• After many years of publishing our photographic works, we thought it was time to show you some glimpses of something different. Some of the following pictures represent tests of various kinds for Mourning the Ancient, some reflect our boredom, others are just everyday life, and others still are that grey area somewhere between Mourning the Ancient and mundane existence. Enjoy the tour of these distant and not-so-distant days...

    - May 23, 2009 -

  • Here are some photos of me raising five baby Starlings! To make a long story short, an inhuman human I knew found these birds in his dryer vent ductwork. He then took off the ductwork, taped it shut and threw it in his garbage, separating them from their mother permanently.

    I thought it was terrible what he did, so I took the up the tremendous task of raising them myself! I had no idea the time, patience and work I had in store for me! For nearly a month they screamed and hollered. The first week or so I had to wake up every two hours to feed them.

    But seeing them slowly get their feathers... one at a time learning to fly up to the rim of the box I kept them in... watching them start to peck... and fight each other!

    And eventually, watching them fly away. It was a difficult task. But a worthy experience I'm glad I took up. Now they had a chance, insteading of suffocating and starving to death in a trash can.


    [Below: Decked out in surgical mask and gloves. We didn't want each other's germs! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them when I first got them. So here they are a few weeks later, with feathers!]

    [Below: A close-up of them screaming for dinner! Sometimes I got the feeling that they thought that I should feel privileged to serve them! To a bird, the world is their's, and you are their guest...]

    [Below two: Their first trip outdoors they were afraid and pretty much crawled under me and hid! Note the one way on the bottom underneath the others! Ha!]

    [Below: Gazing at the sky for the first time...]

    [Below: Earning their wings. Eventually they could fly up to my hand.


    - July 13, 2012 -

  • The following photos can be clicked to enlarge...

    [A hot summer day in the midst of a heatwave and drought! The grass had only begun to die at this point...]


    - March 27, 2004 -

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    [A strange photo... in a time when we did virtually no photography for a long time.]


    - October 28, 2006 -

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    [This dorky photo was taken at a Halloween party. Must have been a blue moon, because I hate parties! And sure enough, something violent, crazy and stupid happened a few hours later!]


    - July 14, 2012 -

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    [This was a knife test. While it was brutal looking, it scored an 'F' in style!]

    [...and no picture shoot can be complete without the camera hog!]


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