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Playmate Sketches (NO NOT THOSE PLAYMATES! hehe) (©1897) - Perfect Jewels (©1884)


  • Ancient Tomes from a World Lost

    Note: I love these old books and I know a lot of you do too. The touch and feel of them, that old smell of the paper and the years, even the damage gives them character. Sometimes the owner will have written his name and the year, or sometimes the book was a gift and has an inscription. All writ by some forgotten hand. They say books have a destiny all their own. Think about the trees that grew over a century ago to make these books. All the people that touched them and read them. In the late 1880s books were a luxury, especially a book like Perfect Jewels, with an engraved cover and filled with illustrations. Anyway, enjoy...

    [Below: The poem below called The Psalm of Life is incredibly beautiful... I've loved it for many years. I first found the poem from an elaborate grave that had part of the poem inscribed on it.]

    Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind


  • Books

    Note: Wow, this is cool. A close comrade printed up and bound the first page of Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind! This is so neat to see in paper and to hold it in my hand. 657 pages! And this is only the first page... TWENTY more to go. And it is growing every day as we add new material to the existing pages and eventually add new pages themselves. Anyway, this is a sample, a prototype, of what it would look like. Very cool to see.

    [Below: A German comrade also attempted to print out Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind, except he made the photos into a collage of sorts. He did a little more than page one and it was pretty thick.]

    [Below: A random page.]

    [Below: A random page.]

    [Below: A random page.]

    [Below: A random page.]

    Hero and Living Martyr Matt Hale


  • Letter/envelope

    Note: Let me start this by saying Matt Hale is one of the coolest, smartest, bravest men I've ever had the privilege to meet. He is also stronger than Krupp steel, as Savitri Devi would have said. It is such a pleasure to be able to talk to Matt. But I also feel a massive sadness whenever I think of him. Sitting in his lonely cell, robbed of life for a crime he didn't commit. They first robbed him of his law license and took away his dream of being a lawyer. And he dared to still speak out the dreaded words "I am proud to be white". Here in the USA and across the world white people aren't allowed to say they are proud to be white. Or even 'It's okay to be white'.

    Some of you reading this who aren't white may think this is crazy, but it is very, very true. We are a race that has been beaten down by our enemies. Demoralized. We live in occupied lands. But don't you worry, after the enemy of mankind is done with us, he'll come for you, if he hasn't already. This beast, this demonic race of people will have its raceless world that it has dreamed of for so long.

    Matt spoke against this genocide they had planned for us. He was vocal. He spoke out everywhere he could. He was extremely smart and charismatic. He was on television, the radio, the internet. He used flyers, books, stickers, everything he could to get the message out. He was warning us about the hell that was coming if we didn't wake up. Now look around you. Do you like what you see? It will get worse. Much, much worse.

    Men like Matt aren't born often. He is a natural leader and the enemy knew this... what else can I say to you?????

    Please I implore you to read the court transcripts yourself. You will be horrified when you find out that a literal crazy man, a total psychopath who was hired by the FBI to frame Matt, was the witness against him. You will be horrified when you learn that one of the jurors in his case was a secret homosexual leftist who lied and told the court he had never heard of Matt, then after Matt was thrown in prison for basically life, the leftist went and bragged how he sent Matt to prison, calling him a 'racist'.

    As we previously mentioned, all white people who are proud of their race and want to defend it from genocide are called racist. The enemy tells us we should lie down and let it happen.

    Matt is a living symbol of resistance to our world enemy. The enemy of all races.

    I wanted to share part of his recent letter to me with you to show you what an awesome guy he is. How much he cares still about us. I told him about a recent event that I saw on an internet podcast. Someone was playing an old video of him and the chat comments were 'this guy is awesome', 'who is this guy? He is based', 'he is fucking cool!' and on and on. It was largely a young crowd of a few hundred people watching the old video of Matt. They loved him. But there was also something sad that I didn't tell Matt about. The young spectators also asked 'Where is this guy?' and 'How can I find this guy?' And a handful of people answered 'He's dead' or 'I think he's been dead for a long time'. A few older guys even knew who he was and said 'That's Matt Hale. I think he is dead'.

    I promised myself I would do my very best to let the world know: Matt Hale is not dead. No, he is very, VERY alive. He probably fights our enemy ten times more from his tiny cell than most of you do in your 'freedom'.

    So, please, help me let the world know Matt isn't dead. Write him. Tell him you are thinking about him. That you support him. That he isn't forgotten.

    Matt Hale Lives!

    Here is the small writing we were talking about in the letter. I love it, please read it!

  • Why Do I Want To Be Free?

    Here is Matt's website run by his mother (update: his mother has passed away and it is now run by a supporter):

  • https://freematthale.org/

    Write to Matt:

    Matthew F. Hale #15177-424
    PO BOX 1000
    MARION, IL 62959

    Mail Tips (copy and pasted from his website):

    White envelopes only
    Stamped or hand-written addresses only “to and from” (i.e. no address stickers).
    No sticky tape of any kind.
    When sending Matt cards, they must be white envelopes, just photo copy the card and send the copy, Matt said if they copy the card, it will only be in black and white.
    If you copy the card, it can be in color. Of course, stamped or hand-written addresses on the envelope.
    No words in letters like Creativity, Creator, no racist rant or talk
    No threat of any violence suggested or implied
    Cannot contain anything about racial occurrences happening out here, rallies, etc..
    Don’t address Matt with the title “Reverend.” “Brother Hale” or just “Matt” seems to get through for now.

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