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Fiery Words of Truth


  • Statement of David Lane Prior to Sentencing on February 7, 1986

    [Note: This is a photocopied booklet of a masterpiece of defiance. I don't think anyone has ever said it like it is so eloquently and truthfully as David Lane, but with this piece he even outdid himself! Give it a read, I think you'll agree. Can you imagine the look on the egotistical judge's face while he was forced to listen to Lane read this?!?!? Click to enlarge.]

    [Above: St. David Lane]

    WWII Victory?


  • Comical Truth

    [Note: The irony of this is hillarious!!!]

    [Above: Here's another one for you in case the above didn't make you smile in bitter irony.]

    [Above: Ahh, modern man.]

    The Sexual Criminal


  • Book

    [Note: This book was 'First published in 1949 as a criminology/sexology textbook for law enforcement personnel, "The Sexual Criminal" methodically and clinically examines the bizarre and illicit sexual behavior of Los Angeles in the 1930s and '40s...'
    Criminal psychology is a passing interest of mine, and many times I've been disgusted and appalled at the capacity for evil of human beings. I recently read something extra disgusting, horrifying and downright depraved. Being as human beings are curious creatures, I thought I'd share this evil bastard with you. If the highlighted passages don't make you grimace there might be something wrong with you.]

    [Below: A picture of the two young lovers mentioned above!]

    Church Invitation


  • Flyer/mailer

    [Note: Mourning the Ancient often gets invitations from various churches and cults. In this case it is some sort of group that meets at a school. This guy on this flyer looks very creepy. Oh well, below is a poster of Infernal Legion from Moribund Records to balance out this listing! Sorry I'll try for something more exciting next time!!!]

    [Below: Poster front]

    [Below: Poster back]

    [Below: Moribund flyer circa Winter 2018]

    [Below: Poster front]

    [Below: Poster back]

    Im Wechsel der Tage


  • Book

    [Note: This beautiful German book is from sometime around 1889 (the year Adolf Hitler was born!). These old dusty books hold so much cool and forgotten art. I'm sure this is the first time any of these images are even on the internet. Well, welcome to digital hell 129 year old book! Below are just a few of the many engravings and paintings in 'The Changing of Days'...]

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