• 'To the dead heroes of Britain, in sacred union, we say: like you, we give ourselves to Britain - across the ages that divide us, across the glories of Britain that unite us - we gaze into your eyes and give this holy vow: we will be true - Today, Tomorrow and Forever - Britain lives!'
    -Sir Oswald Mosley


    [Below: Oswald Mosley, far left]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley]

    [Below: Blackshirts saluting Sir Oswald Mosley]

    [Below: Fascist demonstration in Hyde Park, Circa 1934]

    [Below: Sir Oswald Mosley greets the Women's Section of the B.U.F. as they arrive to attend one many large outdoor meetings held in Hyde Park]

    [Below: As above]

    [Below: An autographed photo of Mosley and his officers.]

    [Below: Mosley in front/center]

    [Below: Oswald Mosely]

    [Below: The site of a speech by Oswald Mosley at Earl's Court Exhibition Hall in London, done on July 16, 1939.]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (center).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (3rd from left).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (center).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (center).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (left).]

    [Below: Close-up.]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley.]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley (center).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley reading 'History of Western Philosophy'.]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley and William Joyce (far left).]

    [Below: Oswald Mosley and Italian representative (second from his left) and others at a rally in Rome.]

    [Below: Mosley at work. Note the fasces in the window]

    [Below: Mosley in an intense shot. Note the interesting pin on his jacket]

    [Below: An early picture of Mosley]

    [Below: Another early picture of Mosley]

    [Below: Mosley and bride]

    [Below: The cover of Sir Oswald Mosley book 'Tomorrow We Live']

    [Below: Poster]

    [Below: The cover of 'Britain First', a transcript of a speech by Oswald Mosley, done on July 16, 1939, less than seven weeks before Britain declared war on Germany. This rally was the largest indoor political rally in world history! Over 30,000 people came to see the sole speaker, Oswald Mosely, who was the leader of the British Union party.]

    [Below: Mosley's newspaper 'The Blackshirt']

    [Below: Fascist Union newspaper featuring Mosley on the cover.]

    [Below: Blackshirt newspaper, 1937.]

    [Below: Blackshirt newspaper, 1937.]

    [Below: An old graphic of Mosley.]

    [Below: Various postwar flyers and cards for Mosley's 'Union Movement'.]

    [Below: Another flyer Mosley flyer.]

    [Below: Mosley giving a speech post war.]