• An interesting fact: Unity Mitford was born in the town of Swastika, Ontario.

  • Unity was more than just a pretty face. She was said to be intelligent, witty and good humored.
    She was also a dedicated National Socialist and anti-Jew. She wrote an open letter to Der Sturmer, the newspaper of Julius Streicher, which ended:
    'P.S. please publish my name in full, I want everyone to know I am a Jew hater.'
    She was a friend of Adolf Hitler, who personally gave her a pistol for protection.
    She even spent time at the Berghof and became a part of Adolf Hitler's inner-circle. During her time at the Berghof she supplied lists of potential British supporters and enemies.

    [Below: Jessica (six) and Unity (nine) Mitford.]

    [Below: Unity, aged nine, a bridesmaid.]

    [Below: The Mitford family.]

    [Below: Unity with Decca (right).]

    [Below: The Mitford sisters, 1932.]

    [Below: The Mitford sisters, 1932.]

    [Below: Sisters Diana Mosely (middle) and Unity Mitford (left) and Nancy Mitford (right).]

    [Below: Newsprint close-up of Unity.]

    [Below: Unity Mitford (left) and Robin Farrer. Circa February 18, 1932.]

    [Below: A younger Unity seen here with a dachshund.]

    [Below: One of a beautiful professional series of photographs.]

    [Below: One of a beautiful professional series of photographs.]

    [Below: One of a beautiful professional series of photographs.]

    [Below: Unity working as a program seller at a matinee performance attended by King George V and Queen Mary. Circa 1933.]

    [Below: The Mitford family together, circa 1935. From left to right-- Unity, Tom, Deborah, Diana, Jessica, Nancy and Pamela.]

    [Below: Circa 1935.]

    [Below: Mesmerizing beauty...]

    [Below: Unity Mitford and Mary Ormsby Gore. Circa 1932.]

    [Below: Unity Mitford and Mary Ormsby Gore. Circa 1932.]

    [Below: Left to right, Adrain Stokes (an art critic), Deborah, Jessica, Lady Redesdale and Unity. This was taken during a stop-over of a Hellenic cruise in early summer 1936.]

    [Below: Unity with her beloved dog 'Rebell' at Bernstein, during the Munich crisis.]

    [Below: In the garden at Bernstein. Unity is between Janos Almasy and his wife Marie (in wheelchair). Seated to the right is John de Rutzen.]

    [Below: Unity (left) with her sister Diana. Unity is wearing an improvised B.U.F. uniform. Circa 1934.]

    [Below: Unity on an inspection of a German RAD camp with the commandant. In her arms is a puppy named 'Fluffy'.]

    [Below: Unity with her friend Max at Bayreuth. They are with Wieland and Wolfgang Wagner (right), grandson of the great composer Richard Wagner.]

    [Below: This was taken at Schloss Fantasie outside of Bayreuth, during the 1937 festival. Left to right, Count Berchtold, Kukuli von Arent, Princess Carmencita Wrede (who was having the party seen here), Unity, Prince Thurn und Taxis, Clementine Mitford (Lady Beit) and Count Berghem.]

    [Below: Unity at Deborah's wedding at St. Bartholonew's, Smithfield, April 19, 1941.]

    [Below: A British magazine article.]

    [Below: Unity with Christmasn tree given to her by Adolf Hitler, in her room at the Pension Doering, Ludwigstrasse, December 1935. Note the special card on top of the tree from Adolf Hitler. Look below for an example of what it is.]

  • Regarding the pictures above, Unity wrote her mother in England on Christmas Eve, 1935:

    'When I came home I found in my room a lovely Christmas Tree, all decorated and with candles and standing in a huge basket quite full of boxes of chocolates, cakes, biscuits, fruit and nuts. On it was a card with an eagle and a hakenkreuz printed on it, saying

    'Frl Unity Mitford, Best Christmas and New Year's wishes yours faithfully Adolf Hitler'

    [Below: Unity at home.]

    [Below: Note the National Socialist party pin on her jacket.]

    [Below: Unity with Lady Redesdale and Doctor Fritz-Randolph of the German Embassy. Note the National Socialist party pin on her jacket.]

    [Below: Unity and Diana showing their allegiance.]

    [Below: Diana Mosley (right) and her sister Unity Valkyrie Mitford. Circa September 1937 at the Nuremberg rally.]

    [Below: Full picture.]

    [Below: Diana Mosley (right) and her sister Unity Mitford.]

    [Below: Unity and Diana standing with Frau Ella in front of the famous 'Osteria Bavaria' restaurant in Munich. This restaurant is where Unity would eventually meet Adolf Hitler.]

    [Below: Unity having lunch with Lord Redesdale and Baroness Laroche at the Osteria Bavaria in Munich, January 18, 1935. This was about a month before Unity met and became close friends with Adolf Hitler.]

    [Below: In June of 1933 Unity and her sister Diana joined the British Union of Fascists. Unity is seen here in her Blackshirt uniform with Fritz Stadelmann, one of Hitler's adjutants.]

    [Below: Unity and Adolf Hitler, Bayreuth, Germany, 1936.]

    [Below: Full image of the picture above showing Oswald Mosley.]

    [Below: Unity and Adolf Hitler, Bayreuth, Germany, 1936.]

    [Below: The same day in Bayreuth, Germany, 1936. Note Magda Goebbels is third from left.]

  • Adolf Hitler gave Unity a presentation copy of Mein Kampf, in which he wrote:
    'I am always with you however far away you may be. You are always next to me. I will never forget you.'

    [Below: Unity Mitford during the 1938 Nuremberg rally with Julius Streicher (left).]

    [Below: Unity Mitford and Julius Streicher (to her right). The two were good friends.]

    [Below: Unity Mitford (at the microphone) and Julius Streicher in the Hesselberg (Hessel Mountain), located 40 miles southwest of Nürnberg, the capital of Gau Franken, June 23, 1935.]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Unity Mitford and Julius Streicher.]

    [Below: 1933 Nuremberg rally. Unity is on the left saluting. She is with a B.U.F. delegation. Standing to her right is Oswald Mosley. Also seen here is Alexander Raven Thomson (with moustache), Captain Vincent (with medals) and Willian Joyce who is flanked by French Fascists.]

    [Below: Unity Mitford at Hesselberg, 1935.]

    [Below: Page one of a letter from Unity to her sister Jessica. She calls her sister by the nickname 'Boudededdle' and herself by the nicknames 'Bond' and 'Decca'.
    Unity writes of Adolf Hitler:
    'I love him more & more each time though it doesn't seem possible to love him any more than I always did...'.
    Munich, December 30, 1935.]

    [Below: Page two.]

    [Below: Unity returns to her home in High Wycombe, England on a stretcher after living in Germany for several years. She shot herself in the head after learning that war had been declared between her homeland of Britain and her spiritual home of Germany. Adolf Hitler paid for all of her hospital bills and arranged for her to be returned to Britain.]

    [Below: As above.]

    [Below: As above.]

    [Below: Drawing of Unity Mitford from the 1930s by William Acton. There was one done for all the sisters.]

    [Below: Unity Valkyrie Mitford died at the age of 34 due to complications from a suicide attempt.
    She shot herself in the head upon learning that her country of Britain had declared war on Germany.
    'Say not the struggle naught availeth' ]