other I was denied.

    When the processors would run a check on me and my business it comes back as HIGH RISK and REPUTATIONAL RISK. Some of the red flags come back as: promoting hate speech, promoting rape, promoting violence and promoting hatred.

    An absolute atrocious characterization and a very convenient way of fusing music band names and titles to an actual call to arms. The slightly veiled assertion is one that marks me as one who is inciting these actions. The overlords now wish to control what you can sell and what you can purchase. Speaking with a few individuals within the banking system (underwriters) as well as other labels this started with Operation Choke Point from the DOJ to curtail predatory lending, which, like most agencies has now expanded its tentacles.

    I finally found a company that would work with me, but I had to sign a contract in which they would hold a 10K reserve against me. I had to take this offer as the alternative would be a house worth of CDs I could not sell.

    The underwriter did tell me that they could back out of the contract anytime they wanted.

    I knew what had to be done and therefore I’m liquidating all the merchandise as it would be better to make some profit and pass all the CDs to those who support the music and do not stand with such an unfair commerce act.

    I was surprised to receive all the emails of support and good words. It means a lot. The sale will run until the final days or until I lose the ability to take payment.

    Welcome to the new Americant, a nice hot cup of coco and a coloring book for all those triggered by the ideas, merchandise and policies they may encounter.'

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