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Carl Alessi


  • The Wonderfully Dark World of Carl Alessi (part one)

    [Note: I was recently contacted by a person who got my address from a Mexican 'zine called Last Night Alive. He introduced himself as an artist and asked if I did any black metal music trading. I wrote him back and told him I didn't trade, but I sent him a Primitive Supremacy (the music project I helped do a few years ago) CD and a Mourning the Ancient calendar. I didn't expect anything in return, I sent him the stuff in the spirit of generosity to a fellow black metal maniac :) In return he sent me the drawings seen here and explained who he was a little bit deeper. It turned out that he used to be very active starting in 1979 doing various underground comics and doing work for 'zines and the like. Specifically he did a 'zine with James Mason called Siege 'zine. In the 1980s he did a 'zine called 'N.S.L.F. (National Socialist Liberation Front). Here is a .pdf of an issue:

    -Carl Alessi's N.S.L.F. Underground Comics-

    Alessi's art is gritty, dark and interesting. He has a way of making his drawings come alive. Of course, many people will be offended by his over-the-top 'racist' comic book style. Oh well. Unfortunately most of his work seems lost. The internet doesn't yield much of his work at all. Keep an eye on Trash and Treasure and I'll try to see if I can get scans or anything else of his past work. If you want to write him, for whatever reason, email me and I'll give you his address. Check out the .pdf above!]

    The New Order


  • April 2018 Newsletter

    [Note: This newsletter is put out by Gerhard Lauck of the NSDAP/AO. It is always a welcome bit of sunshine in my mailbox. If you'd like to be on his mailing list contact:
    NSDAP/AO: Box 6414
    Lincoln, NE 68506
    Anyway, here is a bit of the 2018 April 20th edition!!!]

    NSDAP/AO Website

    Summer, 1945


  • Book of Dark Truth

    [Note: In March 2018 the author of Hellstorm, one of the greatest books in the genre, released a follow-up, Summer 1945. These books deal with many hidden truths about WWII that are still an embarrasment to the victors of that war. They show that the 'good guys' weren't so good after all. In fact, on many occasions they were downright evil. I've been earnestly reseaching Allied crimes for several years now, but am always amazed at the author's ability to find the information and facts within these books. They are presented in an easily readable manner and you don't really feel like you are reading a history book. They are concise, factual and the information is very well cited.

    They are also deeply disturbing. The stories presented are shocking, disgusting, immensely tragic and worst of all -- true. Horror movies do not compare to many of the things the Allies did to the Germans and their European comrades AFTER the war. After they had surrendered. The author of these books, Tom Goodrich, has done these restless dead a great service. He has given them a voice. A compassionate storyteller, he is also a brave and selfless human being. He was literally blacklisted from his previous writing career and as an advisor to numerous history programs on television. All for telling the truth about something that happened almost 75 years ago. Someone most certainly has an agenda and a vested interest in keeping this truth buried. But don't get me wrong, these books are straight, unabashed history, leaving the politics out.

    If you care and dare enough to read Hellstorm and and Summer, 1945 you will not come out the same person.

    You will be a better one. Armed with hidden knowledge and with one echoing question: WHY?]

  • Visit Goodrich's site here (where you can purchase his books, or use Amazon):


    [Above: Summer, 1945 back]

    [Above: Hellstorm]

    [Above: My treasured signed copy of hellstorm]

    [Above: Hellstorm back]

    [Above: Hellstorm hardcover]

    [Above: Hellstorm hardcover back]

    Savitri Devi


  • Rare pictures

    [Note: I stumbled across these photos recently, which I'd never seen before, they aren't even on the Savitri Devi Archive website. They are from the August 1962 National Socialist conference in Gloucestershire, England. Savitri was a founder-signatory of the Cotswold Agreement which established the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS). Amongst the handful of other famous National Socialists seen in the above picture are Colin Jordan 3rd from left/front row, Savitri in the front/middle and Rockwell second from right. The photo below also shows George Lincoln Rockwell and Savitri. Savitri wrote about meeting Rockwell here and being very impressed with him. Interestingly, Rockwell was banned from England, but was able to show up and surprise everyone anyway. The bottom picture shows: Colin Jordan (2nd from left), George Lincoln Rockwell (3rd from left) and Savitri Devi (far right). If you know who any of the others in these photos are please email us and we'll add the information!]

  • UPDATE: Here are other photos of the Cotswald Agreement meeting! In these photos Rockwell is shaking hands with Colin Jordan.

    [Above: George Lincoln Rockwell and Colin Jordan during Rockwell's bold visit to the UK.]

    [Above: Colin Jordan in NSM (National Socialist Movement) Spearhead uniform at the Cotswold Camp.]

    [Above: Colin Jordan's deputy John Tyndall wearing NSM (National Socialist Movement) Spearhead uniform at the Cotswold Camp.]

    [Above: An unknown person at the Cotswald Camp.]

    [Above: This photo was not taken during the Cotswold Camp of August 1962, but at a similar camp held the previous year, at the same location. The individuals are (left to right) Bruno Luedtke, Roland Kerr-Ritchie, Savitri Devi and Robert Lyons (Lyons was an organizer for the NSRP - National States Rights Party).]

    *Update: Here are some relics of the NSRP:

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