[The Garbage Dump]

  • Plug your nose and take a look at the garbage below...

    [Below: Here's a wide assortment of mostly fantasy overprints, but it's only the tip of the rotten iceberg, as you'll see below.]

    [Below: Authentic stamps with fake cancels.]

    [Below: Fraudulent 'Lorient' Pocket overprinted French stamps with fake cancels.]

    [Below: A wide variety of fake overprints, ranging from before, during and after WWII.]

    [Below: Forged Dunkirk issues from July 1, 1940, when the Germans occupied Northern France. Very rare!]

    [Below: A variety of French fantasies.]

    [Below: More forgeries showing the full set...]

    [Below: Rather horrible forgeries...]

    [Below: This is a forgery of private donation vignettes for Danish Waffen-SS volunteers, 1944]

    [Below: Forgeries...]

    [Below: Forgeries...]

    [Below: This piece uses an authentic Feldpost envelope, but adds a rare vignette stamp from the D.N.S.A.P., Denmark's own National Socialist party. The vignette itself is fake. The is a common tactic of forgers/thieves - they use authentic, but near worthless Feldpost envelopes, and add rare stamps to them. This combination makes the piece look more authentic since the envelope is real.]

    [Below: This is a forgery of a rare and expensive Croatian sheetlet]

    [Below: Forgeries of the stamps, these were released outside of the sheet as well. The difference is the sheet had little red artist initials below each stamp, while the plain stamps did not. These are good forgeries.]

    [Below: This is a forgery of a French Waffen-SS donation sheet from October 24, 1941. The proceeds went toward French volunteers and their families. This highly desirable sheet is widely forged. This fake uses fraudulent Feldpost cancels as well.]

    [Below: Here are two fake sheets (one missing text and imperforate) in an attempt to look rare. The forger has placed the sheets on envelopes to up the value.]

    [Below: Here are a variety of fantasies/forgeries professing to be from the WWI (1916 locals) and WWII era.]

    [Below: A variety of fakes and fantasies of 1938 era Sudetenland overprints. The majority of the material seen below is fantasy, although there were a handful of authentic overprints from that time period, like the 'Wir sind frei!', 'Karlsbad' and 'Sudetenland' ones.]

    [Below: Dörnsdorf fantasy]

    [Below: At Heydrich's funeral a tiny amount of these special sheetlets were given out. Needless to say they are extremely rare and this is a forgery.]