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  • Video Store DVDs

    [Note: I found myself at a video store and stumbled upon this funny arrangement and thought I'd share it with you.
    To the artist whom built this: Thanks for the laugh!]



  • Somewhere on America's interstate system

    [Note: I was driving the interstate, minding my own business, when this monster overtook me. 'Inedible animal food'? If it's inedible, why are we feeding it to animals? This brings up a very important bit of information though that I must pass on to you. Did you know that many pet foods are made from such things as sick, diseased and dead animals from slaughterhouses, roadkills, tumors cut off meat meant for human consumption (!), and even euthanized pets! Don't believe it? Research it on the web, it will disgust you endlessly, especially if you are a pet owner.]



  • On the streets of my city

    [Note: Stuck in a traffic jam, I noticed this beast before me. 'Inedible - Technical animal fat not intended for human food'. Disgusted again I am!]



  • On the streets of my city

    [Note: 'Fuck I'm a Bitch' and 'One Crazy Bitch,' uh... you forgot 'I am a foul idiot' sticker!]



  • Sweet irony

    [Note: I uncovered this rusty gem and had to share with you its irony.]

    Letter/Weihnachten card


  • Greetings from the Fatherland

    [Note: A warm winter Yule greeting from Germany.]



  • Victory or Valhalla & Deceived, Damned and Defiant

    [Note: Victory or Valhalla is a recent publication of the final writings of David Eden Lane. One of the finest Americans this occupied land ever gave birth.
    Valhalla was built for men like David Lane. Deceived, Damned and Defiant is Lane's first book, which is a compilation of his writings and poetry. I highly recommend both books!]



  • Ace Venture - Pet Detective

    [Note: Did you know that there is a part in this movie where the lead character stumbles upon Cannibal Corpse playing live? I believe they are playing their opus love song 'Hammer Smashed Face.']

    [Above: Still from the movie]

    Picture Frame


  • Werewolf/Zombie/Vampire Man

    [Note: I was recently browsing an antique/thrift store and stumbled upon evidence of a supernatural creature. While I have no idea who took this picture originally, it is definitive proof that werewolves, or whatever the hell he is, exist! Believe me, these grainy camera phone images are nothing compared to seeing him first hand. Frightening!]

    [Below: Check out my smiling reflection in the background! Ha!]

    Scorpions LP


  • Animal Magnetism

    [Note: The German band Scorpions had some 'unique' ideas when it came to their album covers. An earlier album called 'Virgin Killer' was probably the most controversial album to date, or ever for that matter. Do a search engine query for it and you'll see what I mean, but don't say I didn't warn you!]

    [Below: This rather bizarre release contains mostly obscure 1970s tracks including 'Virgin Killer.']

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