[Above: A tank commander of the Special Naval Landing Force, Tarawa Island, 1942.]

[Above: 2nd Lt Toshio Anazawa, with a Ki-43 III-Ko carrying a 250 kg bomb. Anazawa is heading for a Japanese airfield in the Okinawa area, on a kamikaze mission, on April 12, 1945. School girls are holding flowers and waving goodbye in the foreground.]

[Above: Shinyo kamikaze boat. Over 9,000 of these were produced by Japan for the Navy and Army. 400 were sent to the Philippines and Okinawa where they were used against the US Navy. Their armament contained two depth charges or an explosive charge in the bow of the boat. The US Navy lost five landing craft, a subchaser and a transport and destroyer were damaged.]

[Above: An officer from the Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF or Rikusentai) holding a Nambu pistol and a katana sword, Shanghai, 1932.]

[Above: Soldiers in a lighter moment enjoying tea and sake.]

[Above: An officer speaking to troops before the invasion of Hainan Island (South China Sea), 1939.]

[Above: Men with captured Soviet equipment during the 1939 Nomonhan Incident.]

[Above: A soldier shows a Russian shell during the 1939 Nomonhan Incident.]

[Above: A soldier during the 1939 Nomonhan Incident.]

[Above: A veteran practicing Kendo during rehabilitation. Note that he is missing his left hand. Circa 1944.]

[Above: Navy ace Sadamu Komachi with a Papuan native, Rabaul 1942.]

[Above: A machine gun crew of the 124th Infantry Regiment near the Matanikau River, September, 1942.]

[Above: Japanese troops using elephants to carry cargo, Burma, 1944.]

[Above: A pet monkey with soldiers in sun hats.]

[Above: A good shot of a Japanese soldier.]

[Above: A Zero pilot.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers, 1939.]

[Above: A Japanese officer shakes the hand of a soldier after victory in a Chinese town.]

[Above: A soldier testing a portable anti-tank weapon, 1944.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier guards his post at the Great Wall of China.]

[Above: Zero ace Teruhiko Kobayashi in 1945.]

[Above: Japanese troops enter a Chinese city after the Mukden incident, 1931.]

[Above: Two Japanese soldiers examine an old Chinese cannon in an old fortress in Nanking, 1937.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers cleaning their weapons.]

[Above: Zero pilot Teruhiko Kobayashi and his wife in Tokyo, 1945.]

[Above: A Japanese tank crew with their type 94 tankette. I love these tankettes! They were so neat.]

[Above: A member of the Kwantung army with camels used for transport, Manchuria, 1937.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers and their pet bird , Lake Khasan (July 29 August 11, 1938).]

[Above: Japanese troops marching in Kendai in the Celebes, Dutch East Indies.]

[Above: Japanese troops on the march in Northern Malaysia.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers in the winter of 1939.]

[Above: An army and naval soldier pose together.]

[Above: A heavily armed group of Japanese infantrymen move forward on a rail carriage.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier on guard duty in Shanghai, China, 1941.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier holds his socks over a fire in an attempt to dry them, 1941.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier smears mud over his helmet to help camouflage it.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier poses with a captured Chinese 'wall gun', called a 'gingal'.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier with two Chinese women.]

[Above: Japanese officers share a pot of tea.]

[Above: Japanese navy pilots pose with a Nakajima J1N1 Gekko Fighter Aircraft. Note the many kill markings. Japan, 1944.]

[Above: A Japanese Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien fighter.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers eating.]

[Above: Fresh Japanese army recruits, Japan, 1940.]

[Above: A Japanese tank crew shares a drink of alcohol.]

[Above: A Japanese officer posing beside a Chinese guardian lion statue, Peking, 1937.]

[Above: Japanese army officers in the Aleutians, July, 1942.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier carries a donkey!]

[Above: Naval troops lined up shooting at the enemy inside a 'daihatsu' landing craft, August, 1942.]

[Above: A Japanese officer wounded during the Battle of Shanghai, 1937.]

[Above: Japanese navy troops riding a motorcycle armed with a type 11 light machine gun, Shanghai, 1937.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers wearing good luck charm shirts under their uniforms. Hey, whatever helps, right?]

[Above: Soldiers stand to attention.]

[Above: Ace Teruhiko Kobayashi inside his ki-61 after he destroyed three B-29s and two escorting P-51s.]

[Above: A Japanese tankette crew relaxing and having a bite of sugar cane.]

[Above: A Japanese soldier caring for the ashes of a comrade.]

[Above: Ace Tateo Kato during the battle of Malaya. He commanded the 64th Sentai which destroyed 260 allied planes in only two months. He gave his life for Japan in May 1942 while fighting British Bristol Blenheim bombers.]

[Above: Japanese tank commader in front of his Ha-go light tank in Hokkaido, Winter, 1944.]

[Above: Japanese officers looking at a map during the Battle of Canton, December, 1938.]

[Above: A Chinese civilian giving information to Japanese soldiers.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers wade through flooded terrain.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers inside a Buddhist temple, Shanghai, 1937.]

[Above: A captured vehicle from the Vichy French army, Indochina.]

[Above: A Japanese navy airman.]

[Above: Four comrades.]

[Above: Two happy Japanese army officers, South China, 1942.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers eating Maize, 1939.]

[Above: Japanese soldiers reading mail from home.]

[Above: Japanese army soldiers celebrating a victory near the Great Wall, 1937.]