'It is because Communism has not been fought for what it really is...
a Jewish scheme invented by Jews, propagated by Jews, financed by Jews, led by Jews, profitable only to Jews...
that it has progressed against all opposition to it.'
-Adrian Arcand, during a speech in New York, October 30, 1937

[Above: A young Adrien Arcand.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand in full party uniform.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand and his weapon in the arsenal of truth: the typewriter.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand.]

[Above: Adrien Arcand (front/middle).]

[Above: Adrien Arcand.]

'The truth about communism frightens the Jews the most. They understand this weakness in their plan. So, in all those countries locked behind the Iron Curtain, they rapidly, after 1918, imposed the death penalty for what they call the crime of anti-Semitism, meaning, the mere mention of the word Jew in connection with the communist conspiracy. This is the "crime" for which there is no pardon or mitigation of sentence. In the other half of the world, in the so-called democracies, if there is no death sentence yet for this crime of telling the truth, the terrorism used to punish it is just as ruthless. Whoever speaks the truth, whoever mouths the forbidden word, whoever has the gall to spell the word: JEW, is ostracized, financially crushed, economically crushed, muckraked and made infamous, an object of contempt, and, if circumstances are conducive he is plunged into captivity without trial or sentence, because the crime of telling the truth is not yet on our statute books.'
--Adrian Arcand, The Universal Republic, 1950

[Above: A newspaper clipping of Arcand's family.]

[Above: An Adrien Arcand election poster. 'Canada for Canadians!']

[Above: Commander J.M. Scott trains women of the National Unity Party, Montréal.]

[Above: Party uniforms being forged, 1940.]

[Above: A large party assembly, Montréal, May 1938.]

[Above: Montréal, 1938.]

[Above: A member of the National Unity Party.]

[Above: Literature, jackets, flags, etc.]

[Above: Preparing pamphlets.]

[Above: Soldiers of truth.]

[Above: Men of the National Unity Party displaying the eternal salute.]

[Above: Party members standing outside the Canadian Aviation Club.]

[Above: Snowball fight?]

[Above: This is Dr. Erich Müller, German consul in New York. He is speaking at a meeting to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the democratic victory of National Socialism in Germany.]

[Above: Confiscated by the corrupt goverment, a small mountain of National Socialist literature and pamphlets detailing Jewish subversion, National Socialist Christian Party, Quebec, 1930s.]

'There is nothing else in Communism - a Jewish conspiracy to grab the whole world in their clutches; and no intelligent man in the world can find anything else, except the Jews, who rightly call it for themselves a "paradise on earth".'
-Adrien Arcand, New York Speech, October 30, 1937

[Above: Mock currency sent to supporters of the National Unity Party of Canada to acknowledge their donations to the party.]

[Above: Arcand leaflet.]

[Above: A letter (in English) from Arcand, leader of the National Unity Party, to a comrade. Montreal, August 3, 1939]

[Above: National Socialist Christian Party leaflet.]

[Above: National Unity Party poster.]

[Above: The cover of the official party program.]

[Above: A page from Le Goglu.]

[Above: A page from Le Goglu.]

[Above: A page from Le Goglu.]

[Above: A page advertising the National Unity Party.]

[Above: This is from the Women's Voice (1955). It was a reprint of a pamphlet, entitled The Key to the Mystery, originally issued in 1934. There were English, French and Afrikaans (South Africa) versions printed.]

[Above: Original French version. It was thought to have been written by Dr. Gabriel Lambert. By 1937 over two million copies were in print. A Jewish expert on hate and evil called it one of 'the most vicious defamation of the Jewish people ever published in Canada.']

[Above: Newspaper article.]

'The destructive revolution is at our doors. The enemy is within our walls.'
-The Key to the Mystery

  • The death of a legend - the funeral of Adrien Arcand

  • And... a door sticker with one last good-hearted message for you all:

    Be careful where you spend your money, my friends. Sometimes we can't avoid shopping at the tyrant's Chinese Super Store. But when at all possible put your money in the fight. Don't forget about our POWs. If you haven't written Matt Hale yet then what are you waiting for?