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Carl Alessi


  • A Dark Vision of a World Choking Itself to Death (part two)

    [Note: Alessi generously sent us a stack of his works, both new and old, to share with you. I am interested in his past works and associations so I decided to do an interview with him soon. Keep an eye out.]

    Last Night Alive Compilation Vol. 3
    The Ancient Eternal Recordings from the Gravesite


  • CD

    [Note: I chose to put this in Trash and Treasure instead of the review section because it is kind of a novelty. It was never for sale, given only to friends/trade partners and limited to 66 numbered copies. It was produced by Oscar of Last Night Alive 'zine from Mexico. It was put out in 2017/2018 and contains old recordings of largely unknown bands that Oscar has been in contact with over the years. Last but not least, my good comrade Oscar has honored Mourning the Ancient in the title of this release! That's definitely a first! Ha!]

    [Above: CD sleeve back - a young Quorthon from Bathory]

    [Above: CD]

    [Above: Accompanying sheet]

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