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The Unholy Land


  • Three flyers

    [Note: Interesting flyers circulating in the scene these days! And let's not forget that god awful 'Kosher (K)' tax on all our food and various other products (or a (U) for 'Union of Orthodox Rabbis')! Like I want or need to pay extra for a rabbi to 'bless' my food! Yuck...]

    The war to end all wars


  • Postcard

    [Note: 'Denk an mich - Ich starb für dich' means 'Remember me I died for you'. This is a cool postcard, but I have no clue what it means or what is it for?]



  • Leaflet

    [Note: Another rather strange leaflet, in German, regarding products infected with the Monsanto poisons. I've looked into this somewhat in depth in the past, and the information out there is very startling... I spoke to a farmer once about GMO seeds and these new super-pesticides pushed by Monsanto. He told me that if you don't use the seeds and pesticides that all of your neighbors that do will infect your fields with cross contamination from the wind/insects/etc. So even stuff certified 'organic or non-GMO' might be after all. He also said that if you choose not to use the Monsanto pesticides all of the insects in the area will swarm your field because those around you use the pesticides. GMOs themselves are some evil shit. They are the bane of mankind. As time goes on they will contribute to mass allergies, food sensitivities, inflammations like psoriasis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and a whole host of other ailments. I implore you to look into this topic. You will be shocked and angry.]



  • Business card sized leaflet

    [Note: 'Nuestros valores son inamovibles' means 'Our values are irremovable' or better said 'uncompromising' or 'unshakeable'. If you look up 'Celda 88' you'll find a blog that deals with political prisoners in Spain.]

    [Below: Here's a shirt from the blog you can purchase to support our POWs in Spain.]

    The Song Celestial


  • Book

    [Note: This rather beautiful version of the Bhagavad Gita was published in 1934, translated by Sir Edwin Arnold and illustrated by Willy Pogany. I must say, for a book thousands of years old it sure did get a lot right about human nature, the future, the fall of mankind, etc. It really is a fascinating, cool read. One of the jewels of earth, a rare treasure. I'll let the scans do the rest of the talking... Special thanks to M.W. for letting me know about this beautiful version!]

    Der Wehrwolf


  • Newspaper

    [Note: This is a copy of a 1925 newspaper from Germany. A comrade of mine owns the rare original and was nice enough to copy it for me. Information and items on the Wehrwolf movement are exceedingly rare and equally interesting. The Wehrwolf name was used by roughly two groups during both world war eras. Toward the end of WWII and after Wehrwolf groups were used to strike the enemy occupier behind their lines and in regions under military occupation. This group was totally unconnected to the Wehrwolf of 1923-1933.]

  • Below are some additional pictures on the topic...

    [Below: 'Der Wehrwolf Ruft' = The Werewolf Calls.]

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