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  • Calendar

    [Note: Here's a Saga calendar from 2003. Saga did one of the greatest cover songs ever - The Snow Fell by Skrewdriver. A truly beautiful rendition, if you haven't already heard it, you should!
    Special thanks to Dimitris from Greece for sending these pictures our way! Hail the Golden Dawn!]



  • Currency

    [Note: Hahaha...

    'Down with Israel'

    'Down with USA'


    This piece of currency from 1990 celebrates the 1979 Iranian Revolution. In 1990 an old note featuring the puppet leader of Iran was overprinted with the above slogans. Additionally a 1990 postage stamp commemorating the religious leader Khomeini (September 24, 1902 June 3, 1989) was added.]

    [Below: Reverse of note]

    [Below: A different note with propaganda overprint. Note how the face of the Shah is overprinted on the bill and the stamp]

    [Below: Reverse of note]

    [Below: Iranian Revolution in Shahyad Square.]

    [Below: Here is an envelope (used in May 1939) from the name-changing transition from Persia to Iran. You'll note one of the stamps has an 'Iran' overprint. In 1935, the famous National Socialist economics minister, Dr Hjalmar Schacht, noted the Aryan origin of the Persians and encouraged the Persian Reza Shah Pahlavi to ask foreign delegates to use the term Iran, 'land of Aryans' instead of Persia.]

    [Below: Iraq... what a travesty. America and Israel mass murdered millions of civilians (many of them children) with unjust embargos and then destroyed the country with bombs and occupation. The cherry on top - their leader is murdered and their country is abandoned with a ruined infrastructure and economy... but as much as they tried to humiliate Saddam he died strong and fearlessly.]

    Wallachian Tyrant
    Issue IV
    (Autumn 2003)


  • 'zine

    [Note: Here are full scans of a very interesting 'zine from Greece. Many thanks to our comrade (you know who you are!) for sharing these scans! Extra special thanks to the editor - Commando Wolf - for the great material!]

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