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  • Calendar

    [Note: Here's a Saga calendar from 2003. Saga did one of the greatest cover songs ever - The Snow Fell by Skrewdriver. A truly beautiful rendition, if you haven't already heard it, you should!
    Special thanks to Dimitris from Greece for sending these pictures our way! Hail the Golden Dawn!]



  • Currency

    [Note: Hahaha...

    'Down with Israel'

    'Down with USA'


    This piece of currency from 1990 celebrates the 1979 Iranian Revolution when the people freed themselves from the USA/Israel puppet government. In 1990 an old note featuring the puppet leader of Iran was overprinted with the above slogans. Additionally a 1990 postage stamp commemorating the religious leader Khomeini (September 24, 1902 June 3, 1989) was added.]

    [Below: Reverse of note]

    [Below: A different note with propaganda overprint. Note how the face of the Shah is overprinted on the bill and the stamp]

    [Below: Reverse of note]

    [Below: Iranian Revolution in Shahyad Square.]

    [Below: Iraq... what a travesty. America and Israel mass murdered millions of civilians (many of them children) with unjust embargos and then destroyed the country with bombs and occupation. The cherry on top - their leader is murdered and their country is abandoned with a ruined infrastructure and economy... but as much as they tried to humiliate Saddam he died strong and fearlessly.]

    Wallachian Tyrant
    Issue IV
    (Autumn 2003)


  • 'zine

    [Note: Here are full scans of a very interesting 'zine from Greece. Many thanks to our comrade (you know who you are!) for sharing these scans! Extra special thanks to the editor - Commando Wolf - for the great material!]

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