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Happy Holidays from a Hero


  • Greetings Card

    [Note: Here's a 2016 holiday greeting card from Matt Hale (I removed the correspondence from the other side). ]

    [Below: Note the little Creator symbol on the tree top :) ]

    Fire and Wood


  • Pyrography

    [Note: Here is a beautiful piece which started off as a rendition someone did of one of our early photos. If fact, it was the first time someone sent us a rendition, an artist named Natasha Epperson. This piece uses Epperson's rendition and burns the image to wood. Thanks M.R.!]

    [Above: The original piece by Epperson]

    [Above: The photo used by the artist]



  • Bathory Tribute Flyers

    [Note: Watain are a black metal band from Uppsala, Sweden. They were formed in 1998. I've never heard much of this band and nothing of this Bathory tribute.]



  • Mortiis Digital Flyer

    [Note: I get spammed by Mortiis once in a while. Here is the most recent, which includes a release hand-numbered in his blood. Eeeeeeew. Lucky he's not sending these out, or else he would have to prove 'there is a low probability that the sample [blood] is infectious'. Based upon his gay troll days I'd say that stands an icecube's chance in hell. Sorry Mortiis, but you'd have a better chance sending a cat with rabies.]

    Adolf Hitler


  • Action figure

    [Note: Some years back these Adolf Hitler figures were released. I'm okay with these because Adolf Hitler figure toys were released during the 3rd Reich. What I'm not okay with is the cheesy 'War Criminals of the 20th Century' crap. That aside, these are remarkably good. If you didn't get these when they first came out you're pretty much screwed. Resellers are asking hundreds of dollars for these now. Sacrilegious, greedy bastards!]

    [Below: Wow. Other figures include Himmler and Goering.]

    [Below: This is a custom job done by a private individual from what I can tell.]

    [Below: Another modern creation.]

  • Here are a few examples of real toys made in the Third Reich...

    [Below: Here are three examples of toy Adolf Hitler figures, there were many other versions. These toys were primarily made from a material called elastolin.]

    [Below: Here's Adolf Hitler in his beautiful Mercedes-Benz 770.]

    Iron Maiden


  • Eddie game piece

    [Note: I'm not exactly sure what this is? It's a tiny, maybe inch tall figure, with a base that turns showing different numbers/information, and a game card. The strange part is there is no instructions? What am I supposed to play with this thing on instinct? Oh well, it's still cool since I love old Maiden and Eddie.]

    [Above: Back of package]

    [Above: Game card front]

    [Above: Game card back]

    [Above: Game piece]

    The Armor of Fools


  • T-shirts

    [Note: When you absolutely, positively, must offend mommy.]

    [Below: What the fuck does that even mean?!]

    [Below: This shirt didn't even get the horned hand right! How do you fuck that up? (looking above it seems the shirt above didn't get it right either...?)
    Oh well... it is a pretty evil shirt, with the image of that old Jew and all.]

    [Below: Correct horned hand!!!]

    KD Rebel


  • Carbon Copies

    [Note: Here are the first two pages of David Lane's novel (unedited). These were copied for me before it was published because I was going to do the cover (with MTA style photography but styled for the subject matter). For various reasons the plan fell through, unfortunately. Anyway, it is a cool read.]

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