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Beauty of the Past


  • Skin, Paint and Stone

    [Note: Here's is a wide variety of random art from the ages, all of which I've found interesting for one reason or another. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!]

    [Above: Grecian Nocturne, Harold F. Kells, 1935]

    [Above: Freya, Arthur Rackham]

    [Above: Catherine Moylan, Alfred Cheney Johnston]

    [Above: Julia Margaret Cameron (June 11, 1815 – January 26, 1879), 1864]


    [Above: Maid of Athens, Harold F. Kells, 1934]

    [Above: 1970s perfume advertisement]

    [Above: Julia Margaret Cameron (June 11, 1815 – January 26, 1879), Gentleness, 1864]

    [Above: Julia Margaret Cameron (June 11, 1815 – January 26, 1879), Untitled, 1864]

    [Above: Julia Margaret Cameron (June 11, 1815 – January 26, 1879)]

    [Above: Alexei Galushkov]

    [Above: Wine advertisement]

    [Above: Wine advertisement]



  • 1965 traveling booklet

    [Note: Trans World Airlines (TWA) went out of business in 2001 and was acquired by American Airlines. This little book has 191 pages and is approximately 4x6 inches (I know you were just dying to know that information, weren't you?!). It cost 50 cents and there were also guides for 11 countries available. TWA helped the forces of darkness destroy Europe in WWII and it got rich doing it. The airline racked up 40 million miles in flights for the Army during the war! ]

    [Above: Interesting that it boasts about Germany being a 'most affluent partner in the European Economic Community'. Reminds one of the quote by Churchill about one of the real reasons for WWII:
    'Germany's unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.'
    -British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), speaking to Lord Robert Boothby]

    [Above: Wow, talking about Bonn they report 'Most of the city's war damage has been repaired'. Twenty years later, and still war damage. But I guess when you see the pictures of what the Allies did to the civilian cities of Germany, it is a wonder that they were ever able to rebuild them at all.]

    [Above: This ugly 'glass-and-aluminum city' replaced a beautiful city centuries old, one of countless civilian centers burned down and murdered by the 'good guys' of WWII. Why would it want to 'thumb its nose' at the communist wall? The communists were America and Britain's allies, after all. America propped them up and kept them alive during WWII so they would go on and kill millions. How could they 'honestly like Americans'? How could they have affection for this vile, homicidal, genocidal invader who actually contemplated sterilizing the German people? But alas, I guess we have to remember that millions of Americans didn't want WWII. The majority were against it, that is, before the staged event of Pearl Harbor. An untold more were imprisoned all over the 'good ole' USA for speaking out against Roosevelt and his Jewish advisors. Oh, and don't forget to 'stay within the boundaries' in Berlin, goyim!]

    [Above: Ahhhh, how nice, the 'Freedom Bell' and the 'Soviet War Memorial' inside 'free Berlin'. Hahaha, what a joke.]



  • Commodore 64 game

    [Note: Released in 1990, this boldly titled video game proved that video games are indeed evil and a product of the Dark Lord. Apparently the cover art shows a Jew summoning Satan and a warrior sneaking up behind him to save the world from the evil Jew once again.]

    [Above: Satan cartridge]

    [Above: Satan's Hollow was released in 1984, featuring a very bad photo of Satan. Clearly he wasn't ready for this photo, he's not even looking at the camera.]

    [Click to enlarge]



  • Franz Stuck's Die Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt)

    [Note: This painting is said to be a prophecy of Hitler's coming and that the rider looks like Adolf Hitler. Curiously it was painted in 1889, the year of Adolf Hitler's birth. The painting itself represents Wotan, but it does have a strange likeness to the Great One. What do you think?]

    Signs of a Beautiful Age Past


  • Photograph

    [Note: A viewer contributed this photo which he took in Austria. As you can see the eagle once held a swastika. The occupiers often did this, leaving the eagles but scratching out the swastikas.]

    [Below: Here's another disgusting and ironic example. You can see where the eagle and swastika used to be in this beautiful building. It's now a... BURGER KING!!!!]

    [Below: A shadow of National Socialism... This is an old Hitler Youth academy in Braunschweig (also known as Brunswick), Germany.]

    [Below: Also of note, preprinted envelopes, postage stamps and many other documents from the 3rd Reich were used for months or even years after WWII was over. Here is an envelope (canceled in 1949!) from the 3rd Reich that the occupying Allies ink stamped over in a failed attempt to obliterate it. The little blue stamp next to the red one is a tax stamp instituted by the occupying powers to help rebuild Berlin, which their bombs completely destroyed.]

    [Below: Depending on the region and the occupiers (Russia, The United States, Britain or France) various overprints were used on Third Reich stamps. 'Hitler head' postage stamps were the most commonly used so the majority of overprints from the Allies were of this type, but not always. Some of these postwar issues were extremely rare, with sometimes only 100-200 being prepared, and even then, some were never used. This variety of overprint was used for Austria, who the Allies forced to be its own country again, even though the people had democratically voted to rejoin Germany as one country just seven years earlier.]

    [Below: Two overprints were applied here, one 'Österreich', which was done mechanically to full sheets of 100 stamps, and the second overprint being the rough circular blot over the image of Adolf Hitler. The 'X' is a hand cancel used to cancel the stamp at the post office.]

    [Below: Another overprint example, this time used in the German territory of Württemberg. Printed in May 1945 at the insistence of the French occupation forces, these were never actually used in the German postal system.]

    [Below: This overprint type was issued in July 1945 for use in the German territory of Saxony.]

    [Below: Here is an envelope showing 'non-Hitler head' examples of an overprinted 3rd Reich set of stamps. These were done for use in the German territory of Strausberg (near Berlin) in November 1945. You'll note that the stamp on the far right has a gold bar - this is covering an image of a German soldier.]

    [Below: After the war stamps in Germany were primitive, sometimes extremely so. This crude speciman is from November 1945 from Fredersdorf.]

    [Below: One more example of scarcity of supplies and crudity. This time from the Fall of 1945 from Großräschen, Germany.]

    [Below: Here is an interesting piece of dark history. It is from Soviet occupied East Germany. It shows where the East German post office RIPPED OFF the West German postage stamp and stamped 'Zurück', which means 'back' (return to sender). Why do you ask? Look below.]

    [Below: Here are the stamps that the East German government ordered to be ripped off of any mail and to return anyone's mail using them. It says 'Remember our Prisoners' ('Gedenket unserer Gefangenen'). It is a plea to the communists ruling East Germany to release their prisoners of war. This stamp must have been released right after the war, right? No, it was released EIGHT years after the war in 1953! These German prisoners were used as slave labor in the Soviet Union. But don't point the finger just at the communists, often times the 'democratic' countries were just as bad, or WORSE. The United Kingdom, The United States, France even traded German slave labor with each other. Their worth was estimated by their health. Some of them were even shipped to Africa to slave in mines!!!]

    [Below: Flowers inside the Iron Curtain...]

    [Below: Here is another example of Occupied East Germany's attempt to obliterate the stamp shown above. This time they are using a black out stamp that appears to be made especially for the stamp! They really hated this stamp!]

    [Below: Here is another example from March 30, 1954, of Occupied East Germany's censorship. This envelope contained a decorative cancel which was obliterated. I'm unsure what it said... It also contains a nice, handsome (arf!) stamp of Joseph Stalin. Imagine that, a German stamp with their arch enemy's face. What hubris of these bastards.]

    [Below: Here is some information and a picture of another stamp which the Occupied East German authorities hated with a communist passion. It represents an uprising... okay, just read the paper, damn it!]

    [Below: Here's another example of the hated postage stamp, but wait, it has a sister! This stamp was also issued for the same purpose.]

    [Below: Here's another hated stamp, this one from 1965. It says Twenty Years of Expulsion' ('Zwanzig Jahre Vertreibung').]

    [Below: Here's a very interesting envelope sent to Occupied East Germany - from ISRAEL! Yep, they even dug into Jewish mail. Look on the back of the envelope and you'll see a rectangular cut out. Apparently the postal authorities used this hole to check out the contents inside. Very odd.]

    [Below: Rabbit hole.]

    [Below: This was sent from Sweden to Tel Aviv, February 12, 1950, during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It looks as if someone reused the envelope, it has an American address crossed out, then sent again to Israel. Damn, that's pretty stingy, I mean you can't even buy a new envelope. Oh I forgot, it was sent to Israel! Anyway, it has Israeli censorship tape on the back from when they opened the envelope.]

    [Below: Censorship tape.]

    [Below: Here's an interesting envelope sent from Jerusalem in the country of... wait for it... PALESTINE! Wait what the hell is that country, I can't find it on my map!?]

    [Below: Here's an interesting postcard from May 21, 1965. Why is it interesting? It uses a 'NAZI' postcard/stamp!]

    [Below: The German Karlsruhe was a light cruiser operated between 1929 and April 1940. It saw action in WWII (including the invasion of Norway) and was sunk (scuttled) on April 9, 1940, damaged by British torpedoes fired by the HMS Truant. In the beginning the Karlsruhe was called 'Ersatz Medusa' because she replaced another ship called 'Medusa'. She saw much of the world in the 1930s, including Africa, South America, Japan and as you see on this postcard, North America. Anyway, to the postcard, it says: 'Farewell Capt. C Lütjens of the Cruiser Karlsruhe may you have a pleasant cruise'. Günther Lütjens served as the ship's captain from September 1934 to September 1935. It was sent aboard the Karlsruhe, and has a German postal cancel, but uses an American postage stamp. Strange huh? I'm not sure why the Karlsruhe was docked at this American naval station in 1935, but researching the vessel I read that on her last training cruise in 1936, Karlsruhe was badly damaged by a tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean and was forced to dock in San Diego for repairs. What an interesting story!]

    [Below: Cancel from San Pedro California Naval Station, March 1935.]

    [Below: The Karlsruhe.]

    [Below: Unrelated, but here is a German Hindenburg postage stamp with a Karlsruhe cancel from July 8, 1937. Karlsruhe is in Baden-Württemberg and is positioned on the bank of the Rhine.]

    [Below: Campaign against illiteracy and you spell it wrong twice, each time differently! Haha...]

    [Below: Wow, World Health Day spelled as 'Worlocheaith Oreanasation'. Holy shit, how could you get it so wrong? This is the postcard that sparked the campaign against illiteracy!]

    [Below: This is a letter carried by the KLM Flight 633, a passenger flight from Amsterdam to New York City. On September 5, 1954, immediately after takeoff from Shannon Airport, the Super Constellation Triton ditched on a mud bank in the River Shannon. 28 people were killed in the accident. This letter was aboard the doomed plane when this mishap occurred. Pretty strange, huh? Front/back.]

    [Below: The letter inside.]

    [Below: The corpse of KLM Flight 633.]

    [Below: Here's an envelope from the controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio. Famous for being anti-illegal immigration and for putting prisoners in pink uniforms and making them do manual labor outdoors. Pretty damn cool in my book.]

    [Below: Vichy French envelope and letter from January 1, 1944, featuring a Marshal Pétain postage stamp. What's really interesting is the recycled envelope used from a document of some kind from 1869!]

    [Below: Inside of envelope. Paper was obviously in short supply during the war and people were using whatever they could find.]

    [Below: Here's an odd envelope from Norway from 1977. What the hell does 'Why always unlucky?' mean?]

    [Below: Envelope from the USS Tripoli LPH-10 from Operation Restore Hope. On December 3, 1992, the Tripoli arrived off the coast of Somalia and under the cover of darkness landed troops in support of Operation Restore Hope. Tripoli's Marines quickly occupied the airport and seaports in Mogadishu. The disastrous operations to follow would result in the film 'Black Hawk Down'. The USS Tripoli was decommissioned in 1995 and in 2018 was scrapped.]

    [Below: The USS Tripoli entering Subic Bay, Philippines, in 1973.]

    [Below: Radioactive envelope from the graveyard of Nagasaki, Japan. I have no idea what or why this is? Were American troops in Nagasaki just a few months after the war ended? Sounds like something the American government would do: 'Don't worry, it is totally safe...']

    [Below: Back of Nagasaki envelope. I wonder what this says?]

    [Below: You've heard of the notorious Nigerian scam emails, but did you know they also randomly sent out letters? These are pretty damn funny. Can you imagine the dumb, greedy bastards who actually fell for these? The scammers would go so far as to sometimes even fake the Nigeria postage stamps on these letters, although this one looks legit. You can imagine if they sent out thousands of these letters the postage would have gotten expensive, so printing fake stamps makes sense.]

    [Below: Letter.]

    [Below: This is very odd, eh? The '666' is a good addition though. I'm not sure what exactly this Ron Paul envelope was talking about, but you can imagine, I guess. They should have put Greenspan's name below his portrait as 'Satan'.]

    [Below: This is a pretty funny story. This postcard regards an F-117A "Nighthawk" Stealth Fighter that was shot down in Serbia on March 27, 1999. The murderous plane was shot down by the 3rd Battalion of the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade of the Army of Yugoslavia, with one of several missiles fired by an S-125 Neva missile system at a distance of about 8 miles. The pilot was later rescued but the Stealth wreckage was given to Russia, who used it to research anti-stealth technologies.]

    [Below: Serbian poster (you gotta admit it is very funny!). You'll note that the poster has three planes crossed out, that's because a second F-117A was damaged and a third plane, an F-16, was shot down.]

    [Below: F-117A wreckage and Serbian military.]

    [Below: F-117A wreckage and Serbian military.]

    [Below: F-117A wreckage and Serbian military.]

    Magic The Gathering


  • Racist card!

    [Note: 'Destroy any one creature that isn't black'! Man, this is some anti-white shit if I ever saw it! Imagine if this was 'Destroy any one creature that isn't white' -- people would surely freak out and scream 'racist'. Okay I hope you know I'm kidding. Someone sent me this and I thought it was funny.]

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