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[Above: Self-portrait, 1968. Note the similiarity of the uniform he is wearing to that of the National Socialist SA uniform.]

Konstantin Vasilyev


  • Magickal works of artistic genius

    [Note: I was completely in the dark to this divine artist until a Russian comrade introduced me to his works. It's strange and very unfortunate that more people in the West aren't more familiar with his art. Vasilyev's work is very inspired, with lot's of symbolism and love for paganism, nationalism, and even National Socialism. Here are but a few of my favorites of the few I've seen.]


    Konstantín Alexeyevich Vasilyev was born September 3, 1942, in Maykop, Russian, and died October 29, 1976 in a railway 'accident' near Kazan, although his family did not believe the official version of his death. He was a an extremely gifted illustrator, who did more than 400 paintings and drawings. His wide range of works includes portraits, landscapes, realistic compositions, Russian epics, Slavic and Teutonic mythology, and battle paintings.

    He was buried in the village of Vasilyevo, where he lived since 1949.

    The minor planet 3930 Vasilev, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuravlyova in 1982 is named after him.


    [Above: Reaper Woman, 1966.]

    [Above: Portrait of Ludmila with Sheepdog, 1967.]

    [Above: Portrait of Ludmila with Sheepdog (fragment), 1967.]

    [Above: Ludmila, 1967.]

    [Above: Olga Svyatoslavich, 1968.]

    [Above: Scandinavian Warrior, 1968.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Water Nymph, 1968.]

    [Above: Female Portrait, 1968.]

    [Above: Scandinavian Warrior, 1969.]

    [Above: Prince Igor, 1969.]

    [Above: Freya, 1969.]

    [Above: Valkyrie, 1969.]

    [Above: Wotan, 1969.]

    [Above: Sventovit, 1969.]

    [Above: A girl viewing the master work above in a museum.]

    [Above: Wotan with Wolves, 1969.]

    [Above: Valkyrie and a Fallen Warrior, 1971.]

    [Above: ...]

    [Above: Sigmund Before the Fight, 1969.]

    [Above: Unexpected Meeting, 1973.]

    [Above: Unexpected Meeting, 1973.]

    [Above: Forest Gothic, 1973.]

    [Above: Fire is Burning, 1973.]

    [Above: Man with Owl, 1973.]

    [Above: Firesword, 1974.]

    [Above: Alyosha Popovich and Beautiful Maiden, 1974.]

    [Above: Avdotya Ryazanochka, 1974.]

    [Above: Lena Aseeva, 1974.]

    [Above: Yaroslavna's Lament, 1974.]

    [Above: Under the Linden, 1974 (this is referring to Allied terror bombing in WWII).]

    [Above: The Nordic Eagle, 1974.]

    [Above: The German Army, 1974. (the symbolism on this is very effective - the liberating German armies passing a church destroyed by communism.)]

    [Above: Invasion, 1974.]

    [Above: Russian Knight, 1974.]

    [Above: Divination, 1976.]

    [Above: Expectation, 1976.]

    [Above: Eupraxia, date unknown.]

    [Above: Unknown.]

    [Above: Unknown.]

    Night of the Living Dead


  • Autographed book

    [Note: This is a very cool and informative book. It is from 1985 and runs 120 pages. It is filled with various interviews and loaded with behind the scenes pictures and other rare images. John Russo is the co-writer of Night of the Living Dead, along with George Romero, for those of you who don't know.]

    [Above: Opening page]

    Night Bitch


  • Poster/flyer

    [Note: I'd never heard of this band before, so I sampled it online. It is a retro metal sounding act from the USA.]

    [Above: 2015 release]

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