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Carl Alessi


  • A Dark Vision of a World Choking Itself to Death (part two)

    [Note: Alessi generously sent us a stack of his works, both new and old, to share with you. I am interested in his past works and associations so I decided to do an interview with him soon. Keep an eye out.]

    Last Night Alive Compilation Vol. 3
    The Ancient Eternal Recordings from the Gravesite


  • CD

    [Note: I chose to put this in Trash and Treasure instead of the review section because it is kind of a novelty. It was never for sale, given only to friends/trade partners and limited to 66 numbered copies. It was produced by Oscar of Last Night Alive 'zine from Mexico. It was put out in 2017/2018 and contains old recordings of largely unknown bands that Oscar has been in contact with over the years. Last but not least, my good comrade Oscar has honored Mourning the Ancient in the title of this release! That's definitely a first! Ha!]

    [Above: CD sleeve back - a young Quorthon from Bathory]

    [Above: CD]

    [Above: Accompanying sheet]

    St. Matt Hale


  • Poster

    [Note: Here is a .pdf of a Free Matt Hale poster, made by a supporter on the Free Matt Hale mailing list.

    -Free Matt Hale .pdf-

    Please do your part and print it out and post it somewhere in your city/town! Remember, it is the little things like this that, combined with everyone else's actions, add up to be big things. As Savitri said:
    'All I know is this: do, every one of us, what we can now.
    The future is made of many factors. One of the factors is now.
    And whatever one does, counts. Whatever one says, counts.'

    -Savitri Devi, 'And Time Rolls On']

    Zyklon B


  • Comic

    [Note: A comic book entitled 'Zyklon B'... who exactly are these 'millions' mentioned below? Zyklon B was a poison used to delouse inmates, nothing more. So I guess these 'millions' must be poor, defenseless lice? Fuck, I agree. Lice power! Rights for lice. Those poor lice only wanted a warm home and something to eat.]

    [Above: Here's some 'GIFTGAS!' for all you lice out there!]

    Heroine of Truth


  • Letter

    [Note: I thought this letter was so beautifully written and so warm that I had to share it with you. If you don't know who this brave and awesome woman is then let's change that. Monika is one of a long line of courageous people who have been jailed for merely questioning the 'Holocaust'. Monika, a Canadian citizen, remarked that the Holocaust was the 'most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history'. She was arrested in Germany while attending a trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for 'Holocaust denial'. Truth does not fear scrutiny! These thought and speech crimes are true lunacy. One day the human race will look back and cringe at this insanity, but they will also honor those brave men and women who stood up against the tyrants. I cannot encourage you more to write Monika -- her address is:

    Monika Schaefer
    JVA Stadelheim
    Schwarzenberg str. 14
    81549 München

    Mourning the Ancient 20th year on the web anniversary


  • Card/Letter

    [Note: On June 27, 2018 Mourning the Ancient marked its 20th year on the internet. One of our English comrades was cool enough to send a card. Thanks M&E, you rule!]

    The Scene That Was


  • Elegy distro documents

    [Note: These ancient parchments were recently unearthed from a partially flooded dungeon. The wisened White Dragon guarding them was too tired to stop our merry band of rogues from taking them. That aside, these date back to 1994-1995. Shivadarshana seems to have gone out of business in 1997, Wild Rags went under in 1999, Entropy Productions changed its name to Iron Tyrant in 1999 and is still active, Misanthropy Records closed down in 2000 and lastly Elegy Records is still going strong.]

    [Below: Opera IX The Call of the Wood - I adore this band. It had such a unique sound. Truly a classic. The lyrics, in somewhat broken English, were pretty damn cool as well. Here is how it starts...

    The Call of the Wood

    Beyond the valley of the silence
    Along the paths of ancient knowledge
    Led from the dense odours of the wind
    You will find yourself in the holy wood
    Consecrated to the primordial gods
    Baptized with the dew around the oak of this Wiccan's mass
    Celebrated from the warbling of the crows, of great mother moon
    Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna, let me feed at your breast
    Let me celebrate the fertile union of the horned god
    With the pure white goddess
    Follow the call of the wood
    Follow the voice of the god ]



  • Not your father's comics

    [Note: Comics sure have come a long way. Now we get to not only see girls with their clothes off, but also their skin! Who could ask for more?]

    [Below: Here is a gross woman with her skin still attached. Ewww...!]

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