[Above: This poster shows Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill and speaks about the criminal Yalta Conference. It says: 'Bolshevik Europe - Yalta: the death of the nations!']

[Above: 'By order of Moscow']

[Above: 'Brother Brother...']

[Above: 'Collaborators in dissolution']

[Above: 'Call for the establishment of the Slovenian Legionary Home Guard']

[Above: 'Donate to help during winter!']

[Above: 'Hinje']

[Above: 'Liberators' - Jelendol was a small village where communist murderers 'liquidated 119 village members of the Home Guard in Jelendol, after they were sentenced to death at a Partisan tribunal in Ribnica. One person rescued himself from the scaffold and described the events even during the war. Members of Home Guard were able to excavate the victims a year later. They were able to identify more than a half of them. Among the bodies there were also 3 women. 90 of them were buried at a graveyard in Hrovaca, and the rest were taken by relatives to be buried in family graves.'

[Above: 'Jelendol, Work of the Liberators']

[Above: 'Jelendol never again! Fight with us in a common front!']

[Above: 'Partisan devotion!']

[Above: 'Your faith is in danger!']

[Above: 'USA is blessing Europe']

[Above: 'The aim of the bandits: Bolshevik freedom!']

[Above: 'Slovenian - The earth is calling - Do not reject the blessing of the sky!']

[Above: 'You are responsible for the fate of the Slovenian nation!']