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Nocturnal Breed


  • Flyer

    Note: This thrash/black metal band from Oslo, Norway was founded in 1996 and often feature strippers at their live shows. How black metal.

    Your Government is a Terrorist


  • Bumper sticker

    Note: Ah, good old United States and her cruel mistress Israel, to whom many dozens of our highest politicians have duel citizenship with. That's right, they are Israelis with American citizenship that sit on our congress and every other level of government. Not to mention that the Israeli lobby is the most powerful in America. Good bless the US of A!



  • Stickers

    Note: A vomitory is a myth that states that in Ancient Rome people would eat gluttonous amounts of food and then go to the vomitorium to... well, vomit it up. Although this is pure bullshit, like many other things in history.

  • One of the most glaring examples of Roman myths is that of the great Emperor Caligula. We've all been taught the most incredible things about him, yet all of these absurd things were written by his enemies. The truth is that he offended rich, powerful Jews. Look it up. The truth is Caligula was loved by a majority of the people and during his time many public works and holidays were created. Even when he was murdered his bodyguards went on a killing spree avenging him.

    The Gathering of Bestial Vengeance fest 2


  • Posters

    Note: There are so many dumb sounding descriptions in modern black metal - 'wraith metal'? 'mystic black metal'? Some of these band logos are also really getting pretty silly. It seems the goal is to make them illegible. Just for once I'd like to see some good old Times New Roman!

    (Devil Vomit metal, how do you like that?)

    Otto 'Scarface' Skorzeny


  • Sticker

    Note: One of the greatest soldiers of WWII, who among many other impossible tasks, freed Mussolini without a single casualty.

    Fuck the Facts


  • Sticker

    Note: So this band is called 'Fuck the Facts'? So even fuck the fact that your band is named Fuck the Facts'?



  • Comic book

    Note: So the guy behind this crude comic book was apparently taken to court and hounded by the FBI for his artwork. He was even accused of being a serial killer! Glad to see our American tax dollars are going to good use.



  • Various

    Note: The Venom above turned to total shit from scanning. It's strange that you can't see any of the damage with your naked eye.

    [Above: Funebrarum are from New Jersey and were founded in 1999.]

    [Above: Nocturnal Fear are from Detroit, Michigan and were founded in 2000.]

    [Above: Hellveto was a band formed in Poland in 1995 and as of 2014 changed their name to Neoheresy.]

    [Above: The Misfits were founded in New Jersey in 1977.]

    Band glossy promo pictures


  • Various

    Note: These were sent out by their record labels in the 1990s. Macabre was formed in 1985 in the state of Illinois.

    [Above: Absu were formed in 1991 in Texas. They were a great, unique band, I especially liked the art of the release below.]

    [Above: Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. from 1993]

    [Above: My Dying Bride was formed in England in 1990]

    [Above: Autopsy was formed in 1987 in California]

    [Above: Sadus was formed in 1984 in California.]

    Tour posters


  • Various

    Note: Hmm... yeah, not very exciting. Some very mainstream stuff.

    [Above: Front]

    [Above: Reverse]

    Extermination Zone


  • Book

    Note: This is perhaps the most juvenile, idiotic and try-hard item on Trash and Treasure. It is pure shit, 100 and some pages of garbage. Here are just a few examples when the writers not having homosexual fantasies, which he writes down in graphic detail.

    [Below: Okay, this is literally the single page in this entire thing that was pretty funny.]

    1940s Advertisements


  • Prolon and Bug-A-Boo

    Note: Wait -- Dupont? This is the same company that made Agent Orange. Yeah the same toxic Agent Orange they said was safe and air dropped on American Soldiers and Vietnamese civilians in the Vietnam war. This toothbrush probably gave people tooth cancer.

    [Above: Socony-Vacuum Oil Company is now Mobil, the major American oil company that merged with Exxon in 1999 to form a parent company called ExxonMobil. The same company who were responsible for the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the largest oil spill disaster which spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound on March 24, 1989.

    No thanks, I'll just keep the ants.

    Freedom Rd.


  • Street sign and pictures

    Note: A good comrade made this awesome sign and here I am showing it off.

    Seges Findere


  • Patch, postcard and pin

    Note: From Brazil with genocidal love.

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