[Below: Art of the NSAP.]

[Below: NSAP propaganda trucks on the streets of Stockholm]

[Below: An outdoor party rally in Stockholm]

[Below: Circa 1933]

[Below: Seen here is Norway's Vidkun Quisling (directly behind musicians, front), black suit carrying a hat, and Denmark's Frits Clausen, beside him. Circa 1939.]

[Below: A cool photo of an NSAP man standing on the shoulders of a comrade to paint a party message.]

[Below: Stockholm. Circa 1934.]

[Below: NSAP rally in Gothenburg, 1934.]

[Below: The NSAP flag over the party headquarters in Gothenburg.]

[Below: Voting station for the 1936 Swedish election.]

[Below: Circa 1935]

[Below: Recruitment poster. It basically says: 'Wake up Sweden! Away with class struggle! Forward with the National Socialists! Workers of the hand and mind! Unity and Solidarity!']

[Below: High leaders letter head. This was used by both the NSAP head treasurer and the leader Sven-Olov Lindholms.]

[Below: 'In memory of Swedish anti-communism 1939-1945' day badge or 'tinnie' of the NSAP.]

[Below: Day badge or 'tinnie' of the NSAP from 1936.]

[Below: Day badge or 'tinnie' of the NSAP from 1936.]

[Below: NSAP stick pin from... you guessed it, 1936.]

[Below: NSAP stick pin from 1938. Front.]

[Below: NSAP stick pin from 1938. Back.]