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  • Venom! Venom! Venom!

    [Note: These 1980s Venom patches are pretty damn cool. I got this stack of patches, new and old, from a friend. The challenge is going to be trying to read the logos! Let's try...]

    [Above: The Seven Dates of Hell Tour was in 1984 and had Metallica as a supporting act for Venom]

    [Above: Black Metal! I'll never forget the first time I heard this album. It was released in 1982, but I didn't hear it for a few years. I found a shaped picture album of the devil head design in an old record store. It was love...]

    [Above: Mysticum is an industrial black metal band from Norway formed in the early 1990s.]

    [Above: Funebrarum is a death metal band from New Jersey, formed in 1999]

    [Above: Twilight is an American black metal act]

    [Above: Coroner - this band needs no introduction. I remember seeing a video on MTV of their song Masked Jackel. Thrash gods.]

    [Above: Archgoat is a death/black metal band from Finland, founded in 1989.]

    [Above: Hate Meditation is a black metal band from Chicago, Illinois and was founded in 2003]

    [Above: Wow. I can't even tell if this is upside down or not!? What the hell does this say? Anyone know?]

    [Above: Suicide Forest, formed in 2016, is from Tucson, Arizona and is described as 'Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal'. It is named after a forest in Japan called Aokigahara known internationally as 'the Suicide Forest', said to be one of the world's most prevalent suicide sites. There are even signs at the head of some of the trails urging suicidal visitors to think of their families and contact a suicide prevention association!]

    [Above: Formed in 1993, Strid is from Norway and play 'depressive black metal']

    [Above: This patch is from Peste Noire, a black metal band from La Chaise-Dieu, France. The band is sometimes referred to as P.N. or K.P.N (Kommando Peste Noire)]

    [Above: This patch is from the Swedish band Dismember]

    [Above: This patch is from the German band Poison, not the homosexual American act. They were around from 1982-1987.]

    [Above: This patch is from a band called Eternal Darkness. I don't know much else.]

    [Above: This patch is from a band called Protector. This is a German thrash band founded in 1986. Protector explored diverse subjects in their lyrics, such as gay pride and anti-fascism.]

    [Above: This patch is from an American death metal band called Goreaphobia. This band has been active from time to time since 1988 (1988-1994, 1999-2002, 2004-2012), which makes them due for a new release.]

    [Above: This patch is from a band called Von. Von is an American death/black metal band formed in 1987 in O'ahu, Hawaii.]

    [Above: This patch is from a Swedish band called Centinex. The band was formed in 1990 and ended in 2006.]

    [Above: This patch is from a band called Amorphis. They began as a death metal band in 1990 but have long since went mainstream with a 'popular sound'.]

    [Above: This patch is from an unknown band called Iron Maiden. I don't think it ever got popular.]

    [Above: This patch is from a band called Malfeitor. There are currently four bands that have used this name, but this patch is from the earliest, formed in 1987 in Washington, D.C.]

    [Above: This patch is from the infamous German band Desaster formed in 1988.]

    [Above: This patch is from an early American death metal band called Incubus (1986-1989).]

    Invictus Victi Victuri


  • Flyer

    [Note: This guy has some PHENOMENAL works! Beautiful stuff... unfortunately Tumblr deleted all of his pages. What a wonderful democracy we live in, huh?
    'Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.' HAHA!]



  • Venom! Venom! Venom! (again)

    [Note: Damn this (original) shirt kicks ass! WOW! Suddenly metal sure is popular. Loads and loads of merchandise for sale on the web. Just a few minutes spent on Ebay pulled up this heap of modern crap. Is Venom really that popular? Are people wearing the shirts just to 'be cool'? Like all these 'stars' you see wearing metal shirts. What a joke. Some of the shirts below, the originals, are going for over $600.00 and ripped up Iron Maiden shirts going for $1,000.00!

    Remember when listening to metal was detestable? Us metal heads were like the plague, hated by society and not caring. I guess we were cool as hell and didn't even know it. No money, bumming smokes, drinking cheap beer bought by someone's older brother because we were under age (or even some stranger in a parking lot), wearing unintentionally ripped up jeans (now they sell them like that!), sharing new music - cassettes, no where to go and nothing to do, killing time, walking everywhere because no one had cars, riding our BMX bikes all over the city, sitting in smoky bedrooms, listening to music that is now classic on shitty stereos, writing letters across the world, tape trading, going to concerts and seeing thousands of metal heads and wondering where the hell they all are in everyday life, good concerts were like a devoted church of metal heads, seeing people you haven't seen in years, pot heads always jonesing for more, fist fights, skipping school, scouring record stores for good metal albums, ripped up blue jean jackets filled with patches, being discriminated against on a daily basis and not really giving a shit, haunting parks, gas stations, abandoned houses, and generally anywhere we could get away from the eyes of society, a hundred guys and two girls, staying one step ahead of the cops - or not,... hot summer days that seemed to last forever. Those were the days, whippersnappers.]

    [Below: Back]

    [Below: I'm guessing this is an unlicensed shirt. There used to be scalpers and people selling unlicensed shirts outside concert halls back in the day.]

    [Below: Back.]

    [Below: The 'Official Bootleg' shirt.]

    [Below: Back.]

    [Below: 'The death of you god we demand'. Hmmm... there must have been a shortage of the letter 'R' in China that day.]

    [Below: Damn this is so gay looking! haha!]

    [Below: What the fuck is this? Venom shirts with the stupid comic book character also called 'Venom'? I hope this is just some Chinese bootlegger who mixed the two up...?]

    [Below: Here's the comic book 'Venom'. Sorry asshole, the name is taken.]

    [Below: 'Venom' shirt. Not 'our' Venom - but their stupid one.]



  • Communists?

    [Note: Okay, looking through the Venom stuff above I stumbled across this... First, I never got into Exodus, but one or two people around me growing kind of did. I remember the 1989 album Fabulous Disaster and the song Toxic Waltz, which was okay thrash metal. Now to the communist garbage seen here. What is this crap? Are the band members Jewish or something? No clue and I don't really care. Sorry to take your time, move on!]

    [Below: See that bottom part in Cyrillic, I translated it on Google, it says 'Gay Pride'.]

    [Below: Fuck ya dude, rockin' for Stalin! Ya!]

    [Below: Back]

    Fulci's Zombie and The Gates of Hell


  • Comics

    [Note: How cool are these?! Apparently these have been published for a while now, but I just found out through a friend. As you can see they carry the spirit of Fulci in all of its dark and gory essense. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...]

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    [Below: Magnets atop a 11x17 poster]

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