• After many years of publishing our photographic works, we thought it was time to show you some glimpses of something different. Some of the following pictures represent tests of various kinds for Mourning the Ancient, some reflect our boredom, others are just everyday life, and others still are that grey area somewhere between Mourning the Ancient and mundane existence. Enjoy the tour of these distant and not-so-distant days...

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    - October 26, 2009 -

    [Below: A cold October day in the woods... doing strange Mourning the Ancient-esque poses even when I'm not doing MTA photos! It's in my blood I guess.]


    - September 6, 2010 -

    [Below: Not exactly an inviting site is it? The Missouri River ran over its banks and flooded a great deal of land in Nebraska and Iowa, our neighboring state. People's houses were ruined, farmer's lost their crops, and worst of all, we lost our forest! Who ever heard of a forest flooding? It was new to me. The worst part about it is that it was man-made. Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers opened dams up the river to prevent flooding up north. Us? Fuck 'em, flood 'em!]

    [Below: I radiate sadness for my drowned trees!]

    [Below: No picking!?
    No collecting!?
    No pets!?
    No vehicles!?
    No firearms!?
    No picnicking!?
    No horses!?
    No camping!?
    No hunting!?
    No fires!?

    Let me guess... no mosh and no fun either!? Eco-tyranny.]

    - Later that day... -

    [Below: These were taken in a park dedicated to the American soldiers who were victims of World War Two. Yes, victims. Anyone tricked into killing and dying is quite the victim in my book.]


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