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[Above: Weird Tales (January 1945, vol. 38, no. 3) Cover art by Margaret Brundage.]

Weird Tales


  • Pulp Magazine

    [Note: Weird Tales was an American fantasy/horror fiction magazine founded by J. C. Henneberger and J. M. Lansinger in March 1923. It is widely regarded as the most important and influencial magazine of its kind. Among many legendary authors, H.P. Lovecraft first published his infamous Cthulhu mythos stories in 1928, starting with 'The Call of Cthulhu'. The author of Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard, was a regular contributor as well. As was science fiction great Ray Bradbury. Weird Tales ceased publication in 1954. Various attempts have been made to resurrect the magazine over the years, but it would never be the same. Like everything in life, when the magic is gone, it's gone forever. Below is an example of some of the spectacular art from over the years. Some of it is very racy for back then! And uniquely enough, most of the covers are done by a woman (Margaret Brundage)!]

    [Above: Margaret Brundage (December 9, 1900 April 9, 1976)]

    [Above: Circa 1938]

    [Above: June 1929]

    [Above: Circa 1937]

    [Above: Circa 1934]

    [Above: Circa 1935]

    [Above: June 1937]

    [Above: October 1937]

    [Above: Circa 1933]

    [Above: Circa 1953]

    [Above: Circa 1936]

    [Above: Circa 1938]

    [Above: Circa 1938]

    [Above: Circa 1938]

    Seges Findere


  • Poster

    [Note: Here's a Seges Findere mini-poster courtesy of Elegy Records. ]

    [Above: Seges Findere digital flyer - you gotta love the ZYKLON 'GIFTGAS!' But wait, what the hell is a 'Metalbolbox'!?]

    [Above: Italian concert flyer]

    [Above: Picture of new Seges Findere guitarist. Just kidding, this is Jeff Hanneman of Slayer's replacement! This new guitarist is guaranteed to be spider-proof! Okay, just kidding again, I really did like Hanneman. He was the only member of Slayer worth a damn. Check out the pictures below!]

    [Above: Check out the German National Socialist Kriegsmarine flag draped over the speaker in the background. Also, take a look at his guitar and then see the picture below.]

    [Above: Kriegsmarine flag.]

    [Above: Hanneman's guitar with Waffen-SS division names adorning it!]

    [Above: The guitar again, plus look at his shirt, it is a Waffen-SS shield and skull.]

    [Above: Another look at the guitar.]

    [Above: Another picture with the Waffen-SS skull shirt.]

    [Above: Another one of Hanneman's guitars, this one bears Totenkopfs and SS runes!]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Leibstandarte letters on his guitar strap! This is the symbol of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, which began as Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard, later growing into a division.]

    [Above: To illustrate the Waffen-SS Leibstandarte LAH lettering, here's a flag]

    [Above: Hanneman (middle) giving the 'Hitler salute'!]

    [Above: Hanneman at home with an SS flag on the wall!]

    [Above: Slayer itself clearly had, at least at one time, a fascination with the Third Reich. Just look at the logo - the 'S' is a sig rune!]

    [Above: SS eagle pin and National Socialist Iron Cross with swastika!]

    Jeff Hanneman
    January 31, 1964 May 2, 2013

    A Warning from the Past


  • Posters

    [Note: Wow, these are truly a looking glass into the future. During the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany an artist named Hermann Knackfuss created this allegorical lithograph with the message 'Peoples of Europe, Guard Your Most Sacred Possessions' (circa 1895). It warned of invaders from outside Europe coming and destroying European culture, religion and race. Over 120 years later and this warning is coming to pass very rapidly. The leaders of Europe, who have hijacked the 'democratic' election process with money, favors and nepotism, have sentenced the white race to death. Millions of non-white 'refugees' are flooding white ancestral homelands. It's a complete race-replacement. Our enemies have judged the dark races to be more easily controlled. And even better, a mixed race - a 'neutroid' race - without any clear culture or history. Time shall tell if this insane, genocidal plan is carried out. Thus far, however, its going right on schedule.]

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