Frozen in Wacken
-original cover-
Frozen in Wacken-second cover version
-second cover version-

Frozen in Wacken
[Headache Records]

-Format-Bootleg CD-

      This live bootleg CD was recorded in 1997 in Wacken. It contains the following songs: 'At the Fathomless Depths,' 'Nights Blood,' 'Unhallowed,' 'Where Dead Angels Lie,' 'Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane,' 'Thorns of Crimson Death' and 'The Somberlain.'

Cradle of Filth

Live in Berlin

-Format-Bootleg CD-

      As the title states, this was recorded in Berlin, from the audience. The tracks are: 'The Principle of Evil Made Flesh,' 'The Forest Whispers My Name,' 'A Gothic Romance & Death,' 'To Eve The Art of Witchcraft,' 'Dusk & Her Embrace,' 'Of Mist & Midnight Skies,' 'A Dream of Wolves in the Snow,' 'Summer Dying Fast,' 'Nocturnal Supremacy' and 'Black Goddess Rises.'



-Format-3" MAXI-CD-

      Though not a bootleg, this mini 3" MAXI-CD put out in 1989 is something of a unique rarity. It contains three songs from Agent Orange, 'Ausgebombt (German version-which is far greater in every way than the English version appearing on Agent Orange),' 'Don't walk away' and 'Incest (live).' This is the first and last 3" MAXI-CD I've personally seen of this type of band.


[Yellow Version]

[Blue Version]

Promo cassette 1992


      This exceptionally rare Beherit cassette, from 1992 contains four promotional tracks: 'Intro (Tireheb),' 'Solomons Gate,' 'The Gate of Nanna' and 'Nuclear Girl.'


The Temples of Offal
[Gothic Records]

-Format-seven inch vinyl-

      This rare 7" on Gothic Records contains the following tracks: 'Immortal Sorcery,' 'Sumerian Sands (The Silence)' and 'Disembodied.'

Morbid Angel

Angel of Disease
[Blasphemy Records-BOOTLEG]


      This rare bootleg live CD was recorded on 04-07-92 and contains the following tracks: 'Intro,' 'Immortal Rites,' 'Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost,' 'Fall from Grace,' 'Abominations,' 'Brainstorm,' 'Visions from the Dark Side,' 'Lord of all Fevers and Plague,' 'Day of Suffering,' 'Blessed are the Sick,' 'Damnation,' 'Angel of Disease,' 'Evil Spells,' 'Maze of Torment* (Misspelled 'Haze of Torment')' and 'Chapel of Ghouls.'

Old Funeral

Abduction of Limbs
[self financed]


      Most know the name Old Funeral due to Varg's involvement, this demo predates his participation, released in 1990. It contains the following tracks: 'Abduction of Limbs,' 'Annoying Individual' and 'Skin and Bone.'


Poisoned in Zwolle


      This live bootleg was recorded at the 'Aardshock Festival' in Holland back in 2-11-84. It contains the following tracks: 'Die Hard,' 'Leave me in Hell,' 'Countess Bathory,' 'Cronos bass solo,' 'Teacher's Pet,' 'Poison,' 'Teacher's Pet reprise,' 'In League with Satan,' 'Warhead,' 'Guitar solo,' 'Stand up and be Counted,' 'Bloodlust,' 'Rip Ride' and 'Schizo.'

Mercyful Fate

Curse of the King


      This live bootleg was recorded in Chicago, IL on 10-31-84. It contains the following tracks: 'Intro,' 'Doomed by the Living Dead,' 'Curse of the Pharoahs,' 'Come to the Sabbath,' 'Black Masses,' 'Into the Coven,' 'King go crazy with audience fan,' 'Gypsy,' 'The Oath,' 'Black Funeral* (Misspelled 'Black Guneral')' and 'Evil.'

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