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  • German meatbags and American supermen!...

    [Note: This article has been edited heavily by pesky censors. I'll tell you how the REAL story went...

    Naked Super-Special Ops American Viking Warrior Sets Himself on Fire with Flaming Gorilla Dung and Leaps into the Air and Kills 32,065 Germans While Bouncing from Trench to Trench

    Israel (AP) - A dungboy who killed over 52,000 evil Nazis, captured 75,000 nude French sex-slaves and still wanted to have sex and kill more Nazis after severing his own penis, legs, arms and one ear, which were blaze-blasted by super-secret-Nazi lazer guns, is going to get the super-dooper-medal-of-honor-part-three-crimson-parakeet-holy-of-holies medal for his efforts.

    He is Sgt. Major-major-general-lieutenant Samuel Rothsteinthal, a nine year old Nazi killer, who got "pretty damn horny and blood-thirsty" at the pathetic German weaklings, totally obliterating those kraut bastards while managing to get two power up mushrooms and shooting fireballs out of his ass. He was willing to kill all the Germans in the whole world (and Filipinos, for good measure) but ran out of lives and had no more continues.]

    Real soldiers hated this kind of lying crap. Here are some quotes to ponder that tell the real truth:

    'The Marine veteran William Manchester remembered "John Wayne being booed in a Hawaiian hospital by an audience of wounded Marines from Iwo Jima and Okinawa, men who had macho acts, in a phrase of the day, up their asses to their armpits." Manchester also reported that after seeing an advertisement in an American magazine that jauntily declared "Who's afraid of the big Folke-Wulf" [a German fighter plane], pilots at one base wrote "'We are" and "followed it with the signatures of every airman there, including the commanding officer, and mailed it to the sponsoring firm." Near the end of the war the most publicity-conscious of all American generals, Douglas MacArthur, refused to appear in a government-produced film explaining that American soldiers were fighting for "peace for ourselves, our children and their children." MacArthur argued against making such films because "the reaction of the troops is cynical and resentful as they regard [them] as propaganda." A G.I. in Rome complained that "stuff like Humphrey Bogart whipping a whole German armored-car column singlehanded gives us pains in the pratt because that kind of crap gives the folks at home the wrong kind of idea about what we are up against." '
    (The Censored War, p.102, George H. Roeder Jr., ©1993)

    'Years after the war one woman recalled with regret breaking up with her soldier fiancé after he had mentioned in a letter that he often cried at night. With expectations created by the images available to her she assumed that his behavior was extremely unusual: "I was convinced I had loved a coward. I never wrote him again." His behavior might have seemed less contemptible to her had she known that army psychologists studying a division of soldiers engaged in an especially intense conflict found that nearly one in four reported they had lost control of their bowels and fouled themselves during battle, an equal number had vomited, and one in ten had wet their pants.'
    (The Censored War, p.125, George H. Roeder Jr., ©1993)

  • Which ones are the 'animals'?...

    [Note: Ahh, how sweet, can I pet him? But does he know how to shake hands?

    Let's start this with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

    'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...'

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that 'Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats)'...

    That means an animal is killed about once every 13 seconds! So much for 'man's best friend.'

    Additionally, the ASPCA says 'It is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States; estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.'

    It's a genocide of pets. Maybe we should start selling their corpses to our best friend communist China!? Maybe we could take a few bucks off of our immense debt, which is around 1.3 TRILLION and growing.


    [Above: Off to the market. Packed like sardines. Believe it or not these poor dogs are still alive. The Chinese (and others) actually like to torture them until they die, sometimes with blowtorches to their faces, because it makes the meat 'taste better'!]

    [Above: The sadness of this creature is as terrible as anything you'll ever see...]

    [Above: The finished product. Yum.]

    Yay for communism! Hurrah for capitalism! Everyone wins... except... the people! And the cats and dogs...

    Since the article is about war dogs, let's talk about America's other communist ally -- communist Russia, and its treatment of dogs. Specifically 'anti-tank dogs' used by the Russian communist regime during WW2 against German tanks.

    [Above: Here is a poor dog training against a Russian T-34 tank before being shipped off to its death.]

    These poor creatures, which were ironically usually German Shepherds (also known as Alsatians) because of their high intelligence and eagerness to please, are a prime example of man's inhumanity to helpless creatures. Like so often in human society, these living beings were viewed as inanimate objects, seen only as a tool whose life could be exchanged in service to man.

    These Russian dogs were trained to carry explosives on their bodies and run under enemy tanks, where they would then be detonated, or blown up using a timing device.

    While dogs have been aiding man on the battlefields of history for centuries, even milleniums, this suicidal practice began with communist Russia.

    In 1924 the Soviets made the decision to begin training dogs to aid the military and a training school was soon established in Moscow. The military began in earnest, recruiting policemen, hunters, dog trainers and the like for the task at hand. A dozen more schools were soon established.

    [Above: Soviet military dog training school in Moscow Oblast, 1931.]

    The new practice began innocently enough with the dogs being trained to carry military supplies, detect mines and rescue the injured -- things which dogs excelled at, not to mention loved doing. Anyone who has ever worked with a service dog knows that dogs are overjoyed when performing a task -- pleasing their 'pack' and 'pack leader' or handler. It's their nature.

    Sometime in the early 1930s the communists exploited this innocent instinct in the canine. Three of the established schools began training dogs to become suicide-anti-tank weapons.

    Various techniques were tried at first, like training the dog to carry a bomb to a tank and run away. The explosive charge could then be detonated with remote control or a timer.

    Unfortunately these methods, where the dog at least had a chance of survival, didn't work. In order to drop the bomb the dog had to pull on a belt with its teeth to release it or manipulate a release lever. These actions proved too complicated, especially under the strains of combat, and often times the dog would return to its handler without releasing the bomb.

    Since remotes (keep in mind this technology was wired at the time) were too cost prohibitive to be practical the use of timers proved to be more cost-effective. This created a major problem though as well. If the dog returned to its handler with the bomb still attached it would kill its own handler with itself. Other application problems being if the bomb was released under a tank, and if the tank was in motion and the timing wasn’t timed perfectly, the bomb would simply explode behind the tank.

    With these failures the Soviets scrapped their initial plans and realized far more deadly ones -- for the dogs, that is. Instead of dropping a bomb, explosives would be strapped tightly to the dog. When the dog ran under a tank, the bomb would be triggered, killing the dog and damaging the enemy tank.

    [Above: English diagram of this insidious operation. Note the positioning of the lever on the dogs back. This lever was meant to be pushed backwards when the dog ran underneath a tank, thus activating the explosive charge.]

    The communists used brutal tactics to train their canine slaves. They starved them, then placed food under tanks, thus training them that food could be found under tanks.

    These suicide-anti-tank dog squads reached the frontlines in 1941, sometime after the German/Axis invasion. An initial batch of 30 dogs were used in what proved to be very underwhelming operations.

    On the field most of the dogs became frightened or confused and refused to dive under the enemy tanks. They hadn't been actually shot at during training. There are other reasons for the dogs failures as well. The German tanks were designed differently than the Russian ones used in the dogs' training, not to mention they used different types of fuel.

    The communists later claimed that some 300 German tanks were destroyed by their suicide-dog-bombs, but that number is more than likely greatly exaggerated.

    [Above: This fake dog is part of an exhibition (Soviet Paradise) that the Germans held in Berlin in March of 1942. The purpose of the exhibition was to show the common man the horrors of communism, amongst the squalid living conditions of the people, the darkness of mass murder and genocide, they showed the Soviet cruelty to animals as well. They were the first to expose these inhuman dog-bombs.]

    [Above: Picture with original German caption. It says:

    'A mine dog. These unfortunate animals are trained by the Bolsheviks to feed exclusively under a tank.
    The starving animals therefore pounce on the attacking enemy tanks in the belief that they will find their food under them.
    The dogs, carrying two mines on their backs, touch the tank with a contact rod, which triggers the explosion.'

    [Above: American WW2 lies teaching their gullible servants that communists were their friends. "FREEDOM" ? Being shackled and thrown in a coffin, then buried 6 feet deep would offer greater freedom than communism.]

  • Party time -- Judeo-capitalist-commie-democratic style!...

    [Note: You gotta be fucking kidding, right? This poor, pathetic soul, who was tricked into fighting a war so that a tiny minority could make more money, gets to have a 'fancy cake' for his 27th birthday! Yay! And BEST of all -- it's provided by the Jewish War Veterans group!!!

    I can almost see it...

    "Good goyim," the fat, slimey representative of the godly-holy Jewish War Veterans group says, patting the 27 year old soldier-boy-slave on his head lightly.
    "For your servitude to increase our gold hordes... errr, I mean, because you are an American hero, who helped us kill MILLIONS of your pesky race, I hereby grant you this FANCY cake AND 224 shekels and TEN cartons of 'cigarets'."

    The poor soldier wonders how he will smoke those 2,000 cigarettes and spend the FORTUNE awarded to him by his wholly generous Jewish captors... oh, sorry, I mean saviors. What a terrible storyteller I am, straying so far from the official line. Anyway...

    Lucky for the ruined young man that the morphine dulls the reality of his doom. Perhaps if it didn't he would wish that he could trade every one of those filthy cigarettes for bullets. Then, god have mercy, he could plead for his wife to shoot every single one of those bullets into his poor, brainwashed head.

    'Now, our good little wind up soldier, blow out the candles, and don't forget to make a wish...'

    I wonder what the SGT. wished for?

    Here's a quote about America's 'embarrassing' and 'disgusting' heroes...

    '...Betty Basye Hutchinson angrily remembered letters written to newspapers by residents of Pasadena complaining about the badly wounded veterans in the hospital where she worked as a nurse: "Why can't they be kept on their own ground and off the streets?... isn't it better for them if they are kept off the streets? What awful things for us to have to look at." '
    (The Censored War, p.98, George H. Roeder Jr., ©1993)

  • The fantasies of a three year old...

    [Note: Are you kidding me??? This ranks up there as one of the most bullshit propaganda pieces of all time. Artists, writers and musicians forced to wash a seven story building with their tongues!? A child must have thought these stories up. Picking up garbage with their lips? An evil Nazi throwing two four year olds into the air and shooting them to amuse his 9 year old child!? Did anyone have a brain to realize how bullshit-impossible these stories are? Or did the public just eat this shit up like usual. 'If it's on the television it must be true!' Can you imagine how impossible it would be to throw two four year olds into the air and then shoot them? And as if a father would want to amuse his daughter by killing other children. Total commie shit printed and circulated all over the 'democratic' world.

    Human icicle?! Unbelievable by anyone with a brain.

    200,000 people executed in a forest?! Do you know how monstrously huge a mountain of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND corpses would be!? Proof?! Of course not. Bodies? Umm... uh... burned them, yeah that's it. The Germans burned over ELEVEN MILLION people that they murdered. That's the lie that they stick to. It's the only thing they could say afterall, since there wasn't bodies to prove any of these accusations. And how convenient that the American and British victims' names weren't released in the 'report'!

    To put this lie into perspective you have to know a little bit about the last months and years of WWII. Germany virtually shut down in the last months because of lack of fuel. They had JETS on airfields, DEAD, with no fuel. Yet they claim the Germans killed more people than ever (Jews, of course) in the last months of the war. Where did they get the fuel? Do you know how much fuel it would take to INCINERATE, not merely burn, but incinerate leaving no trace, millions of corpses?

    Here is a quote from National Funeral Directors Association:
    'The casket or container is placed in the cremation chamber, where the temperature is raised to approximately 1400 degrees to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. After approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours, all organic matter is consumed by heat or evaporation. The remaining bone fragments are known as cremated remains.'

    Think about that for a moment. Seventy some years later and it still takes us 2 to 2 1/2 hours to incinerate ONE BODY! And keep in mind there are still fragments left. Can you imagine the bone remnants of over ELEVEN MILLION people?! Where is this mountain of bones? It doesn't exist. Insanity. Bullshit. I can't believe people actually fall for this lie.

    Below are just a few pictures of the lies that have been brought to light. Don't be a victim of their lies. Think for yourself!]

  • NOTE: The following pictures (top versions) were released by the Allies (America/Britain/Soviet Union) during their barrage of lies directed toward Germany and Adolf Hitler.
    Again, the fake pictures are on the top!

    [Above: Instant holocaust! Just add Jew!]

    [Above: A Russian Red Cross nurse hung by those evil Germans! Oops, busted, it's just some guy in the street.]

    [Above: A woman hung on a tank?! No, it's General Eugen Walter Krüger (March 23, 1892 – July 11, 1973) after being awarded the highly coveted Knight's Cross. General Krüger was a highly decorated General of the LVIII. Panzerkorps. April 20, 1943.]

    [Above: Another view of the photo above.]

    [Above: Wow. Such deceit. They've fed us mountains of lies about Germany. Since the time we are born, it's 'Hitler this and Hitler that...' or 'Evil Nazi blah blah...' Well, we're tired of your lies. Enough!]

    [Above: Another woman hung with a child tugging at her... Ahhhhhhh... Nope, just some Germans with some geese.]

    [Above: This is just comical! Not mentioning the proportions are off and it just stinks of FAKE, just look at the pin-up nude they superimposed to be hung by the horrible 'Natzis'!]

    [Above: Another beauty murdered by those evil bastards! This one is just plain B A D ! The background of this one looks painted and digitized.]

    [Above: The top photo is of three young German soldiers executed by an American firing squad, December 1944. This picture was shown in Life Magazine, 1946. Now the bottom... a very strange similiarity wouldn't you say? The bottom picture is a sketch by Simon Wiesenthal, 'dated' 1945, showing Jewish 'victims' in a 'death camp' (from his 1946 book 'KZ Mauthausen'). What utter bullshit and trickery. He clearly just painted right over the real victims.]

    [Above: This is a photo that has circulated for years, which blamed the Japanese of war crimes. Specifically a Japanese group called 'Unit 731'. The Allies claimed this group did all sorts of vile experimentation on people. They even made a Josef Mengele of the east, his name was Surgeon General Shiro Ishii. The USA blamed him of all these terrible war crimes, yet they gave him immunity in exchange for all of his research! Now take a look at the the bottom picture of the the photos above. Oops, they didn't mean for that to get out did they? More lies... so many damn lies.

    But now that we are on the subject, here's some information about the Great Kanto earthquake:

    It struck the Kanto Plain on the main Japanese island of Honshu at 11:58:44 on Saturday, September 1, 1923. It was reported to have lasted between four and ten minutes.

    This monsterous earthquake had a magnitude of 7.9! The earthquake wreaked massive destruction on Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures. Its force was so strong that in Kamakura, over 37 miles (60 km) from the epicenter, it actually moved the Great Buddha statue, which weighs about 121 tons (242,000 pounds!), almost 24 inches! (60 centimetres).

    The quake also caused massive fires throughout Tokyo, which eventually turned into fire storms! Many poor souls died when their feet became stuck on melting tarmac! At an army clothing depot the worse was yet to come. A fire tornado engulfed it! 38,000 people were incinerated, most of them trying to take shelter there after the earthquake.
    Worse still, the deadly earthquake broke water mains throughout the city, this prevented the survivors from putting out the fires, thus it took nearly two full days.

    But death was not done. A massive typhoon brought high winds to Tokyo Bay at the same time as the earthquake. These deadly winds fueled the fires and helped the fires to spread even wider.

    And still death was not done. A tsunami with waves up to 33 ft high (10 m) struck the area. Thousands more died and over 570,000 homes were destroyed, leaving millions homeless. There were 57 aftershocks!

    It was estimated that 142,800 people died, including about 40,000 missing and presumed dead.]

  • Just imagine the lies they get away with today!
    What you've been taught about WWII is a scam.
    They'll do anything to keep you in the dark about the truth.
    Well here is a candle, an eternal flame to light your way!

  • Worth less than a dog...

    [Note: This doesn't surprise me. American soldiers were nothing more than fodder. Dog food perhaps. Maybe it would have been honorable for their remains to be used as dog treats for Emperor Roosevelt's dog? In recent years the American government was caught throwing the remains of dead soldiers into garbage dumps. So why not GO GREEN and recycle them into tasty dog treats? I can see the advertising now:

  • Our Pledge:

    Not less than 1,000 body-bits are used in our premium soldier kibble.

  • Warning:

    There may be bits of dog tags and bone evident in the irresistible morsels.]

  • Our Promise: 5% of proceeds go to some bullshit fake charity where we pay ourselves millions of dollars to sit on a board and do nothing.