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  • After many years of publishing our photographic works, we thought it was time to show you some glimpses of something different. Some of the following pictures represent tests of various kinds for Mourning the Ancient, some reflect our boredom, others are just everyday life, and others still are that grey area somewhere between Mourning the Ancient and mundane existence. Enjoy the tour of these distant and not-so-distant days...

    - July 18, 2019 -


    [Below: Here are the shirts! I'm so excited to finally get these done. These are so COOL! A close comrade made these on professional equipment by hand, so these are extra special. These are professional quality, just like the shirts bought in stores. I talked to Matt about these shirts and he's 100% behind them. Every single cent, which will add up to $400.00, will be given to Matt's legal defense fund. We've only printed twenty of these, so they are very limited. If we print any more in the future, they'll be different than these.

    Own a piece of Mourning the Ancient history, and help out a true comrade in the process. If you don't already know Matt's story, please take the time to check out his website, set up by his mom: http://freematthale.org/. I won't forget those who help out, neither will Matt.

    We printed these in large and extra large sizes. Send well-hidden cash or money orders (leave the name part blank) to:

    Mourning the Ancient
    P.O. Box 45637
    Omaha, NE 68145
    $20.00 free shipping. If you want me to reserve one for you just email me here: sunlessdawn@mourningtheancient.com ]

    **Update: a comrade has just told me that he will match the money for the shirts sold!!! So if we sell all of the shirts that is an extra $400.00 for Matt's legal defense fund. Is that awesome or what?


    [Below: Front]

    [Below: Left sleeve]

    [Below: Right sleeve]

    [Below: Back/sleeve]

    [Below: Back]

    *I deeply thank the generous and industrious comrade who made these shirts for Matt. You are a true soldier in this silent war.

    *All images are strictly copyrighted. They may not be displayed via internet or printed form in any manner without our written permission, nor are they to be altered in any form whatsoever. Violators shall be vigorously prosecuted by international law.