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  • Oy vey!...

    [Note: This lovely article comes courtesy of the Boston American newspaper, dated 8-15-1945. Ahhhhhh, finally the world will be at peace and everyone will live in Judeo-Christian-democratic paradise! Half of Europe is now under the benevolent rule of Emperor Stalin. Millions upon millions of miserable human beings have been humanely put to sleep, after the war, of course. And the good ole U. S. of A. can now proceed to open hundreds of peaceful military bases all over the world, as a show of love and respect for the peoples of Earth.

    But who are we kidding? The illusion and the lies have come crashing down. People are fast realizing who the warmongers really were/are. Who the mass murderers were/are. Two world wars fought for fucking money and 'power'. An estimated 80 million human beings butchered. No one can imagine such a number. Consider this, before the year 1700 Europe's population was an estimated 78 million. Therefore, in comparison, between the years 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945, ten years, the whole population of Europe before 1700 was annhilated. For greed. Don't believe it? Listen to some quotes from Winston Churchill regarding the reasons for WWII:

    'Germany is becoming too strong. We must crush her...'
    -British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), speaking to American General Robert E. Wood, in November 1936.

    'Germany's unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.'
    -British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), speaking to Lord Robert Boothby.

    'You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.'
    -British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), from the book by Emrys Hughes, 'Winston Churchill - His Career in War and Peace.'

    'The war was not only waged to defeat fascism in Germany, but to conquer the German export market. We could have, if we had wanted, prevented war in 1935, without firing a shot, but we did not wish to do so.'
    -British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), March 5, 1946, speaking at a small college in Fulton, Missouri.


    'Hitler and the German people didn't want this war. We didn´t answer Hitler´s various petitions for peace. Now we have to admit that he was right. Instead of a cooperation with Germany, which he had offered us, now stands the gigantic, imperialistic might of the Soviets. I feel ashamed to see how the same intentions which we accused Hitler of now are pursued under a different name.'
    - Sir Hartley Shawcross, British chief-accuser in Nuremberg

    'We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that's why we could not move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly have explained to our people that the war had actually been only a preventative economic measure.'
    -James Addison Baker, Secretary of State of the United States, as quoted in the German magazine Der Spiegel, issue 13, 1992.

  • And the rotting cherry on top:

    Since the end of the Second World War there have been one hundred and forty wars leaving forty million murdered. Well over 100 million human lives in the 20th century were butchered for a tiny minority's greed and lust for power. Of course, these numbers don't include those maimed and disfigured, their lives permanently altered. It doesn't include the mental anguish of those who lived through the hells of these wars, both soldier and civilian. The women who were mass-raped and tortured. Nor does a sterile number include the utter and vast poverty that has gripped most of the world because of the childish greed of these tyrants. They are like homicidal children, the blood-soaked world their playground.

    Let's look at the some of the lunacy that marked the 'good guys' attempts to start WWII. Keeping on the topic of the newspaper article above, we'll look at the 'Jewish' boycott of Germany.

    [Below: 'Judea Declares War on Germany'.]

    'God, I hate the Germans...'
    -Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe Dwight David Eisenhower in a letter to his wife (September, 1944)

    'Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.'
    -Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Diary (p. 11)

    [Below: 'For humanity's sake do not buy Nazi-made goods' Humanity's sake? This is very laughable.]

    'Our Jewish interests demand the final destruction of Germany.'
    -W. Jabotinski, founder of 'Irgun Zwai Leumi' (National Military Organization (January 1934). The Irgun Zwai Leumi was a murderous Jewish right-wing underground group in Palestine, founded in 1931.

    'Hitler doesn´t want war but he will be forced to it, and in fact soon. England has the final say like in 1914.'
    -Zionist Emil Ludwig Cohn 'Annalen'

    'Although Hitler may want to prevent this war, which can devour him, in the last moment, he will be forced to war anyway.'
    -Emil Ludwig Cohn (1938)

    'For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany’s total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews.'
    -Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, Mascha Rjetach (January 1934)

    'Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.'
    -Emil Ludwig Cohen in his book The New Holy Alliance ( Strasburg, 1938)

    'It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.'
    -Bernard Lechache in The Right to Live (December 1938)

    'The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination.'
    -The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederlands (13 September 1939)

    'We want to bring about a deep hatred for the Germans, for German soldiers, sailors, and airmen. We must hate until we win.'
    -Lord Beaverbrook, quoted in ‘Niemals!’ by Heinrich Goitsch.

    'Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!'
    -Bernard Lecache, the president of the 'International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,' in its newspaper Droit de Vivre (Right to Life) (November 9, 1938)

    'The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world'
    -Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune (March 29, 1939)

    [Below: Wow, imagine that a group of private citizens could boycott an entire country and have 'Terrific' effect. Seems ludicrous. Impossible. Yet...]

    'Stop talking about peace conditions! Break Germany in pieces!'
    -The Daily Herald, No.7426 (9 December, 1939)

    'In losing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power. Therefore it was determined to reconquer it.'
    -Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals

    [Below: 'War to the death against all German people'. Have you ever seen such hatred? Imagine when the United States invaded Iraq if it also declared: 'War to the death against all the Iraqi people'. Insanity, their hatred. But we must remember Churchill's quotes above. The Germans had successfully freed themselves from the slavery of international finance. They were enslaved by gold and greed no longer. For that, the powers-that-be decided that they all deserved death. I'm not exaggerating. Read on...]

  • More love for Germany:

    'Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.'
    -Jewish professor A. Kulischer (October, 1937).

    [Below: This horrific look into the minds which enslaved the world, written by a Jew and published 1941, called for the genocide through sterilization of all Germans! The fact that it was embraced by the mainstream media makes it all the more insane.]

    [Below: Reviews and praises from the media.]

  • Ironically, Canadian writer and blogger Arthur Topham was charged with a 'hate crime' for publishing a satire of the above book, but sarcastically under the title 'Israel Must Perish' and substituting the word German with Jews and so on. This is is a glaring double-standard if I ever heard of one.

    'Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.'
    -Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs (1938)

    'Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.'
    -Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy (p. 11)

    'The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…'
    -Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch (January 1934)

    They got their way. The Allies committed an utterly genocidal campaign centered on the civilians of Germany.

    [Below: The once beloved Dresden, with its vast array of stunning medieval architecture and its museums, was thought of as the cultural capital of Europe. There was no military value whatsoever there, yet hundreds of thousands of women and children and the elderly were incinerated by Allied fire bombs. Dresden, the City of Cats, as it was called, because of all the cats seen lounging on its open balconies, was no more.]

    Dresden was only one of countless other cities the Allies targeted for total destruction in their war of extermination. Their relentless war against civilians was not something that happened by accident. It was official policy. These monsters actually decided it would be better to concentrate on innocent women and children instead of military targets. Insanity.

    [Below: The remains of the German town of Wesel after Allied fire bombing in 1945 (destruction rate 98% of all buildings). Wesel is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, dating back to the 8th century. The Allies' murderous bombs reduced the civilian population of 25,000 in 1939, to 1,900 by May 1945. The good people of Wesel, freed from those evil Nazis at last...]

    [Below: Dresden, 1945, view from the city hall. Then and now. They paved over the mass graves and built parking lots.]

  • But not all Jews followed these murderous and insane happenings. Two days after World Jewry's declaration of war and agitation against Germany, The Zionist Union for Germany sent a telegram to the leading Jews in America, dated March 26, 1933:

    'In regard to foreign misinformation about the German jews for the purpose of making anti-German propaganda, The Zionist Union for Germany declares: With great resolve we have informed the entire jewish world press via the Jewish Telegraph Agency, already on March 17th, of our declaration against all anti-German propaganda. We have publicly repeated our protest against all untruthful atrocity announcements and baseless sensationalism. We protest against every attempt to place jewish interests at the service of other countries or groups. The defence of jews' civil rights and their economic position cannot and must not be coupled with anti-German political actions.'

  • Furthermore, on March 24th, 1933, The National Union of Jewish Front Soldiers sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, which stated:

    '...It is also our decision to reject the irresponsible anti-German agitation of so-called jewish intellectuals overseas. These men, who were for the most part never known as German Jews, gave up their right to be our selfstyled defenders when they abandoned us at the critical moment and fled the country. They have no right to meddle in German-Jewish affairs. From their safe cover they dishonorably shoot their arrows of exaggeration to injure German Jews as well as Germany...'

    [Below: A Jewish man in National Socialist (NSDAP) uniform.]

  • It's important to remember that over 150,000 Jews fought for the Third Reich during WWII, including five major-generals, many of them no doubt giving their lives in combat. Below are just a few of the documented men with Jewish blood who fought for the Third Reich...

    [Below: Werner Goldberg, serving in the Wehrmacht. Werner was featured on the cover of a National Socialist newspaper as 'The Ideal German Soldier.']

    [Below: Horst Geitner was awarded both the Iron Cross Second Class and the Silver Wound Badge.]

    [Below: Anton Mayer was a soldier in the Wehrmacht.]

    [Below: Admiral Bernhard Rogge was awarded Germany's highest medal -- the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross plus the additional coveted oak leaves (not to mention both the Iron Cross 1st class and 2nd class). He was also awarded a samurai sword from the emperor of Japan.]

    [Below: Commander Paul Ascher, Admiral Lütjens's first staff officer on the battleship Bismarck. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class and 2nd class, plus the War Service Cross 2nd Class.]

    [Below: General Johannes Zukertort.]

    [Below: Colonel Walter H. Hollaender was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (plus the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class) and the German Cross in Gold. He was also awarded the Close Combat Badge.]

    [Below: Luftwaffe General Helmut Wilberg was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class plus several other medals.]

    [Below: Field-marshal Erhard Milch. He joined the National Socialist party on April 1, 1929. He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on May 4, 1940. After Milch was promoted to Field-marshal he was also put in charge of all aircraft production. At the end of the war, after remaining faithful and fighting until the last moments, he was captured by Allied forces on the Baltic coast on May 4, 1945. Upon surrendering, he presented his coveted Field-marshal baton to the British Brigadier commando Derek Mills-Roberts, who cowardly broke the baton over Milch's head in a savage beating! A criminal act, not to mention despicable, but typical of the Allied code of conduct. Many, many soldiers were simply murdered upon surrendering and buried in mass graves. Many more were murdered in P.O.W. 'camps' (open fields with no shelter or food) or concentration camps. Another favorite of the Allies was to crush the testicles of their prisoners. I shit you not. Look it up for yourself.]

    [Below: Field-marshal Erhard Milch (left) with General Wolfram von Richthofen.]

    [Below: General Gotthard Heinrici was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords, an incredible achievement. Heinrici was a highly respected tactician by Adolf Hitler himself. As proof he was made commander-in-chief of the last remaining forces of Army Group Vistula (final remnants of Army Group Center) in front of Berlin in April 1945.]

    [Below: Gotthard Heinrici (left) with Adolf Hitler.]

  • But the worst was yet to come for the Germans. The end of the war and Germany's surrender signaled an orgy of hellish violence by the Allies. Millions of soldiers and civilians, unarmed and defenseless, were murdered in the most horrible ways. Millions of women and children were raped and mutilated. And unlike what the propaganda has taught us in the Western world -- it wasn't confined to only the Russians. In fact, the Americans were responsible for murdering millions of German soldiers in outdoor barbed wire enclosures and concentration camps. Most shockingly, this was policy. The tyrants planned and ordered these unholy crimes. Let's hear a few more quotes from the monsters themselves before we end this sickening Pandora's Scrapbook listing...

    'Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts.'
    -Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe Dwight David Eisenhower

    [Below: An indifferent American soldier with a Thompson machine gun guards a mass of dying German P.O.W.s. Many of the guards were sadistic, beating the unarmed prisoners with clubs, or even lazily shooting at the masses of dying men for fun. Click to enlarge.]

    'Under no circumstances may food supplies be assembled among the local inhabitants in order to deliver them to prisoners of war. Those who violate this command and nevertheless try to circumvent this blockade to allow something to come to the prisoners place themselves in danger of being shot.'
    -Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe Dwight David Eisenhower

    'For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POWs on the Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply…'
    -Peter Worthington, Ottawa Sun (September 12, 1989)

    'Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps... Eisenhower's hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequalled by anything in American history... an enormous war crime…'
    -Col. Ernest F. Fisher, PhD Lt., 101st Airborne Division, Senior Historian, United States Army

    [Below: As ordered, these starving human beings have no shelter from the elements. This is a picture from hell on earth. There were hundreds of such death camps after the war. Click to enlarge.]

    'My protests (regarding treatment of the German DEF’S) were met with hostility or indifference, and when I threw our ample rations to them over the barbed wire. I was threatened, making it clear that it was our deliberate policy not to adequately feed them.'
    -Martin Brech, ex-Private First Class, in Company C of the 14th Infantry, assigned as a guard and interpreter at the Eisenhower Death Camp at Andernach, along the Rhine River

    [Below: Remagen German POW camp. Men and boys packed shoulder to shoulder. Millions of young men murdered in the prime of their lives -- after they had surrendered! And for what?]

    [Below: German prisoner of war camp as seen from the air. This is mind boggling. No shelter whatsoever. No toliet facilities. They had barely no access to fresh water and starvation rations.]

    'When they caught me throwing C- Rations over the fence, they threatened me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again tossing food to the Germans … Some of the men were really only boys 13 years of age…Some of the prisoners were old men drafted by Hitler in his last ditch stand … I understand that average weight of the prisoners at Andernach was 90 pounds…I have received threats … Nevertheless, this…has liberated me, for I may now be heard when I relate the horrible atrocity I witnessed as a prison guard for one of ‘Ike’s death camps’ along the Rhine.
    At first, the women from the nearby town brought food into the camp. The American soldiers took everything away from the women, threw it in a heap and poured gasoline over it and burned it.'

    -Testimony of a German survivor of an American death camp

    [Below: Having nothing to protect themselves from the unrelenting elements, many men dug holes into the mud to lie in. Many of them would collapse, burying the poor men alive. Click to enlarge.]

    To give you an idea of the deathly effect of the elements -- it is a basic rule of survival that if you are suddenly placed in the middle of no where, with no food and no water, the first thing you should do is to find shelter. It is paramount to survival. Lack of shelter will kill you before lack of food and water will.

    'Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how ‘Our Boys’ conduct themselves, with such complete callousness in human relationships over here.'
    -A serviceman quoted in TIME Magazine (November 12, 1945)

    'They were all exhausted and starved and miserable … A child only half alive … A woman in the most terrible picture of despair I’ve seen … Even when you see it, it’s impossible to believe … God it was terrible.'
    -Robert Allen, Letter from Berlin, Reading magazine (February, 1946)

  • And at last:

    'It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America.'
    -Adolf Hitler (April 1945)

  • There you have it.

    The truth -- first a small fire -- flickering into an inferno, all around the world.

    Do your part.

    Light small fires of truth everywhere you go!]

  • Better to be dead?

    [Note: Unbelievable... This is truly crazy stuff. America had the audacity to actually draft people to fight for them who they had thrown into concentration camps. Then there were those Japanese-Americans who volunteered, often in an attempt to prove to the United States their patriotism and loyalty.

    This newspaper article shows how out of touch, insensitive and downright evil the media and powers-that-be were to not only their own citizens, but their own soldiers! Saying that he was better dead is the cherry on top.

    Japanese-Americans weren't the only ones sent to concentration camps in America though. Lesser known is the fact that Germans and Italians were also sent to camps.

    There are many books that document this scarcely known treacherous act. Some examples are:

  • Una Storia Segreta : The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II by Lawrence Distasi ©2001

  •      American wartime law greatly restricted the freedoms and required identity cards of 600,000 Italian 'resident aliens'. 10,000 Italian-Americans along the West Coast were forcibly relocated and 250 were actually imprisoned in concentration camps for up to two years. Some Italian Americans were even forced to abandon their own homes and businesses.

    [Above: Una Storia Segreta : The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment During World War II.]

  • Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams: The Untold Story of America's Enemy Aliens in World War II by Russell Estlack ©2011
  • [Above: Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams: The Untold Story of America's Enemy Aliens in World War II.]

         More than 10,000 German-American civilians were thrown into concentration camps in America during WWII. None of them were ever compensated for the loss of property or the time they spent in concentration camps.

  • We Were Not the Enemy: Remembering the United States’ Latin-American Civilian Internment Program of World War II by Heidi Donald ©2007
  • [Above: We Were Not the Enemy: Remembering the United States’ Latin-American Civilian Internment Program of World War II.]

         Here is the description of the book:

    'The United States clandestinely funds the operation of a huge prison in Cuba. Men, women, and children are spirited away from their homes and imprisoned indefinitely. No charges are made; no legal counsel is allowed. Newspapers fill with stories of espionage and enemies. Current events? No. During World War II, the United States used tactics remarkably similar to those in use today against presumed terrorists. By 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt had covertly authorized J. Edgar Hoover's Secret Intelligence Service to begin surveillance of Axis nationals in Latin America. Believing that "all German nationals without exception [are] dangerous," the United States surreptitiously pressured Latin-American countries to arrest and deport more than four thousand civilians of German ethnicity to the United States. There, many languished in internment camps, while others were shipped to war-torn Germany.'

  • The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II by Arthur D. Jacobs ©1999
  • [Above: The Prison Called Hohenasperg: An American Boy Betrayed by His Government During World War II.]

         The book's own description best describes this unbelievable and truly insane book:

    'Unknown to most Americans, more than 10,000 Germans and German Americans were interned in the United States during WWII. This story is about the internment of a young American and his family. He was born in the U.S.A. and the story tells of his perilous path from his home in Brooklyn to internment at Ellis Island, N.Y. and Crystal City, Texas, and imprisonment, after the war, at a place in Germany called Hohenasperg.

    When he arrived in Germany in the dead of winter, he was transported to Hohenasperg in a frigid, stench-filled, locked, and heavily guarded, boxcar. Once in Hohenasperg, he was separated from his family and put in a prison cell. He was only twelve years old! He was treated like a Nazi by the U.S. Army guards and was told that if he didn't behave he would be killed.'