• Here we shall place everything else that didn't quite fit into the other categories. Things like books, booklets, tinnies (day badges), newspapers, etcetera.

    [Below: Wow... this is incredible. A December 28th 1939 hand-drawn birthday card to Viktor Lutze (December 28, 1890 – May 2, 1943) on his 49th birthday, from his men. If you don't know already, Lutze was the leader of the SA. On May 1, 1943 Lutze and his entire family were in a terrible car accident. He died the next day in emergency surgery. Worse still, his beloved daughter Inge died in the accident, and his younger son was badly injured. Lutze's death no doubt left a hole in the Third Reich, which would never be filled. He was beloved by Adolf Hitler and even had a state funeral inside the Reich Chancellery on May 7, 1943. Adolf Hitler even attended and spoke at the funeral, which due to the war's severity, was a rarity. The great Old Fighter, who had taken a broken SA and healed it, who was loyal and dedicated until his last day, was posthumously awarded the highest award of the Nazi Party, the German Order, 1st Class. One of only eleven confirmed recipients of this blessed award.
    This 11X16 inches, this card is huge! Click to enlarge and see the inside of the card!]

    [Below: Decorated soldier, respected leader, proud husband and father.]

    [Below: The funeral of Viktor Lutze. A grim Adolf Hitler sits next to the widow, next to her, Joseph Goebbels.]

    [Below: If you look carefully at the above funeral photo you can see the bottom of the eagles design on the wall. This is the Mosaic Hall.]

    [Below: A closor shot of the eagles, which are actually beautiful mosaics. The Mosaic Hall]

    -Adolf Hitler's Oration at the Funeral of Viktor Lutze (1943)-

    [Below: Here we have some of the most beautiful and charming books ever produced in the Third Reich (or anywhere for that matter)! These were published by the actual NSDAP printing house for Christmas/Winter and geared toward children/families. It says 'Vorweihnachten' (Pre-Christmas). The art and astounding color are truly works to behold. Whomever was in charge of this truly put their all into it and it shows. Truly labors of love. Unfortunately there is no date. Click to see inside!]

    [Below: This one is missing the cover unfortunately. You'll also notice various art from the the one above is reused. Click to see inside!]

    [Below: Here is something you don't see everyday. It's a government book of postal regulations. As Germans so often do, it explains every possible detail of the postal system and standards. Below is a small selection of pages from the booklet. Click on all to enlarge!

    'Bestimmungen für Drucksachen
    und für Postwurfsendungen
    im Inlandsdienst'

    (Provisions for printed matter
    and for direct mail items
    in the domestic service).

    And it also says:

    'Die Bestimmungen gelten auch
    für Drucksachen nach der Freien Stadt Danzig, Luxemburg und Österreich,
    soweit das Gewicht die für den Inlandsdienst
    geltenden Grenzen nicht übersteigt'

    (The provisions also apply
    to printed matter to the Free City of Danzig, Luxembourg and Austria,
    provided that the weight does not exceed the limits applicable to domestic service).]

    [Below: The reverse of the booklet says:

    ein helfer

    Die Benutzung der Luftpost bringt im Übersee=Postdienst Bedeutenden
    Zeitgewinn. Der Zeitvorsprung gegenüber dem gewöhnlichen Postversand wächst
    mit der Entfernung.

    Nach Südamerika
    in 2½ Tagen bis Rio de Janeiro,
    in 3½ Tagen bis Buenos Aires,
    in 4½ Tagen bis Santiago de Chile,

    Nach und Afrika, Asien und Australien werden zahlreiche Luftpost=
    linien für die Übermittlung von Lustpostsendungen benuzt; sie beschleunigen er=
    heblich die Übermittlung der Sendungen

    Auskunft in Luftpostangelegenheiten am Postschalter'

    (Airmail a helper in competition
    The use of airmail brings in overseas postal service significant
    time saving. The time advantage over ordinary mail increases
    with distance.

    To South America

    To South America
    in 2½ days to Rio de Janeiro,
    in 3½ days to Buenos Aires,
    in 4½ days to Santiago de Chile,

    To and Africa, Asia and Australia, numerous airmail
    lines are used for the transmission of desire mails; they considerably accelerate
    the transmission of the items.

    Information on airmail matters at the post office counter)

    [Below: Here are some advertisements from the German Post Office taken from period newspapers.]

    [Below: 'Die Deutsche Post' (The German Post). This is a post office publication from October 1940. It says:

    'Wochenschrift für das Post- und Fernmeldewesen
    Herausgegeben im Austrage des Reichspost ministeriums'

    (Weekly journal for postal and telecommunications services
    Published on behalf of the Reichspost ministry)

    Click to see more!]

    [Below: Check out the streets listed here -- Adolf Hitler and Dr. Joseph Goebbels Street! Adolf Hitler Street was a common street name during the Third Reich but Goebbels seems like more of a rarity. Click to enlarge.]

    [Below: Click to enlarge.]

    [Below: Here is a German songbook called 'Neue Soldatenlieder' (New Soldier Songs). Front/reverse.]

    [Below: Eagle close-up. ]

    [Below: German songbook - inside.]

    [Below: German songbook - inside.]

    [Below: German songbook - inside.]