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Zombie Mania!


  • Zombie infestation

    [Note: Now, first, let me begin by saying I'm as much for a zombie apocalypse as the next person. But in recent years, it has went mainstream and like most things for the masses, has gotten very stupid. Zombie comic books see many of the super heroes either fighting zombies or moonlighting as one themselves. There is a popular television series based on a once underground comic (below). Calendars with daily tips of how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Video games galore. Even add-ons to your favorite WW2 games to turn your favorite idiot into a zombie-nazi killer. It goes on and on... but, you know, it does make sense, mainstream's affinity to zombies; they are mainly zombies themselves!]

    [The Conan of the 80's, left, versus the 90's, right]



  • Race-swapping

    [Note: In a recent movie, some of the gods of Asgard aren't white. Even the Aryan barbarian Conan has slowly been getting darker, a recent movie bearing the name has a non-white playing him. These things, and many more, are only examples of the lunacy of this age and the acceleration to its end. So then, to the temporary little masters of this world, with their shoddy propaganda/entertainment machines rewriting everything of the past, take all you want, when your age ends, we'll take them back. For ours will be just beginning.]

    [Greek edition of Conan. Who would have guessed Conan spoke Greek?]


    [Sonja turns her back at the 'new' Conan...! haha...]



  • Hooded sweatshirt

    [Note: OK, since there hasn't been any metal yet on this page, and we're at the end, I had to throw on something. And what's more metal than the great Abigor?! Supreme Immortal Art indeed.]

    Moral Authority


  • Letter

    [Note: I'm not sure where I received this paper from, but it is, like all of Lane's writings, true and extremely well written.]

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