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  • Silver, pewter, stainless steel, lead and resin

    [Note: You might recognize some of the Thor's Hammer pendants from Mourning the Ancient photo shoots.
    The spoons were made in Norway long ago, maybe to entice your great-grandparents love of the Vikings?
    The large round brooch in the middle is old as well.
    Lastly, on top, the valkyrie bust, was a gift in the mail from an old friend and comrade!]

    [Above: Wow, what a striking resemblance to the real thing! This pewter pin was made in Sweden, adding to its authenticity and black metal allure. Don't be surprised if you see one of these pins gracing the chainmail of your favorite Viking-Metal band.]

    [Above & below: This pewter wine cork remover was made some decades ago in Norway by a company called 'Konge Tinn'.]

    [H.P. Lovecraft]

    Howard Phillips Lovecraft


  • Books, books and books...

    [Note: H.P. Lovecraft has been the inspiration of legions of horror movies, fiction writers and countless metal bands. The artwork from 'The Best of H.P. Lovecraft,' by Michael Whelan ©1981, has even graced an Obituary release (below.) Notice how they took out the insect on the Obituary art? Hmm... no clue why.]


    'Our human race is only a trivial incident in the history of creation.
    It is of no more importance in the annals of eternity and infinity than
    is the child’s snow-man in the annals of terrestrial tribes and nations...
    How arrogant of us, creatures of the moment,
    whose very species is but an experiment of the Deus Naturae,
    to arrogate to ourselves an immortal future and considerable status!'

    --H.P. Lovecraft

    [Sega CD ©1994]



  • Sega-CD and NEC Super CD-ROM for the PC Engine

    [Note: One of my favorite video games of all time, Konami's 'Snatcher.' The top is the domestic American release on the Sega CD. The middle is the Japanese version, which proceded it. While the American release is watered down due to censorship, a simple code at the beginning of the game accesses the uncensored version. The bottom pictures are of a Snatcher demo, which were given away at an electronic trade show in Japan preceding the release of the game.]

    [Front/back - PC Engine, Japanese version ©1992]

    [Above and Below: Books of the PC Engine Snatcher]

    [Below: Inside books of the PC Engine Snatcher]

    [Below: Close-up of anime hottie]

    [Below: PC Engine Snatcher disc]

    [Below: PC Engine Snatcher Pilot Disk ©1992 - This was given out in Japan to promote the upcoming video game.]

    [Below: Back - PC Engine Snatcher Pilot Disk.]

    [Below: Spine cover, these were exclusive to Japanese games - PC Engine Snatcher Pilot Disk.]

    [Below: Disc - PC Engine Snatcher Pilot Disk.]

    Blut Kampf


  • Booklet and cassette

    [Note: This racialist cassette release came with the booklet shown below. The track title 'Final War II' is a bit of an oxymoron eh? But I guess things happen.
    Kinda like breaking up with you boyfriend/girlfriend for the final time, again.]

    [Below: Blut Kampf cassette - no print]



  • Flyer

    [Note: 'I'm a New God, I'm your God!' Wow, I guess they told us?!]

    JL America


  • Flyer/cassette

    [Note: Almost free for you friend!
    Here is the infamous sampler from JL America.
    Beherit, Samael, Deteriorate, Immortal, Master's Hammer, etc.. These samplers had some legendary stuff on them.]

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