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  • Pages of Resistance (part one)

    [Note: I found a stash of old magazines and other papers and thought they would be of interest to you. I took the liberty to scan a sample few pages within the Resistance magazines, and generally only scanned the covers of the newsletters and catalogues. Most of these are from the 1990s.]

    [Below: Interview with George Burdi (alias George Eric Hawthorne) who was the frontman of the band Rahowa (Racial Holy War) and also the founder of Resistance Records. Rahowa's second album, Cult of the Holy War, released in 1995 was very unique and powerful. Unfortunately Burdi betrayed his beliefs after being confronted by the police and threatened with jail. It really was an unfortunate loss, as he was a very creative and talented force.]

    [Below: Ahh... the Black Metal Mafia! Haha. Those were fun days. So much good music was appearing everyday.]

    [Below: Here is an interesting piece with a black separatist. It was very refreshing to see an interview like this instead of the usual 'FUCKING NIGGERS DIE!!!' garbage. Our love for our race and people does not mean the hatred of another people.]

    [Below: National Vanguard Books advertisement.]

    [Below: A rather funny article about the internet in days of yore. The days of Compuserve and America Online and even being charged by the hour to use the internet! Slooooow modems. But also beautiful. The internet was young and raw. No Facebook. No Twitter. The masses had yet to embrace it. They were good days and only those who were there can understand how different it was.]

    [Below: An interesting article by James Mason, the author of Siege.]

    [Below: An interesting article by Burdi.]

    [Below: The wonderful and beautiful David Eden Lane.]

    [Below: I LOVED unleashed. I haven't heard their albums in many years, but the first six or so I cherish.]

    [Below: I love this advertisement!]

    [Below: A cool interview with a Waffen-SS veteran.]

    [Below: A couple of articles on the Brüders Schweigen by members Frank Silva and Richard Scutari.]

    [Below: An interview with the mighty Graveland.]

    [Below: Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver is one of the most important musicians of our time. I adore him!]

    [Below: I never played this game and don't know much about it but it was a great attempt at penetrating the market. It is very crude by today's standards, made in 2002. It is a racist comedy and received a lot of negative press from various Jewish organizations. The last boss in the game was a Rabbi! There were some neat aspects of the game, like a video of Willam Pierce playing and various posters digitized.]

    [Below: An interview with Brüders Schweigen member Bruce Carroll Pierce.]

    [Below: William Pierce will always be special to me personally. He revealed many hidden things to me and answered many questions. The information he gave me was disturbing and liberating all in one. He was one of the first to open my eyes to the truth. He was like a close friend... yet I never met him or talked to him. One day we will build giant statues of him and all of our children will know his name.]

    [Below: Here is an interview with a Polish NSBM band that we also interviewed back in the day.]

    [Below: Here are four examples of the Greek Resistance (done in the early 2000s). These are very rare and are the only other foreign language editions of Resistance. They are not just Greek language versions, but unique issues.]

    [Below: More copies of the Greek Resistance magazine, needless to say, these are extremely rare.]

    [Below: These 'Thunderbolt of Truth' magazines were basically news stories that the corrupt media wouldn't tell - black on white crime.]

    [Below: The founder of 'Creativity' and 'The World Church of the Creator' was Ben Klassen, an extremely intelligent and interesting man. He wrote many books that were interesting, witty and intelligent. Creativity is a religion and a way of life. Matt Hale, who is in prison on a completely bullshit charge, was the leader of the Creativity movement for a time.]

    [Below: WAR was a newspaper by Tom Metzger.]

    [Below: This pamphlet was published by the Aryan Nations, which a Jewish mafia destroyed. You can't have white people standing up for their race, after all. That would be racist!]

    [Below: A World Church of the Creator pamphlet. It had/has many branches, members, supporters and regional leaders, so you could receive flyers/pamphlets from many different sources, from literally all around the world.]

    [Below: I'm not sure who put this out, most of it is anti-United Nations stuff. One interesting bit was a survey that was given to American troops asking if they would shoot American civilians who wouldn't turn in their firearms (number 46).]

    [Below: I'm not sure who did this newsletter or who the N.S.W.P.P. is? But this is issue #77, so they must have done a lot of work.]

    [Below: Okay, so it stands for National Socialist White Peoples Party.]

    [Below: Here is a Creativity newsletter from a regional group.]

    [Below: This is from a group called the European American Educational Association. They put out a lot of pamphlets and flyers.]

    [Below: This KOSHER (K) food tax is simply crazy...]

    [Below: This was put out by Kevin Strom, who worked closely with William Pierce and the National Alliance.]

    [Below: These booklets opened a lot of eyes, including mine. Mind blowing truth.]

    [Below: Guess the post office didn't like this one! Looks like a machine tried to eat it.]

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