• After many years of publishing our photographic works, we thought it was time to show you some glimpses of something different. Some of the following pictures represent tests of various kinds for Mourning the Ancient, some reflect our boredom, others are just everyday life, and others still are that grey area somewhere between Mourning the Ancient and mundane existence. Enjoy the tour of these distant and not-so-distant days...

    - Sometime in 1998 -

    [Below: Here I am at a party about to get my head cut off by an antique farming tool!]

  • - April 4, 2010 -

    Flores para los Muertos

    [Below: Flowers for the dead. This day stands out in my memory because of what I saw as I was driving out of the winding roads of the cemetery. A young black man was sitting on a gravestone all alone having a violent conversation with himself. I watched him curiously for several minutes from my car. His arms flailing about, eventually he jumped forward and began swinging his fists like a prize fighter, even ducking and counter-attacking! Although I was too far away to hear what exactly he was saying, he appeared very pissed off and shouting at his invisible opponent. I must have sat there for a good ten minutes enjoying the show, wishing I had brought a camcorder to record the action. (although I did record some of it in shoddy .mpeg video using a camera.)

    What kind of drugs he was on one can only guess. But what made the scene truly stand out was this: A funeral was going on a short few hundred feet away! Imagine that. Burying your loved one on a beautiful spring day, while a crackhead violently shouts and fights an invisible foe. God Bless America!]


    - September 25, 2012 -

    [Below: My shadow and I hamming it up!]


  • - October 4, 2012 -

    [Below: A few days later and nothing's changed!]


  • - November 24, 2012 -

    [Below: A few short centuries ago I could be burned at the stake for this!]


    - November 13, 2012 -

    The Ides of November

    [Below: Down by the Missouri River... these two photos were taken on our way to do the shoot 'Stairs to Nowhere'.]


    [Below: The 'Hi Tree' has been a local landmark for as long as I can remember, but sadly it seems to be dying now, or is already dead...]

    - December 29, 2012 -

    [Below: The last pictures of 2012... it was Mourning the Ancient's busiest year ever! We did eighteen photo shoots! Not that 2011 was bad, we still pulled off seventeen shoots.]

    - 1998 -

    [Below: A flashback to 1998!]

    - August 6, 2013 -

    [Below: These pictures were taken for a friend to show how insanely long this rifle is with the bayonet attached. (Hello R.!!!) It is a short-lever Martini-Henry rifle used by the British army in the 19th century. This particular rifle is from the 1880's and is from a British arsenal in Nepal and was used by colonial troops. This is the 'state-of-the-art' breech loading rifle that was used against the Zulu in Africa by British soldiers. In one historic battle about 2,000 British soldiers fought off 20,000 Zulu warriors!]

    [Below: Check out some of the writing on the rifle. It's called Devanagari script and has Sanskrit influences.]

    - August 6, 2013 -

    [Below: My dog finds a use for Shakespeare!]

    [Below: Check out the look on his face as I sit down next to him and his 'prize'!]

    [Below: At this point he's thinking 'Bitch don't touch me!']

    [Below: He got up and laid down away from me... he must've sensed I was coveting his book! Ha!]


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