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Taking Stock in Drugs, Porn, Suicide and Capitalism


  • Centerfold and Stock Certificates

    [Note: The above February 1971 Playboy centerfold is of Willy Rey (August 25, 1949 - August 13, 1973), who died of a drug overdose of barbiturates (sleeping pills) in 1973. Ironically her image and that of this centerfold was used for the Playboy stock certificate of the time. She died just 12 days before her 24th birthday.]

    [Above: 1975 Playboy stock certificate]

    [Above: Speciman Playboy stock certificate]

    [Above: Speciman Playboy stock certificate]

    [Above: Comparison of the centerfold and the engraving for the stock certificate]

    [Above: Original materials used for the stock certificate]

    [Above: 1990 Playboy stock certificate. Note the use of a generic engraving of a woman. I guess this girl can't feel the pain of existence and the empty hell of this 'democracy'.]

  • Here are some other 'interesting' stock certificates, this time for the Million Dollar Saloon, a Nevada strip club that closed in early 2011.

    [Above: I think the one on the right is a man. Maybe that's why they went out of business?]

    [Above: This is from a sex shop/pornography business called Beate Uhse based in Germany. The most interesting thing about it is it was founded by a woman named Beate Uhse-Rotermund, who was a female stunt pilot in Germany in the 1930s and who also flew for the Luftwaffe. 1 Euro, May 1999.]

    [Below: Stock certificate - 20 Euro, May 1999.]

    [Below: Stock certificate coupons for the certificate above.]

  • Below are stock certificates from various eras and a variety of companies. I think you'll agree some of the art is fantastic. Enjoy...

    [Below: Anglo United Development Corporation Limited]

    [Below: Allegheny Power System, Inc.]

    [Below: Here is another company which uses the graphic of the above - Gulf States Utilities Co..]

    [Below: Atlantic Richfield Company]

    [Below: BB&T Corporation]

    [Below: Beck Industries, Inc.]

    [Below: The B.F. Goodrich Company]

    [Below: Bond Stores, Incorporated]

    [Below: Builders Investment Group]

    [Below: Brush Creek Township Electric Corporation]

    [Below: Childs Company]

    [Below: The Coca-Cola Company]

    [Below: Collins Radio Company]

    [Below: Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust Company]

    [Below: Crowley, Milner and Company]

    [Below: Cudahy Company]

    [Below: Dayco Corporation (note this uses the same female graphic as above)]

    [Below: Eurofund, Inc.]

    [Below: Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction Company]

    [Below: Ford Motor Company]

    [Below: The Grand Union Company]

    [Below: The Grand Union Company]

    [Below: Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation]

    [Below: The Greyhound Corporation]

    [Below: Hercules Incorporated]

    [Below: International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation]

    [Below: Interstate Department Stores, Inc.]

    [Below: Jantzen Inc.]

    [Below: The Japan Fund, Inc.]

    [Below: Key Largo Shores, Inc.]

    [Below: Lockheed Aircraft Corporation]

    [Below: New England Telephone and Telegraph Company]

    [Below: North American Edison Company]

    [Below: Ohio Power Company]

    [Below: Pan American Sulphur Company]

    [Below: Here is a variation of the graphic above from Maracaibo Oil Exploration Corporation.]

    [Below: Pan American World Airways, Inc.]

    [Below: UV Industries, Inc.]

    [Below: Peninsular Telephone Company]

    [Below: Pines Winterfront Company]

    [Below: The West Penn Electric Company]

    [Below: P. Lorillard Company]

    [Below: Stutz Motor Car Company of America, Inc.]

    [Below: Michigan Bell Telephone Company]

    [Below: Western Union Telegraph Company]

    [Below: Massey-Ferguson Limited]

    [Below: Bank of Athena - truly an AWESOME piece of art!]

    [Below: Crédit Foncier du Brésil et de l'Amérique du Sud or Property Investments of Brazil and of South America]

    [Below: Same template as above - this is a West African mining stock certificate.]

    [Below: This is for a hydroelectric plant or hydroelectricity]

    [Below: Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company]

    [Below: Allied Paper Corporation]

    [Below: Societe Anonyme Belge des Verreries Coloniales]

    [Below: Here's another hydroelectric certificate]

    [Below: Different certificate from the same company]

    [Below: Here's an interesting one: Minerva (Athena) Motors]

    [Below: Here's a really neat one from a company called Wolford]

    [Below: This Egyptian stock is pretty damn cool]

    [Below: This Egyptian stock is for a perfume and cosmetics stock]

    [Below: This Egyptian stock is for a winery]

    [Below: This Egyptian stock is for a mining operation]

    [Below: Odin!]

    [Below: This one is from Brazil]

    [Below: This one is from France and has to do with cinema]

    [Below: Same as above but different denomination]

    [Below: Some sort of colonial bank of Belgium]

    [Below: An American mining company]

    [Below: Variation of the above]

    [Below: An American railroad stock]

    [Below: A French stock certificate]

    [Below: A Spanish stock certificate]

    [Below: An American stock certificate]

    [Below: An Austrian Red Cross stock certificate]

    [Below: An Austrian land credit stock certificate]

    [Below: A Cameroon stock certificate]

    [Below: An English mining stock certificate]

    [Below: A French mining stock certificate]

    [Below: A French film stock certificate]

    [Below: A Greek stock certificate]

    [Below: An American stock certificate]

    [Below: A Mexican stock certificate]

    [Below: Ahhh, Monsanto shares in HELL, how nice]

    [Below: An American stock certificate from King's Department Stores, whatever that is]

    [Below: An Austrian stock certificate]

    [Below: Some sort of French shipping stock certificate]

    [Below: A Spanish stock certificate]

    [Below: A Spanish coal mine stock certificate]

    [Below: A stock certificate from Congo]

    [Below: The Russian Tobacco Company in... England?]

    [Below: An American railroad stock certificate]

    [Below: Cairo Agriculture stock certificate]

    [Below: This company is a SCAM!]

    [Below: Hmm... this French stock certificate says 'hotels' but shows a train and a boat.]

    [Below: Reconstitution... Miracles? I'm in.]

    [Below: Society of Transoceanic Navigation. Check out Neptune at the bottom.]

    [Below: Some sort of French colonial stock certificate.]

  • Here are some engraving close-ups from random certificates...

  • 'Sic Semper Tyrannis' means 'thus always to tyrants' = Death to Tyrants!

  • Here's an interesting one... a Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. certificate.

  • And another... a Ferrari certificate.

  • Ah, Atari Corporation. This is for the Jaguar era. The system didn't do well, but I'm still somewhat fond of it. Aliens vs the Predator was so awesome back in 1994.

  • Old Walt Disney is spinning in his grave with the poisonous, brainwashing, heap of garbage the company releases now.

  • And alas, some 'honorable' mentions...

    Matt Hale and The New Order


  • Letter and Newsletter

    [Note: Matt Hale is a hero to all who value truth and justice. He's also an extremely intelligent, personable, warm and friendly person. He's never stopped fighting for his beliefs, even though he's been falsely imprisoned over a crime he didn't commit. In 2005 he was sentenced to forty years in prison! I've been writing him for a few years now, and if you haven't yet, I implore you to do so. If you are one of those people who are afraid that you'll be put on some 'list' then seriously you are a coward. I know many people who write our living martyrs and heroes in prisons all around the world and they are not blacklisted or arrested or whatever. Anyway, Matt always sends bits of information when he writes, and I thought these pages from a New Order newsletter were interesting. Enjoy!]

    Write to Matt here:

    Matt Hale 15177-424
    U. S. Penitentiary Max
    P.O. Box 8000
    Florence, CO 81226


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