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Oddities from the Rising Sun


  • The art of Takato Yamamoto

    [Note: Maybe someone has been eating some psychodelic sushi? This is some very strange and cool stuff. Let's let the pictures do the talking...]

  • On the topic of odd Japanese art... here is another artist by the name of Makoto Aida, called 'Blender' (acrylic on canvas)...

  • And Yoshitaka Amano...

    Garbage Pail Kids!


  • Cards

    [Note: Haha! If you grew up in the 1980s you'll probably remember these Garbage Pail Kids cards. Some of them were very 'offensive' and over-the-top for the time. They took advantage of the Cabbage Patch Kids craze and kids loved them. They were actually banned in some schools, including mine! I recently came across some old cards and thought I'd share some of these crazy things with you.]

    [Below: Surprisingly these things are still being produced, but they lack the soul of the old ones if you ask me... here's an example of a new one.]

    The Golden Dawn


  • 2018 Calendar

    [Note: A new 2018 calendar has been released by Greece's Golden Dawn:

    'The Golden Dawn Action Calendar for 2018.
    The new People's Liaison Calendar for 2018 connects each month of the year with a major event of the actions and the political struggle of the Golden Dawn.'

    Order website in Greek (at the top of the page you'll see a Greek flag - click it to pick English language:


    Golden Dawn English website:


    I've ordered from them many times so order with confidence.]

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