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David Irving


  • DVD & Books

    [Note: I met David Irving on a warm October evening in 2017. It was a cool opportunity to meet a historian whom I respect a lot. He is someone who was brave enough to go against the World Enemy, and by doing so lost everything he owned and was blacklisted as a historian. He's been imprisoned for his writings for nothing more than telling the truth. While I don't agree with everything he has written, his conviction and his amazing research talents are unequalled. He was even cool and down-to-earth enough to walk down the street with our little group and have a beer with us. If you haven't already, look into him and his works, he is definitely worthy of your money and support.]

    [Above: DVD]

    [Above: Hitler' War - volume one - book club edition ©1977]

    [Above: Hitler' War - volume two - book club edition ©1977]

    [Above: Hitler's War - back.]

    [Above: Even though it's a crappy book club edition, I took it with me when I met Irving and had it signed.]

    [Above: Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden ©2007]

    [Above: Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden - signed]

    [Above: Churchill's War - Triumph in Adversity ©2001]

    [Above: Churchill's War - Triumph in Adversity - signed]

    [Above: Goebbels - Mastermind of the Third Reich ©2014]

    [Above: Goebbels - Mastermind of the Third Reich - signed]

    Yesterday's Beauty


  • Tintype

    [Note: I found this tintype at an antique store and fell in love with it. The girl's beauty and aura are unbound by time. While her name and life are lost forever, her beauty has proved to be timeless.]

    An Aging Warrior


  • Matt Hale

    [Note: I received this picture from the Matt Hale mailing list today. As of August 4, 2018 this is the newest photo of Matt. It's kinda weird to see him getting older, I still remember him as that fresh-faced young man on TV, photos and videos. On the website created for Matt by his mother you can read the entire court transcript of his trial. I personally read it over the period of a few days, my eyes glued to the screen. I was deeply shocked and dumbfounded that they found him guilty and sentenced him to 40 years! The trial was a total joke. Matt was put away and silenced because he stood up to the system by publishing the truth and for standing up for his people. I implore you - read the transcript and write Matt with your support. I've been writing him now for a few years and he is a super cool guy. Can you imagine being thrown in a dungeon, in solitary confinement, for 40 years for something you didn't even do? Do something that matters today -- write Matt with your support!]


    [Above: Here is a picture of Matt's mom Evelyn, one of the best mothers a person could have!]

    Matt's Address is:
    MATTHEW F. HALE 15177-424
    PO BOX 8500
    FLORENCE, CO 81226

    PS4 skins


  • Anything for $$$

    [Note: Someone sent me a link to this absurdity. I'm sorry but death metal and especially black metal do not go good with video games. These bands are very greedy to whore out their names for money. Ridiculous!]

    [Above: This is from a game called Nier Automata.]

    [Above: This doesn't surprise me. Iron Maiden has had more merchandise over the years than anyone in metal, besides Kiss.]

    [Above: The Last Supper?! Who would want this? Very stupid. God and video games doesn't seem to mix.]

    [Above: Your mom is never going to give you permission for this!]

    [Above: Apparently this is Dimmu Borgir.]

    [Above: Another Dimmu Borgir... wait this is Justin Bieber. Very nice.]

    [Above: How about a Tristan and Isolde oil painting for your PS4?]

    [Above: Or some sports idiocy?]

    [Above: Huh?]

    [Above: King Diamond? Ugh...]

    [Above: What the hell?]

    [Above: Haha... wow.]

    [Above: Resident Evil 2. I love this game!]

    [Above: I never played this remake. I think it was a digital download only.]

    [Above: Another one from an oil painting called The Lady of Shalott. How many gamers would honestly want this??]

    [Above: Not sure what this is... maybe just a robot ass?]

    [Above: And the best for last: Gorgoroth. 'On February 1, 2004, during a concert being recorded for a DVD in Kraków, Poland, the band displayed sheep heads on stakes, a bloodbath of 80 litres of sheep's blood, Satanic symbols, and four naked crucified models on stage.' Ahh, they've come a long way!]



  • 1995 Letter

    [Note: Here's a letter from a guy in the death metal band Exhumed. His full Christian name is 'Ross Sewage'... yeah, that means Raw Sewage in a clever play of words. I guess you can tell by the letter this guy is a real joker. I never listened to these guys back in the day, but they used to play pretty good death metal. Nowadays they've added a new vocal style that sounds pretty weak to me... oh well, I guess this letter is a little part of death metal history. Exhumed was never released on Elegy Records, for one reason or another. Oh, by the way, there is no mention or trace of the aforementioned 'vagitarian' shirt online, so don't go trying to order it for your mother.]

    [Above: Band picture, I'm not sure which one is Raw Sewage!]

    [Above: Tour poster]

    [Above: Album cover]

    [Above: Here's a lovely, sweet album cover of a fairie for you after viewing all that gore. This is Plagued Be Thy Angel, from Sweden's Siebenbürgen, ©2001.]

    [Above: Back of CD. I used to talk with this band back in the 1990s, they were really cool guys and did some great music.]

    Ascension Monuments Media


  • Flyers (summer 2018)

    [Note: What the hell does the flyer above say? It's hard enough reading logos these days, but even harder on a flyer like this... It says something Messiah, and promises Abomination Chants From Beyond The Grave, which is always good...]

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