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Queen of the Evil Nazis


  • Newspaper and article

    [Note: Before we delve into the story of the Nazi Queen, I'd like to point out a simmering attack on the Good ole U. S. of A. If you will note, this package was sent to me from representatives of the tyrannical 'Red Coats'. These bold and aggressive represenatives of the Crown went so far as to refer to my darling America as 'formally known as the North American Colonies'.

    This certainly shows to me that the Red Coats are eyeing their old 'colonies' and are certainly still pissed about being driven out. And the final nail in the coffin, these offensive limeys went so far as to remind me of their loyalties to the Crown.

    Okay, in case you didn't get it, I'm joking. It's an inside joke, but believe it or not I once knew a girl who went on vacation to the British Virgin Islands and experienced something similiar to this joke. Apparently this American, whom I knew loosely, met a British couple while basking in the sun. The British female of the couple asked where she was from, and she said 'America'... to which the Brit said 'Oh, the colonies...' Hahaha! Apparently the American girl got extremely offended and charged off. Hilarious and stupid and I think it's funny as hell that people would actually get offended.

    Anyway, to the topic of this Trash and Treasure listing...
    This story didn't receive much coverage in the USA, but it was a big story in England. Apparently footage surfaced of the Queen 'Seig Heiling'. But why don't I let Mike And Earl tell you more about it below in their unconventional, charming way...]


    The 'World Exclusive' and why the received truth is a lie (again!) but if left alone can just be accepted as the truth.

    Well, here it is! The actual hard copy pulled from a British newstand, of the pages that led the British news headlines for some three days -- and probably more to come. Beautifully reproduced for the readers of MTA! You don't have to leave your laptops, it's all here, those actual photos of the young British future Queen, aged 7, her younger sister Margaret, aged 3, distinctly 'Sieg Heiling' at Balmoral in 1933 or '34, accompanied by their mother and that usual villain of the peace for his support for Hitler and Nazism, Edward, then Prince of Wales.

    The accompanying text is full of the usual predictable excoriating... -- well just read "they're only larking about" ... "She's not saluting she's waving" (no, don't laugh, that was the headline of one of the following Sunday papers!)... "we all made fun of Hitler and his Charlie Chaplin mustache"... and so it went.

    On que, the representatives of the "Union of the Third Reich Experts" weighed in with their chorus of excuses... well you already can guess. Tell you what -- you write it. Just think of what they usually 'write' and you'll be 'right'.

    But stop. Think. Let us pause from all of this. As MTA readers know, images, the actual pure bold images, shorn of any text can be a wonderful, startling, revealing thing. We are compelled and drawn to it. Indeed, our everyday conversation draws on it... "did you see...?" or "take a look..."

    So we will. These are stills from a 17 second (that's all -- I checked it out) handheld b/w home movie camera, done by... well, we don't know... and MTA readers are truly fed-up with speculation about speculation. Do they actually show the two young royals being encouraged by "Edward the Nazi lover and friend of Hitler in his monstrous quest, etc." ? They don't. They really don't. Look at the images and then look again. That elegantly attired woman is the one actually doing the perfect Nazi salute. She is seen actually wording the encouragement to her daughters -- as mothers usually do, and then that look of triumph in her face, that stance of hers, so strong, so purposeful. Meanwhile Edward fumbles around in his usual foppish manner with a limp salute as though hailing a taxi rather than hailing Hitler. So, who is this woman, and why is she not being so obviously identified as the choreographer of this flickering moment in British royal history? 'She' is Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons, Scottish aristocrat, future Queen, mother of the girls, and, looking at this footage she seems mightily pleased that Herr Hitler was installed as Chancellor of Germany on that cold winter's day in January 1933.

    More than pleased, ecstatic, almost proud. Isn't that the truth of it? That the real story of this 17 second footage isn't the two little girls, isn't the foppish, dilettante Edward, but this strong, proud Nazi salute from Elizabeth, Britain's future Queen after the abdication and through the war years, whom in the depths of the conflict Hitler mused that "She was one of the most dangerous women in Europe." But we will never know. I can't pull any research rabbits out of the hat for MTA readers because -- all the Royal archives for this period are closed. They are not available to any researchers. Conspiritorial historians speak darkly about 'Box 24' in the Monkton family papers at the Bodlein Library. You know, the one marked 'Anglo-German relations', the box that was never deposited, the one no one has ever seen. Personally I would just look at the images from this footage. Look at them, closely.


  • I really would like to fully acknowledge the copyright and images from the British Sun Newspaper.
    A newspaper denigrated by the British elitist chattering classes -- but still producing really ball-grabbing journalistic research.
    It's just a pity that the establishment classes' hearts and minds don't always follow. Please log on to see the footage at: thesun.co.uk

    Go on, do it.



  • Flyer

    [Note: Finland has produced two of my favorite bands: Beherit and Barathrum, and quite a few other great acts. Witchcraft, however, I've never heard. This release is named 'Tumultuous Dark Offertory'. Offertory means 'the offering of the bread and wine at the Eucharist.' -- I admit, I had to look this one up! Tumultous means 'making a loud, confused noise; uproarious.'. While 'dark'... well, let's just see... 'with little or no light.'

    So then, just to be clear, this title means something like: 'A loud, confusing, poorly lit, wine feast...'

    Sounds like an awful lot of parties I've been to! Haha...

    But, don't leave just yet... there is still the matter of 'Deadflesh Desecration Rumpus'!

    Deadflesh = 'dead and putrefying flesh'

    Desecration = 'to divert from a sacred to a profane use or purpose'

    The Urban Dictionary says this about Rumpus: 'Contrary to popular belief, rumpus doesn't mean your ass. A rumpus is an activity that typically takes place after dark where a lot of people build a huge bonfire...'

    So then, this title means something like: 'Rotting profane bonfire'...!

    There you have it. The coolest fucking black metal titles ever. Period. Now go and build yourself a rotting rumpus and be profane!]

    Trident Nation Fanzine


  • Flyer

    [Note: Ah the Philippines. Speaking of 'triumphant atrocity' not many people know that between the years 1899 and 1913 the United States carried out a genocidal war against the Filipino people. ]

    [Above: Some Filipino folks who have been given a taste of democracy -- American style!]

    Bernard Fall, as quoted in E. Ahmed's 'The Theory and Fallacies of Counter-Insurgency', called the conquest of the Philippines as 'the bloodiest colonial war (in proportion to population) ever fought by a white power in Asia; it cost the lives of 3,000,000 Filipinos.'

    That's approximately 1/6th of the population.

    In the book 'A People’s History of the United States' the historian Howard Zinn sums up American sadism during the Philippine-American war:

    'In November 1901, the Manila correspondent of The Philadelphia Ledger reported: The present war is no bloodless, opera bouffe engagement; our men have been relentless, have killed to exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives, active insurgents and suspected people from lads of ten up, the idea prevailing that the Filipino as such was little better than a dog...
    Our soldiers have pumped salt water into men to make them talk, and have taken prisoners people who held up their hands and peacefully surrendered, and an hour later, without an atom of evidence to show that they were even insurrectos, stood them on a bridge and shot them down one by one, to drop into the water below and float down, as examples to those who found their bullet-loaded corpses.'

    [Above: Oh look, see things aren't that bad! Here we have American soldiers giving a thirsty Filipino a drink of water. In reality this is 'water boarding', a torture tactic that makes the victim feel like he is drowning. According to Human Rights Watch: 'Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage, and death.' America likes to do this -- over 100 years later it was used against goat farmer 'terrorists' in the concentration camp known as Guantánamo Bay.]

    The majority of those killed in the Philippines were civilians -- women and children. America loves to kill women and children. This is nothing new. Whether it is American Indian blood, Filipino blood, German blood or Iraqi blood, America isn't very selective. It's a devilish vampire touring the world with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

    [Above: This sarcastic article sums things up nicely.]

    Anyway, this looks like a pretty cool 'zine. Anything with Sadogoat is alright with me.

    [Above & below: Originally sent from England to Germany, then from Germany to the USA. This thing has travelled, spreading its putrid, inhuman evil everywhere!]

    Satanic Yearbook?


  • Flyers and CDRs

    [Note: I've received stickers and flyers from this strange project(s) for a while now, but my friend in Germany sent me the motherload. Apparently he was sent two of these packages and knowing about Trash and Treasure he graciously decided to share this oddity with all of us. First, this is all very strange and confusing. There are many different URLs and projects within this heap and I'm not really sure the point of any of them. Maybe I should just pass this on to you???]

    [Above & below: This huge mess of flyers, stickers and CDRs.]

    [Below: This isn't the last time you'll see this girl's BLACK CRACK...]

    [Below: 'High Priest for the Cult of R'Lyeh on Earth'. I like the 'on Earth' part. I'm glad he made that clear. I wonder if High Priest of Mars is taken yet? Because I'd really like to get the fuck off this boring and ridiculous planet. Hell I'd even take High Priest of Pluto!]

    [Below: This printout really has nothing to do with anything... Well, if you think hard enough I'm sure you'll find a reason!]

    [Below: Pretty funny and so true. The utter hypocrisy of the 'Good Guys'!]

    [Below: This is a card prostitutes use to advertise their services. For some very odd reason it has been turned into a CD cover!]

    [Below: Prostitute CD cover!]

    [Below: Prostitute CD cover!]

    [Below: One of a variety of bizarre stickers]

    [Below: One of a variety of bizarre stickers]

    [Below: One of a variety of bizarre stickers]

    [Below: One of a variety of bizarre stickers]

    [Below: Sticker]

    [Below: Sticker. A very pixelated H.P. Lovecraft. The Necronomicon Lovecraft wrote about became a sensation. Books, video games, comics, movies, bands... on and on. This book's dark and creative influence permeates our modern culture. There are two schools of thought: one that says Lovecraft invented the Necronomicon and the other that says he was referring to a real tome.]

    [Below: Sticker]


  • There have been many books calling themselves 'Necronomicon' in recent decades, but none so popular and infamous as Simon's Necronomicon. This book is as much a part of occult culture as anything in modern times. Some say it is a hoax -- written by Simon himself, and wrapped in a ficticious story. Others say it is a collection of rituals, spells and ancient beliefs, a grimoire of modern times. The truth seems somewhere in between. A lot of the stories and mythologies, for example, are very close to those found in accepted history books, but sometimes more elaborate or with added elements. The same goes for some of the spells/rituals, some are nearly word for word from ancient texts. Regardless, this book has inflamed the imaginations of the occult world since its inception. Below is a history of rare Necronomicon hardbacks, from the very rare and elusive first printing, to the newest commemorative hardback still available for purchase.


    [Below: Different versions of the Simon Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Necronomicon #1: 1977 leather bound first edition. Limited to 666 copies, very rare! This copy includes the extremely scarce wax paper cover, I can imagine not many people saved these, they are very fragile.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: Wax paper cover.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: Wax paper removed. The leather is smooth and soft, it has the feel of quality.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: Spine side view.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: The first pages, publishing history/information and hand-numbered '320'.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: I wonder who got number 666? They probably kept that one for themselves.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: Publishing history/information.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: L.K. Barnes autograph. Barnes was the co-creator of the Simon version Necronomicon. He also designed the artwork for the cover of the book.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: L.K. Barnes autograph close-up.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #1: ...And closer still!]


    [Below: Here is another first edition leather Necronomicon (#149) with a very unique inscription from Simon. I think this is the Tom Sutton of comic book fame.]


    [Below: Here is a page from a first edition Necronomicon (#316) which was sold in Britain. Notice a new distributor's address in London has been glued on the old New York one.]


    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #2: 1977 cloth bound Necronomicon. Also quite rare, approximately 1300 were published.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #2: Spine side view.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #2: Publishing history/information.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #2: L.K. Barnes autograph.]

    [Below: First edition Necronomicon #2: L.K. Barnes autograph close-up.]


    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #3: 1980 hardback Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #3: Spine side view. The charm was attached aftermarket. This one is unfortunately damaged, no doubt after many nights of fun!]

    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #3: 1980 hardback Necronomicon. Publishing history/information.]


    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #4: 1980 hardback Necronomicon - cloth limited edition. This lacks the built in bookmark and silver on the edge of pages.]

    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #4: Spine side view.]

    [Below: Second edition Necronomicon #4: 1980 hardback Necronomicon. Publishing history/information.]


    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #5: 1981 hardback Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #5: Spine side view. The charm was attached aftermarket.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #5: Publishing history/information.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #5: Autographs of the three people involved in the Simon Necronomicon: Simon (Peter Levenda), James Wasserman, and L.K. Barnes.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #5: Autograph close-up.]

    [Below: Here is a signature variation from a Third edition Necronomicon.]

    [Below: And another signature variation from a Third edition Necronomicon.]


    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #6: 1981 hardback Necronomicon. This edition is signed by Simon and is hand-numbered and limited to 3333 copies.
    This version is strange because it is not mentioned on the copyright/edition notice pages on any of the following editions.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #6: Spine side view.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #6: Limited to 3333.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #6: Publishing history/information.]


    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: 1981 hardback Necronomicon. This edition is signed by Simon and is hand-numbered and limited to 3333 copies.
    Note that this version has the ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX from Barnes Graphics. What are the chances that someone actually saved the shipping box?! Talk about a rarity. Barnes, who was in charge of distribution, also designed the cover and other elements of the book.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: Shipping label.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: Close-up shipping label.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: Book and box.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: Book and box.]

    [Below: Third edition Necronomicon #7: Inside hand-numbered page with Simon signature. There seems to be a lot of variation in the signature of Simon, for whatever reason.]

    [Below: Here is a shipping box variation for a Third edition Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Here is another shipping label from a 3rd edition Necronomicon.]

    [Below: The 3rd edition mentioned above had a very unique Barnes signature! Simon said that Barnes would draw strange aliens everywhere.]


    [Below: 1981 advertisement from Starlog magazine, #49, page 12.]

    [Below: Another advertisement.]


    [Below: Letter sent out with the 3rd edition Necronomicon pre-orders.]


    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #8: Hardbound cloth edition.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #8: Spine side view.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #8: Publishing history/information.]


    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: Hardbound leather hand-numbered limited edition of 220 copies. This edition feels beautiful -- truly a tome to last the ages.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: Spine side view.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: Hand-numbered #80 and Simon autograph.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: Publishing history/information.]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: James Wasserman's autograph and inscription. This was a gift to me from a friend!]

    [Below: 2008 31st anniversary edition Necronomicon #9: autograph close-up.]


    [Below: Dead Names: Autographed limited edition of 350 copies. In this book Simon documents the history of the Necronomicon. Dead Names was originally published in softcover by Avon books. No other editions were planned. However, in 2009/2010 Simon was approached by Subterranean Press (a small publisher of genre fiction, horror and fantasy). The books were made in two states - a numbered version bound in cloth and limited to 350 copies and a deluxe lettered version, limited to 13 copies! This exceptionally rare edition is bound in leather with red foil stamping. This deluxe edition sold out immediately in pre-orders. All copies were spoken for before publication and not made available to the general public. These copies were designated A-M. Below is the numbered version, limited to 350 copies.]

    [Below: Dead Names: Spine side view.]

    [Below: Dead Names: Simon autograph and hand-numbered #185.]

    [Below: Dead Names: Close-up.]

    [Below: A very rare 'Advance Uncorrected Proof' of Dead Names. This was given to people in the industry for preview. Unlike the regular hardback release, this is softcover.]

    [Below: Reverse.]


    [Below: Dead Names - Lettered Edition! This thing is monstrously, otherworldly rare. There are only 13 lettered copies. But this is even rarer. It also has significant provenance. It is a 'PC' copy (publisher's copy)! As you can see instead of being numbered A-M it is signed PC. This copy was owned by the owner of Subterranean Press (Bill Schafer). This was his personal copy. Apparently Schafer began the process of selling his book collection though the bookstore Camelot Books. Here is the front of the leather outer case.]

    [Below: Back of leather outer case.]

    [Below: Spine of leather outer case.]

    [Below: Leather case opened.]

    [Below: Leather case empty.]

    [Below: Leather Dead Names.]

    [Below: Back of leather Dead Names.]

    [Below: Spine of Dead Names.]

    [Below: 'Mind the Gate' - First page.]


    [Below: Here is a bizarre release... Fragments Du Tome Nergal, (Fragments of the Tome of Nergak) it's basically just the Book of Fifty Names. This is a French only release. Anyway, here is the hardcover version...]

    [Below: Paperback version of the Fragments Du Tome Nergal, (Fragments of the Tome of Nergak).]

    [Below: English edition of Fragments of Nergak. For some reason they removed the word 'Tome'.]


    [Below: Report on the Necronomicon: A personal guide to the understanding and practical applications of magickal spells.
    This rather rare 24 page booklet was released by 'Simon' in 1981 and published by Schlangekraft Inc./Barnes Graphics Inc. It is basically a demo version of the later released Necronomicon Spellbook.]


    [Below: Necronomicom Spellbook. This came after the Report on the Necronomicon, apparently in 1987, published by Magickal Childe INC. This book is oddly sized and is crudely printed. As you can see the title and graphic are off center. Below is the cover.]

    [Below: Back]

    [Below: Inside - the text is strangely double-spaced and large.]


    [Below: Here's a picture of the Magickal Childe bookstore in New York City. It closed in 1999.]

    [Below: Magickal Childe bookstore advertisement.]

    [Below: Period article on the Magickal Childe bookstore.]


    [Below: The paperback Necronomican was first published in 1980 by Avon Books. It is so common your mom probably owns a copy.]


    [Below: The first edition paperback from 1980 bears one striking difference - the red outer pages. It doesn't really do it justice here, but it is a nice looking contrast to the text and logo.]

    [Below: 1980 1st edition paperback. Front/back.]

    [Below: Inner page.]


    [Below: $5.99 edition paperback. Unknown year (it just lists the original 1980 copyright date). Front/back.]

    [Below: Inner page.]


    [Below: $6.99 edition paperback. Unknown year (it just lists the original 1980 copyright date). Front/back.]

    [Below: Inner page.]


    [Below: $7.99 edition paperback. Unknown year (it just lists the original 1980 copyright date). Front/back.]

    [Below: Inner page.]

    [Below: But let's look a little closer at this one... here is the opening page.]

    [Below: A prison edition of the Necronomicon?! It is pretty funny to picture someone in jail with this, maybe cursing the guards? Bo, we have your ancient book of the dead...]


    [Below: Now here is an extremely rare version. A Greek Necronomicon from 1985. Pretty neat, huh? Front.]

    [Below: Greek Necronomicon - Back.]

    [Below: Greek Necronomicon - Inside.]

    [Below: Greek Necronomicon - Inside.]

    [Below: Greek Necronomicon - Inside. This is an odd printing error. Here is a piece of a symbol that has shifted to the next page.]

    [Below: Greek Necronomicon - Inside. See that symbol at the bottom? It's supposed to be on the previous page.]


    [Below: This is very strange. It is from 2021 from something called 'LS Books', yet it is done so shoddily you'd swear it is some kind of bootleg. It uses a new cover design, yet takes the back of the paperback edition of the Necronomicom. Stranger still, the pages within are a crude carbon copy of a hardback version, even having a Barnes signature like so many hardback Necronomicons. As you'll see below, the pages even have a horrible black ink mottling of sorts. This is a strange release...]

    [Below: Back of book -- this is identical to the back of a paperback Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Inside -- publisher's page.]

    [Below: Inside -- note the signature of Barnes carbon copied from a hardback edition.]

    [Below: Inside -- check out the ink on the blank page. This is found throughout the book.]


    [Below: A little less uncommon, Necronomicon Spellbook, this Avon Books paperback edition was published in 1998. It is a useless rehash of some of the 'spells' found in the aforementioned book. The editor admits this was published for monetary reasons.]


    [Below: Published in 2006 by Avon Books. This is by the original editor of the Necronomicon, 'Simon'. It's basically a history and an attempt to straighten out various rumors.]


    [Below: Also published in 2006 by Avon Books, This is also by the original editor of the Necronomicon, 'Simon'. It's a 'companion' to the Necronomicon.]


    [Below: In 2016 this custom beauty appeared on the market, probably done by a fan in very small numbers. It boasts a leather cover embossed with the Necronomicon symbol, died black edges and a bookmark ribbon. Not too mention a color page depicting the symbol, the only color to ever appear in a Necronomicon, I'll have you know.]

    [Below: Cover/spine/back.]

    [Below: Top view showing dyed black pages.]

    [Below: New marbled pattern opening and closing pages, resembling books of old.]

    [Below: Color printed symbol on opening page.]


    [Below: Here is a privately produced, and very well done, hardback leather cover.]


    [Below: A Spanish version of the Necronomicon was printed in 2014 by La Factoria de Ideas. Not only does it contain various errors, one of which is shown below, but it also introduced 'Cthulhu'esque' imagery, also seen below. And they want this to be taken seriously?]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon back.]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon publishing information.]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon scary border.]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon illustration.]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon illustration. Is this from the Evil Dead movie?]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon illustration.]

    [Below: Spanish Necronomicon sigil used twice on accident.]


  • I hope you enjoyed your tour! If you have any information on Necronomicon editions not found here please email us!

    [Below: A search of 'Necronomicon' on Ebay reveals the insidious, dark and evil influence the Necronomicon is having on department stores! Here the store Target is caught in the web of pure-fucking-evil! What next? Necronomicon coloring books for children?! Target is definitely not worthy of this book, especially with its vile bathroom policies of inviting men into girl's restrooms!]

    [Below: I spoke too soon! After a quick search this gem surfaced... talk about whoring out a name.]

    [Below: Cookbook? I wonder if there is a recipe for CAPITALIST WHORE!]

    [Below: A role-playing game... okay, here's the premise of your first adventure: you are a sucker and an idiot for buying this. The end. No elves. No orcs. No treasure. The end.]

    [Below: Comic books ©2008.]

    [Below: An example of the rather boring art within the comics...]

    [Below: Another comic... Sherlock Holmes and the Necrnomicon?]

    [Below: Necronomicon calendar. You can use this to mark all of your dates and plans with all of your friends... just kidding, if you buy this you are guaranteed to be a virgin with no friends.]

    [Below: Necronomicon playing cards. You'll need these, since you'll be playing a lot of Solitaire.]

    [Below: The brilliant artist H.R. Giger released several art books using the name Necronomicon. The latter book, Necronomicon Ex Mortis seen here is apparently a 'spellbook' using Giger's art and name to lure in suckers.]

    [Below: Another 'grimoire'... this one writ by a very creative individual calling himself 'Baphomet Giger'! haha...]

    [Below: Perhaps an even better example of Baphomet Giger's esoteric, 'unique' work: The MIGHTY 'Necronomicon Excalibur Mortis'! haha... So basically, 'Book of the Dead Excalibur Death'!!! WTF!?]

    [Below: Here is a video game using the name that was released in Japan on the Sega Saturn. And it's pinball, of all things!]

    [Below: This PC game surfaced in 2001 by Canadian computer game publisher DreamCatcher Games.]

    [Below: A number of bands have chosen to call themselves Necronomicon over the years, others have named their releases after the book. Here are but a few...]

    [Below: This picture is too funny... haha... the guy on the left is my favorite. He's too cool for the rest of the band for sure. Someone forgot to tell the guy on the right to not smile and to look evil for the picture!]

    [Below: Here's an advertisement for a movie called Necronomicon.]

    [Below: Even a Crowley book jumped on the bandwagon...]

    [Below: This book best describes the following books -- 'Pseudonomicons'.]

    [Below: A sea of greed and unoriginality... the below is by far not complete, but a small sampling.]

  • Below: ...and let's not forget the merchandising. Idiotic, greedy capitalism knows no bounds. The symbol from the 'Simon' Necronomicon can be found on a wide variety of objects. Here are an example of a few of them.

    [Below: Shirt - 'History of the Necronomicon'? What does that even mean???]

    [Below: Shirt - Not to leave out the little lass, here is an evil 'babydoll' shirt for her.]

    [Below: Hat for those cold winter nights summoning Watchers, demons and devils!]

    [Below: A bag to carry your spellbooks, candles and other evil instruments. Maybe a gameboy to help you relax before the ritual.]

    [Below: A wallet to store all of the money your wealth spells will certainly bring you.]

    [Below: Patches. Where will you put yours?]

    [Below: Money clip. You're gonna need it kid.]

    [Below: Key chain. For your keys to the gates, of course.]

    [Below: Cheap Chinese ring. This is your magical signet ring to prove to the demons you summon that you are a true dark wizard.]

    [Below: More cheap Chinese necklaces. We'll say amulets from the Far East. Yeah, that sounds better.]

    [Below: Pewter amulet. You can enchant this up to +5.]

    [Below: Okay this necklace definitely looks enchanted. But what on earth could it be? We need an identify spell.]

    [Below: This necklace is very strange. Here is a view of front/back and open. To all of you worthless, uninitiated pukes out there, this is a spell of jumping. Very evil stuff.]

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