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Buchenwald Oven


  • Cassette

    [Note: Hmm... apparently this band was formed in 2001 and are from... Deutschland. I believe the above are pizza ovens. Mmmm... just looking at this cover is making me hungry.]

    [Below: 2017 re-issue. Like the cassette this is also limited to 250 copies - for whites only - as if there are still 250 whites left in the world!]

    Geography lesson


  • Meme

    [Note: I saw this on the internet wasteland and thought I'd share it with you!]

    Matt and Vera


  • Christmas/Yule 2017!

    [Note: I got a card from Matt Hale and thought I'd share it with you. Matt is one of the coolest people out there, and an inspiration to me. His level of dedication is outstanding, he has given up his freedom in the pursuit of spreading truth. As you probably know, he was thrown in prison on false charges. I know-I know, lot's of people say they are innocent, but Matt really is. Please, take out some time in your day to write him. Even send him a postcard, that takes two minutes and he would greatly appreciate it.]

    To write Matt, the latest address is:

    Matt Hale 15177-424
    U. S. Penitentiary Max
    P.O. Box 8000
    Florence, CO 81226

    [Below: Also of interest, I write Vera Oredsson from time to time. Here is the package she so generously used to send her book to me.
    If you don't know who she is, check out our interview we did with her: HERE
    She is a beautiful and brave woman and an inspiration!

    Adopt a Bruder


  • Remembering our heroes

    [Note: This is from the Adopt a Bruder program, which is run by the WAU (Women for Aryan Unity). It is a program to help the aging heroes of what was once known as the Order, founded by American hero and martyr Robert J. Mathews. Robert Mathews is one of the most admired men in modern times, by free-thinking people that is. His comrades and brothers have been imprisoned in the dungeons of their enemies for decades, and some of them will never leave. If you don't already know, I can't begin to tell you their selfless and heroic stories, such would fill volumes. But I can tell you what Robert Mathews, David Eden Lane and the other Bruders mean to me. In as few words as possible, their sacrifice was the first guidepost, the first light in the darkness, that guided me on my journey to understanding and truth. A torn old paperback book, written by their enemies, was where I first learned of these amazing men...

    I recently met some of the warm, sincere and dedicated women behind the WAU and proudly took part in the Adopt a Bruder program. It is a privilege to take part. A tiny token of "Thanks". You can contribute donations however you'd like, totally anonymous if you wish.

    There are too many people in our fight for truth who always say "I would help but I don't know what I can do..." Well, here is something you can do - help some of the greatest heroes in modern history. If you truly believe in the Cause, what excuse could you possibly have?]

    [Below: Not that helping out isn't a reward of its own, but the WAU girls also give these cool keepsakes to those who donate. I LOVE the pin, it is done so beautifully!]

    Can we count on you to help out? If so, just go to:

    Adopt a Bruder

    Necropolis Records


  • Paul Thind

    [Note: Necropolis Records was a very well-known label back in the day. It was formed in California in 1993 by a guy named Paul 'Typhon' Thind and folded in 2003. It also had four sub-labels with different kinds of bands other than its normal death and black metal. Necropolis released CDs by over 41 different bands, and a handful of good stuff as well, among them releases by Arckanum, Incantation, Marduk, Mayhem, Nifelheim, Usurper and The Black. I myself was very familiar with this label, but I never pictured its owner like... that. Wow. I'm not sure where the 'Typhon' came from exactly. Typhon in Greek mythology is described as a 'grisly monster with a hundred dragons' heads'.]

    [Below: Necropolis Records flyer]

    [Below: Will the real Typhon please step forward?]

    [Below: Ahhh, there he is!]

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