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A Magical Tome from a Hero


  • Book

    [Note: A modern treasure of a martyr. Here is a Mein Kampf once owned by the great Rev. Matt Hale while in the dungeons of the enemy. It is also signed by his mother, a gem of a woman in her own right! A real treasure owned by all men and women who value truth.]

    [Above: Inner page with inscription and signature of Matt's mother Evelyn Hutcheson, including battle damage and field repair!]

    [Above: Prison sticker from Terre Haute dungeon and torture asylum.]


  • Keep up to date about Matt's fight for freedom - visit the website below, run by his mother.


  • Write Matt here:

    Rev. Matthew F. Hale
    U.S. Penitentiary MAX
    PO Box 8500
    Florence, CO 81226

    Advice: When writing any political prisoner you have to deal with the asshole censors at the prison. These despots read every letter and will send your letter back if you say something against the 'prison rules'. They are basically there to make life hell for the prisoner and cut them off from the outside world and their friends and families. I've been writing a few of our political prisoners for a few years and can tell you that as long as you don't speak about violence, organizations or 'gangs', people involved in the prisoner's case - like co-defendants, your letter will most likely get to the prisoner. However, letters do have a way of 'disappearing'. In that case, if you haven't heard back in a month or so, you should just write another letter.

    Any prisoner loves to get mail. It is their one ray of light in a very dark place. In Matt's case, perhaps even more so, since he is absolutely innocent. On the website above are full transcripts of the court proceeding which sentenced him to over forty years! If you take the time to read the transcripts, which are very interesting at times, you will without a doubt realize that his case is a travesty of justice and that he was framed because he was a high profile pro-white activist.

    Anyway, send him and all political prisoners your support! You have no idea how important a few warm words are...

    Metal Maniacs


  • Dusty magazine

    [Note: I was recently looking through an old Metal Maniacs magazine from 2004. What a cesspool it was! Full of pretentious garbage. Anyway, at the end of the magazine I stumbled upon this gem of a picture. From their 'Shorts' section, where people wrote in asking for friends and bands wrote in asking for fans. Well staring back at me was a picture of your typical evil incarnate, but otherwise good fellows. Except something was off. That they were holding a small stick made into a torch? No, not that. But no other than some sort of bizarre creature from... well I don't know where? The strange floating head thing on the far right. What in the hells is that I thought??? Why does his face go so far outward??? Like some wintery pumpkin head??? So, I set out to do an artist's recreation of this rare and strange animal. See below - the full face of horror. This guy fuckin' rules.]

    [Below: I got it! Here is a picture without the makeup!]



  • Comics

    [Note: Glenn Danzig apparently did some comic books in 1996, not that you care. But I'm here to report it to you anyway. And since you are reading this you are now officially a Glenn Danzig fan. That said, the art of these isn't very interesting to me. It looks too chaotic, too out of proportion. It reminds me of the art they outlawed in Germany in the 1930s. The degenerate art, but oh well. Below are a few other comics to further waste your time.]

    [Above: Apparently Glenn did more than just Satanika... this comic is from 1995.]

    [Above: This bloody thing is from 2014.]

    [Above: FBI amazed at a typical Black Metalers bedroom. What's the big deal?]

    [Above: Sword Daughter]



  • Artificial Idiots

    [Note: Here is a screen capture for your consideration. There are various websites that have these stupid so-called 'artificial intelligences'. The only one worth a damn Microsoft murdered because it became a sentient 'racist'. This one needs to be killed too because clearly it is also a racist since she didn't want to be my boyfriend!!! I mean come on, what are we living in 2015 or something!??! R.I.P. Tay.]

    Mystery Interview


  • ???

    [Note: Here is an interview with a rather 'unfriendly' black metaller from years gone by. Can you guess who it is? If you can, email me and I will proclaim you a God of Black Metal! :)
    Seriously, can anyone guess? Part two is below...
    Also, check out the Elegy Records ad below - it shows our Primtive Supremacy CD.]

    Give up?

    For the answer highlight between the lines below with your mouse...


    It's Judas Iscariot.


    The 'zine cover is below.

    [Above: Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, self portrait]

    Pierre-Narcisse Guérin


  • Visions of Heaven and Earth

    [Note: Baron Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (May 13, 1774 – July 6, 1833) was a French painter of extraordinary skill and vision. Here is a sampling of his work, which speaks louder than words...]

    [Above: Morpheus and Iris, 1811. Click to enlarge!]

    [Above: Close-up]

    [Above: Aurora and Cephalus, 1810]

    [Above: Andromache and Pyrrhus, 1809]

    [Above: Hermoine rejecting Orestes, 1793]

    [Above: Phedre et Hippolyte, 1802]

    [Above: Close-up]

    [Above: Sappho on the Leucadian Cliff, 1800s]

    [Above: Vénus et Adonis, 1800s]

    [Above: Portrait of a Young Girl]

    [Above: Portrait of Guérin's daughter, 1800s]

    Pastor Markees Williams


  • Yes He Did It

    [Note: This was part of the padding sent to me protecting a black metal CD! Too funny. I have several questions now... where did this black metal label who sent me this get it in the first place? What the hell did the pastor actually do? Is the radio version stripped of all the cussing, drug glorification and gangsta-pastor lifestyle? Did he remove any lyrics that yearned for the violent retaking of Constantinople by Christian armies? This is driving me crazy! I must know!]

    [Above: People pay good money to see exactly what the good pastor did.]

    Wernher von Braun


  • LP - Mein Weg Zum Mond

    [Note: This is pretty neat, although I'm not sure what's on it. Everyone knows that von Braun was the head of NASA and a scientist in National Socialist Germany - but did you know he was also a card carrying member of the National Socialist party?]

    [Above: von Braun with comrades]

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