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[Above: the inlay states that the cover was 'processed by Satan' and there is a FAX NUMBER! HA!]



  • CDs 'Dreamquest', 'Portraits' & 'Ancient Abbey'

    [Note: There are a lot of unintentionally funny pictures of black/death bands. Silly looking corpsepaint and trying your best to look over-the-top tough and evil are commonplace in the genre. The Italian band EVOL ('love' backward) have done some, let's just say, interesting and entertaining photography for their releases over the years. First off though, I have to say, EVOL is a very good black metal band. Very talented and listenable. That said, on with the show...]

    [Above: cover of 'Dreamquest', circa 1996]

    [Above: inlay of 'Dreamquest', what in the hells is that wizard doing holding a sword!? I don't believe that's possible in his character class!]

    [Above: inlay of 'Dreamquest', 'Black Philosopher'?! So underneath that make-up he's African?]

    [Above: inlay of 'Dreamquest', 'Keeper of the Unholy Feelings'!?]

    [Above: inlay of 'Dreamquest', thas has to be the weirdest looking knight I have ever seen. Check out the smiley face on the helmet!]

    [Above: inlay of 'Ancient Abbey', circa 1997]

    [Above: cover of 'Portraits', again done by Satan, including fax number, circa 1997]

    [Above: inlay of 'Portraits', the first time I have heard a member of a black metal band call themselves 'Dancer of the Empire', but I could be wrong. Wait a minute... didn't Cronos... uh, nevermind.]

    [Above: inlay of 'Portraits', another first, a band member calling himself after a dinosaur holds a chainsaw!]

    [Above: another hot of T-Rex and the chainsaw]

    [Above: wow, that's pretty bold admitting you have a disease!]

    Religious Pamphlets


  • Christian comedy

    [Note: I recently was 'gifted' some religious pamphlets that I thought I'd share with you. I'm sure you're familiar with such litter, usually left on doorsteps, shut in doors and the like. Or, if you've been real unlucky, maybe you've even been disturbed by a knock on your door by some teenage crusader pretending to know more about 'God' than you.
    Let's have a look at the first pamphlet, 'Violence - Why it happens'. This pamphlet gets pesky facts out of the way first, before preaching about peace, despite the fact that they are a part of the most violent religion this world has ever known. A few of these facts are as follows: 'The murder rate in the USA at the end of the 20th century was nearly 10 times higher than it was at the begininng. The rate of suicide and violent crime by teenagers has tripled in the last 25 years. Incidents of 'road rage' rose 51% from 1990 to 1997.'
    While the pamphlet cites 'loss of identity', 'loss of healthy family relationships' and 'loss of community' as some of the reasons for this, I'd like to add a few of my own. How about 'a loss of racial identity', 'a loss of ancestral gods/godesses' and generally how society has degenerated down a carefully calculated path to slavery. As the writer Charles Bukowski said 'Slavery was never stopped, it was just expanded to all the races.'
    The tyrants of this world, Judeo-Christianity included, have strangled the soul of man. They've butchered, burned and bled out such outdated concepts as truth and honor, and now they wonder why we don't love the world they've created.

    Is Jesus a god? A son of a god? A prophet? A failure? God's second in command? An alien?! OK, I added the last one. But there are those who believe that. Quite frankly, I don't care. But if you do then you should read 'The Gospel of Thomas' written by 'Didymus Judas Thomas' sometime around A.D. 40. This is truly a strange and mind-blowing work. If you've never read it, you should. Thomas writes about Jesus' life as a child. He even tells a story of Jesus killing another boy. You'll have to read it for yourself. Don't expect a movie to be made of this anytime soon!

    Ah, my favorite of the three. This booklet deals with the evil horrors of naked women. That dirty, filthy, horrible word: pornography. This booklet begins with a story about a man who thinks about porn all day long while at work, and after work he buys a porn magazine and drives to a park and masturbates... Then, 'self-hatred and shame tore through him like a violent storm.'
    He begged God for forgiveness.
    "You filthy piece of shit. How dare you look at my creations unclothed. The female body is disgusting. I can't believe I even created it. Maybe I was drunk. Or rather, maybe my son Satan did. Regardless, Greg, wouldn't you rather look at the supple bodies of young boys anyway?"
    OK, that last part was a bit of ad lib to illustrate the absurdity of it all. They even compare pornography to cocaine! With withdrawal symptoms and all.]

    Well, here's some female cocaine for all you addicts out there. Enjoy, you disgusting perverts!

    [Above: Hand in hand with man, canine vulgaris, on the porn-strewn road straight to hell! Ha!]

    Signs, signs, signs


  • We Buy Gold

    [Note: With the 'economic downturn', these places have been popping up everywhere. Over a million people in the United States have lost their homes because they can't pay their mortgages (did you know that the word 'mortgage' means 'pledge till death'?!), and in come the jackals to buy them up at 'discount prices.' So much for the 'American Dream' of owning a home, and even if you do, with taxes it's never really yours. Afterall, something that is yours is yours, right? Yet they'll come with guns to take your house if you don't continue paying taxes on something you already own. On average, with a 30 year home loan, a person ends up paying twice the loan amount after interest, or more. Insane. We are born with nooses around our broken necks. We've all become slaves in our own lands. Yet we kill and die to preserve this corrupt system. When will it end? When we can't afford a piece of filthy earth to sleep on? When we are husks from selling our blood and organs? Automatons we've become. Staring at our televisions, waiting for orders.
    You stupid little lemmings.
    The forest is on fire!
    W A K E U P !
    A timeline of history shows that once the working class people are able to get on their feet, even accumulate a tiny bit of wealth, in comes the 'recessions' and 'depressions.' All of which is manipulated by the tyrants who murder this world with their greed. In this case, they are after the tiny bits of gold and silver the middle and lower classes have acquired in recent years. I took these pictures while driving through a hispanic part of town, but they are all over my city, and I'm guessing, yours too (at least, in the United States.)]

    [Above and below: In this picture, a smiling white woman wants the gold. 'Compramos oro' = 'We buy gold']

    [Above and below: In this picture, a 'sexy' hispanic woman, draped in money, lures the poor into trading their gold for paper.]

    [Below: Here we have a place which will buy your gold AND silver. It also proclaims that it doesn't care how ugly your gold or silver jewelry is, they'll buy it! Oh, how nice of them, they don't care what they melt down!]

    [Below: You gotta wonder if these models ever imagined that their pictures would appear on these unscrupulous ads. I'm guessing NO! Well, maybe the one wearing the 'fashionable' money dress and a giant gold dollar sign! HA!]

    [Below: This pamphlet, written by a pastor named Sheldon Emry and distributed by 'America's Promise Ministries' and is very informative and well written. It simplifies the economic enslavement of today's age. 'And the truth shall make thee angry!']

    [Below: Here is a fifth edition of the pamphlet, with a little bit different art.]

    [Below: Warrior of Truth - Sheldon Emry (1926 - 1985)]

    [Below: Emry understood the forbidden truth of Adolf Hitler as well.]

    'If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'
    -Thomas Jefferson

    [Below: Emry released a handful of booklets other than Billions for the Bankers, such as this one seen here.]

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